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Review #1, by Wickedlovely01 Beauty Everywhere

5th April 2012:
This is really good I think u need to write more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)
Write more of this fic or write more in general? :P

Rach xx

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Review #2, by Calypso  Beauty Everywhere

20th March 2012:
Aww this was just so sweet! You gave Lily a lovely and totally believable voice and created such a strong history for her and Lysander that it seemed totally natural when they came together at the end. The last scene was very sweet and I could just picture it. It also seemed really realistic within the story.
Also, Lander is such an adorable abbreviation for Lysander!!
I enjoyed reading this lots- thanks for posting!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! :D This review was all kinds of awesome and super motivating!! :D I'm so gald you enjoyed the fic :) xxx

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Review #3, by Lily less_than_three Beauty Everywhere

21st February 2012:
Awe! This is so sweet :) I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!
I love your username by the way!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic,

Rach xx

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Review #4, by RavenclawWayToBe Beauty Everywhere

20th February 2012:
This was actually amazing! I thought the whole thing with the brick fights was HILARIOUS and i think i died a bit on the inside! I actually laughed so hard i had to stop reading and walk it out for a bit. I don't really know why, but i thought that was just the absolute best thing I've ever read on this site. No lie. It actually reminded me of my cousin and me and i had a fit while reading. But besides that, you're story was soo good! I loved that you put in the moments that they grew up together, and how they pretended to be muggles. This was amazingly written! Please keep writing, you're an amazing author! (PS i also think violence is the best way to becoming friends ;)

Author's Response: Hello there!!
Thank you for taking the time to leave this lovely review. I used to beat up my siblings all the time - which is where I came to realise that violence (sometimes) is the best way to establishing friendships :')

The best thing you've read?? That so sweet but I have to say no! This is literally useless compared to anything on my fav stories and anything on the site to be honest!

Thank you so much for such an incredible review (I love your username by the way - pottermore ravenclaw right here ;) - )
Rach xx

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Review #5, by Jen Beauty Everywhere

30th November 2011:
Seriously cute. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D
xx xx

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Review #6, by dancechik15 Beauty Everywhere

8th July 2011:
Love the AVPM reverence ;) cute story!

Author's Response: Gah! Thankyou so much!
I did want to slip one in there :P Im just too cool ;)

Thank you for the review :D Glad you liked the story!!

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Review #7, by BrightStar Beauty Everywhere

11th June 2011:
Hi! Thought I'd check out your page after you checked out mine.

I read this summary, just that little summary and I was intrigued. I tehnically shouldn't like this - for me Lorcan and Ly are about twelve years younger than her, she babysits for them sometimes. But if I didnt think that, I'd ship Lily II/Lorcan or Lysander, it just feels right doesnt it?

Your writing style is quite unusual, very innocent - I dont mean youre innocent or she is either, just beautiful in a very simple way.

"Hey Lily, you're beautiful" - so, so simple, yet it really tugs on the heart strings. The images of them as children were so heart warming - I laughed at them playing cafe and hitting eachothers, and they were in canon - luna making them search for the creatures. Harry being touched by Lilys wand choice was lovely too. And the Hufflepuff/finder reference! "wickie" the owl made me giggle :D

I love one shots, theyre just a little moment that let us see fully into a characters life, and you've really done justice to the genre I love so much.

Very touching, and very beautiful. I sincerely hope you keep writing - you have so much potential, and its all seen here in this fic :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh!
I love this review
You don't inderstand how much of a smile I have on my face right now - its insane and very scary!!

Im so relived that you like my writing style, I've always worried that it was a bit too simple, which is why I started writing on here to improve but I think of Lily/Lander's relationship as simple, just there - sort of I don't really know how to put it, simple but in a good way so Im glad this has come across in the way I wrote the one shot :)

I see Lily as quite innocent as opossed to what is usually seen of her being fisty like Ginny :P

I'm literally SO PLEASED that you liked the one shot and I'm definatley going to write more :)

I will keep writing - I PROMISE :D
Gah I can't belive you think I have potential, I can't even make my self make snese in this review Im so happy!

I love your writing too - seriously it's the bee's knee's :)
Ahhh so much to say, but feeling like I have rambled happily for too long now :P

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Review #8, by peace2lovepotter Beauty Everywhere

21st May 2011:
oh this is so cute! Lily loving ly since they were young is so amazing and fluffy! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! First Reviewer = massive hugs :P
I don't really do fluff but i thought of this and was like - why not :P
I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D

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