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Review #1, by Tom George wins his bet

20th July 2011:
This is a great side story to the amazing "Almost Happily Ever." Keep up the good work, you are a very talented author. I'd love to give you tips on what to improve on, but I can't think of anything. You capture romance, humor, and have one he'll of a story.

Author's Response: I've got a few more side stories, plus more of this one. I am finding out that with the help of Mrs_Grainger I am becoming a better writer, but everything is taking more time. There is another chapter of this to be posted within the month, plus some more editing of the 2nd chapter. Thank you for your kind words.

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Review #2, by hargin Saturday May 2, 1998, in the evening

27th May 2011:
I never really thought of George or Fred's personality by themselves before. Now after reading this, I think you captured it correctly. Fred was (at least in the books) always first and seems to have been the stronger, funnier twin with George bringing up a close 2nd. Your chapter was AWESOME! It made me laugh and cry and made me think about their personalities. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Angelina's temperament! Also (unlike Ginny's sex drive) I think George's sex drive was accurate! LOL I can definitely picture both Fred and George wanting sex as often as possible and nothing would have gotten it out of their heads. You said you had over 50 more chapters to put up, well. I'm waiting to read them anytime you post them, even if it takes you years.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the little story about George. There is more.

Some of the authors seem to write mostly to please themselves. I know of one rather long story with 2 reviews. If I only had 2 reviews at this point I think I would stop writing, or at least stop the agony of getting the stories posted. I want to learn to write so at least some people want to read. The number of reviews has helped, plus having a fan like you really helps. The other thing that helped was that Mrs_Grainger, who I met only through her story but who has become an online friend, has agreed to beta my main story. She could have read my first few chapters and decided that she did not need to beta "this pap."

I am in the process of taking out all the "touch of lust" mentions in the story. They are not central to the main story, and I think they may be one of the things giving readers the wrong idea of Ginny, or something that made my Ginny something that in retrospect I probably do not want her to be. Other parts of Ginny's character, her wanting Harry and not being uncertain, her sometimes fierceness and jealousy, are central to my story.

I know you say you do not want to write, but you seem familiar with the Harry Potter universe. Would you like to beta this and a couple of other stories? Being a beta reader takes more work than just reading it. Ideally you check for stupid spelling and grammar issues that escape even the best spell checker, but also for consistency to canon and internal consistency. You are a critic in the best sense of the word, helping an author write a better story.

If you are all interested I am easy to find. Just Google me. I read the incoming e-mail going to my son and my company. Just be warned that we have a fierce firewall. In the subject line put your HPFF name and then "from Harry Potter Fan Fiction." This should allow me to rescue you from the Spam filter.

I will certainly understand if you do not want to do anything but read, or do not want to contact me.

Jet LaBarge

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