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Review #1, by anonymous Unrequited Love. -Draco/Ginny-

19th July 2011:
hi :)
you should finish this story!

i loveee this chapter and really think this could go somewhere!

even if its just a bunch of times that draco and ginny meet each other that would be amazing!

i be waiting to see if ya do anything!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading :) but this is just a one-shot, so this will be the only chapter :) I like where I left it because it leaves it up to the readers whether or not Ginny and Draco evolve into something more :D

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Review #2, by Cecyllia Unrequited Love. -Draco/Ginny-

17th June 2011:
Just read. Ginny reminded me a bit of Lily Evans with Snape in this one(that's the impression I got of her given the little info we have). I still loved it because it was very poetic. I felt Draco was very much in character (emotional, but not cheesy which is something I loved) just not in that moment where he said he thinks he should rot in hell. I was very much surprised that he was very direct. Actually, now that I think back, I think you did this character change on purpose (Ginny a bit less rational; Draco a bit more open with his feeling) to show how the war affected both of them. I must say I loved Draco's attitude in this one. You really did a good job transforming him from a little spoiled kid he was to a young, arrogant man (not making him a Gary Stu or anything such). What I loved most was how you handled his feeling towards Ginny. He's in love with her, but he's still rational about it and won't throw away his inheritance because of her. He's aware of the fact that while there might be a chance, it wouldn't be worth it. The obstacles are just too big, the price to pay is too big. You handled that element particulary good and I think THAT Draco (with strong emotions, yet rational and loyal to his family) really suits your writing style (and I personally feel that's when he's most in character). For example, I loved how you didn't show him as someone who hates his family. He respects his father even if he feels he'll lose Ginny because of his views. Another thing I loved were Draco's strong emotions. They're very simple and almost animalistic. Things are either black or white for him. There's no gray. I feel that normally Ginny is a lot like the Draco you depicted (sees things as either black and white) which is why I was surprised you decided to show her as less radical girl (for lack of better word). I thought Ginny would be less talkative. Since I view her as someone very direct I thought she'd ask Draco why he didn't kill Dumbledore or comment how he should be happy since his family got away with everything. But like I said, I see that your aim was to show how the war changed both of that so it was really well done. I think Fred's death really affected her. That's why she was asking Draco all those questions and that's why she said she wanted a more adventureous life. Ginny was the closest to the twins. The twins just loved adventure and breaking rules, doing the unexpected. I think she felt Fred would've wanted her to do the things she wanted to do and not the things everybody else wanted her to do. You showed this really well in that one sentence where you said Ron was expecting her to fall in love with Harry. It was like a rule. And Fred was always breaking rules. That's why Ginny was wondering about her life and her choices. If she wanted to break a social rule, the twins would certainly support her. I think she felt she was betraying Fred by doing the things she didn't want to do just because everybody expected it from her. Really, really good! I hope you'll write some more Draco/Ginny.

Author's Response: Thanks for the long review! I'm glad I managed to get the point across; because I would sincerely think that the war would change how the character's portray themselves. Draco wouldn't be his normal cocky self due to the fact he now knows that many would blame him for letting the death-eaters into the castle; which is also why he tried pushing away his feelings for Ginny because he doesn't want to involve her in any of the dark stuff he'd been through! And correct about Ginny! She experienced the war; and now she has a taste for danger and adventure! She doesn't like that she's expected to immediately fall for Harry; and she knew Fred wouldn't have wanted for her to just follow the norm; so when shes finally properly speaking with Draco she realizes that maybe he has what she wants- but she won't quite admit it either :) Thanks again for reading! :D

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Review #3, by ashley Unrequited Love. -Draco/Ginny-

9th June 2011:
hii :)) this is really good! you should keep writing more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much (:

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