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Reading Reviews for Wrecked.
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Review #1, by AudenPenelope One Look.

14th April 2014:
Oh, my. Ollie is so - as the title suggests - wrecked. And I can actually feel it in this chapter. I love that she has a very closed off personality with this, it's often a very used take in any fiction, but you've really conveyed it in such a realistic way. And I love that she has feelings for Al this soon in the story (it means that even more interesting/tragic things will happen) and that Al is such a nice guy. He's not a prat or a know-it-all or a playboy. He's a regular down-to-earth guy and that's refreshing. And exactly what she needs.

Ooh, I can just tell that Al's going to be heartthrob. :D

Author's Response: Actually I've taken quite a break from this story, but this review is enough to get me going again! I've got some things in my head for what's next, ahh. Thank you!

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Review #2, by AudenPenelope What Pride Could Take.

14th April 2014:
Oh. My. God. WHY DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE REVIEWS?! This is an amazing start and the idea of it is just breathtaking! And why is there only four chapters? There should be more. Much, much more.

I actually hate myself for having a paper to write because all I want is to read more. Is there more? Will you add it?

Yes, I'm being really ridiculous. But seriously. This. Is. Amazing. Have you thought about requesting a banner and starting back up on it?

Anyway... the actual story...

I really like this line: "You might think this is strange, me holding onto Albus Potter. But itís completely logical to me."

Because, prior to this, I thought you were going for the whole random-out-of-character-for-anyone-because-he's-going-to-hug-a-stranger bit. BUT THERE WAS BACKSTORY! And even more, I love it. Love it.

Maybe not so much that James is offed, but it makes it so original. And I love that Albus comforted her. I want to know more of why they stopped being friends. And oh, I already LOVE Albus.

Okay, I'm done shouting at you. For now. :P

Oh, and P.S. thank you for reviewing my story. Without that, I would never have gotten the pleasure of reading/finding this.

Author's Response: You have quite literally made my day! I lost interest in this story for a time due to school work but I'm working on another one currently and wow. I forgot how much I loved this plot. I will take your advice and get a banner and work on it more.

Thank you for this! Literally, the best pick me up on an off Tuesday!

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Review #3, by Courtey Pathetic.

1st September 2013:
While I do feel bad for Olive, I hope that she talks to someone or gets some help before she goes on a self-destructive spree. And I feel bad for Albus as not only did she ditch him for his brother, but she doesn't seem to be in a place right now where she can be a friend or really care/think about anyone but herself. So I'm glad he is helping her but hope that she is able to give back and not just take from him. And since she was so in love with James I wonder how you will convincingly show her falling in love with Al and not have him seeming like second best. This situation makes me think a lot of George/Angelina after Fred died. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously. I love stuff like this. You are an angel. I loved the idea of this story because it is difficult on how to make her fall in love with Albus and not seem like a second choice. And ah, all will be revealed in time on Olive's self-destructive behavior! ;) I'm enjoying writing this so thank you so dearly.

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Review #4, by FWHPObsessed What Pride Could Take.

18th September 2011:
Ooohh, I like the look of this. It seems very interesting so far. Ahhh, yes. Being best friends with one brother then dating the other and losing the friendship - good idea.

Have to say that I just had to start reading this because of her name. I'm writing a story with an Olive Wood/Albus Potter thing going on. Very different to yours yet the same names :)

Next thing you know you'll tell me she's got a twin brother called Luke; an affliction with someone else; and rebels against everything her father says and I'll be calling you my telepathic twin :)

Well, I look forward to your next chapter. Update as soon as you can :)

Author's Response: Well, my story originally was about Oliver's Wood's daughter who hated Qudditch and had a twin brother who adored it, freaky right? Hahahah. We are telepathic twins! (: I swear it! But I decided that I wanted to do something a bit more hard hitting, and I will totally read your story now and tell you how alike we are! Hahah. Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by ronfan317 What Pride Could Take.

8th September 2011:
that's so sad!! I really like how u wrote it, please update:)

Author's Response: Updates will certainly be coming soon! (: And thank you.

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