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Reading Reviews for Among Strangers
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by pooja Day One as a Death Eater

20th May 2012:
i just think its weird that voldemort recruited a "mud-blood' into his circle

Author's Response: If it weren't for Occlumency, Voldemort probably wouldn't have known he was a Mudblood. The pros outweighed the cons; he'd have an asset who had ve been close to the Golden Trio and may have known crucial information had they clued him in.

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Review #2, by will Epilogue: In Memoriam

29th April 2012:
great story cant wait for the sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! The first chapter of the sequel was posted...well, just about 45 seconds ago, so the first chapter of "After the Fall" will be up in just a few days. Thanks for reading.

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Review #3, by KeepCalmAndMarryaWeasly The Ambassador

19th January 2012:
Josiah. So much.

HOW could he- never mind. Excited to see how this one turns out. It's quite good, though I really do hate Josiah with a fiery passion in my heart.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I agree...Josiah deserves to be hated haha. Give him a little sympathy though...he's just a simple guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Keep reading! And keep your eyes open for a sequel after this one. I've got big plans for Josiah.

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Review #4, by itsallinthespelling The Ritual

8th December 2011:
This is a good story so far, I just found it and I really like it. Josiah becoming a death eater is a good twist. I'm excited to see where this goes!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! I figured that would surprise everyone. School has just about ruined my time and ability to concentrate on writing, but I'm almost finished with the next chapter.

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Turbulence

27th September 2011:
So Annabel is back on the scene. This should be interesting. AnD the bit at the end with him breaking Rons arm was fantasticly written. Another 10/10 and plz update soon. Adding to both fav lists.

Author's Response: Thanks for all of the feedback! It's nice to know someone enjoys my writing.
The newest chapter, "The Calm Before..." is posted, and as soon as I proofread the one after that, I'll get it online too.
"Luporum more, non oves."

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Review #6, by magicmuggle01 Happy Christmas

27th September 2011:
Excellent, pure excellence. You do have a wonderful way words. So it's Hermione who is the chosen girl in Josh's life. 10/10 and to move on.

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Review #7, by magicmuggle01 Christmas Holidays

27th September 2011:
Wow what an incredible ending to this chapter. If you carry on like this I may have no choice but to add you to fav author and story lists. I must read on, another 10/10.

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Review #8, by magicmuggle01 The Dueling Club

27th September 2011:
This story gets more and more interesting with each chapter you write. First I thought you might do a romance think with Hermione and then you throw in Annabel. Now I'm not sure whats happening. Great chapter and 10/10 and to move on.

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Review #9, by magicmuggle01 Libraries and Tentacula Bites

27th September 2011:
I wonder what the headache is that Josh is suffering from? Another good chapter and 10/10 and to move onto the next chapter.

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Review #10, by magicmuggle01 Ancient Runes and Wizard's Chess

27th September 2011:
Another good chapter. I think Ron has got a rival in the food eating stakes. And I don't think Ron was exactly to happy to beaten at chess. Another 10/10 and to move on.

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Review #11, by magicmuggle01 The Boy in the Corridor

27th September 2011:
You have a good start to what sounds like and equally good story. The main character sounds interesting. I wonder if there will be a bit of a love interest with Hermione? 10/10 and to move on.

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