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Review #1, by diversrock Toxic Proximity

12th July 2013:
I really want to see what happens next - i can't wait! GREAT story. Love the twists and turns its taking...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!! I'm working on the next chapter of this story, but it's going slow. :( I have a lot of stupid reality stuff going on that I have to deal with aha.

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Review #2, by Scorose! Matilda and Fidelio

26th June 2013:
God you are too good! Were you inspired by a real person for Albus? If you actually know someone like him, tell him I love him. And I really like this Matilda and Fidelio thing

Author's Response: aaww man! I WISH I knew someone like Albus! I love him too aha. And thank you so much, oh my! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, :D I really have to get back to work on this story, big tiime. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by briar Toxic Proximity

10th June 2013:
So I adore this fic. I check on it super often, 'cause
I'm addicted. (I wish you'd update 100% more!!) It's
very geeky, but I'm making little pictures to go along
with your characterization: under the tag
#memorylikeatrain on tumblr. I hope you like them!!

Author's Response: AAHH OMG. I saw them!! They're amazing!
I'm so happy you're enjoying the story! Jeez, I really wish I could update 100% more as well.
I gotta get on it.
But you've for sure given me a lot of motivation.
okay, time to put Xena on hold while I write Scorp's chapter. :D

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Review #4, by heartjily4ever Toxic Proximity

14th May 2013:
Ahh I love, love, love your story. I think your characters are so complicated, and deep, and I like the way you change from different points of view. I also love the fact you have a lesbian character. I haven't really read many stories with lesbians in it, and I think it's different. I am also obsessed with Skins, and have been watching it loads recently. And you have two actresses playing your characters, and I love they are similar. Effy and June both have depression, Lacey and Emily both like girls. I'm just obsessed with your story right now. Update as soon as you can please :D

Author's Response: AHHH OMG I LOVE YOU. You noticed :) It all just fell into place, really, the June and Effy thing, 'cause I kind of look like Effy and I have depression. Also, as soon as I created Lacey I just knew she had to be Emily. Thanks for the review!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it.
I just got back from a wedding in the states, so now I'm gonna buckle down and do some srs writing. I'll update ASAP! :D

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Review #5, by EarthsTrueGreen Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

6th May 2013:
Hmmm I wonder who she kissed? I have pretty good idea. Good chapter now on to the next one.

Author's Response: Ehehe :) Thankss for the revieww!

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Review #6, by EarthsTrueGreen Toxic Proximity

6th May 2013:
I am really enjoying this story, all of the different perspectives is fun and a neat way to get a little glimpse of everyone. I'm not sure why more people haven't reviewed, because this story is very good and it holds your attention. Anyways there seems to be some major conflict about to occure and I am excited for it. Please do update soon can't wait to see what and who is next.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the reviews!! I know, man, I don't understand how nobody's reading or reviewing ahaha, 'cause I'm in love with it. :p
:D I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #7, by AriesGirl40 Baggage

17th April 2013:
Hair plucked or knock out dart? good chapter, nice to see you writing. It's a good story :)

Author's Response: Yay!! thanks so much!! i've been dying 'cause nobody's been reading it lol, which is understandable 'cause i did leave for a year. but now i'm back. and it's awesome. i'm glad you're enjoying it!!
I'm 5 pages into chapter 15 right now (it's super difficult to write for some reason). i'm gonna try to get it up as soon as possible though. :p
stay tuned!

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Review #8, by Twofighter Baggage

2nd March 2013:
Yes! I'm surprised by how excited I got when I saw there was a new chapter! I didn't even know I was still interested in this story, but you know, it's awesome so why wouldn't I be? :p Anyway, I love that Aura's finally seeing things clearly. And oh, the ending was so good. I love it all. ;)

Author's Response: I know, I didn't even think anyone would remember this story!! ahaha, oh my glob, it's been wayyy too long. i've been bad.
bad bad bad writer.
but i've got 2 and a half pages of the next chapter already, so hopefully it'll be up soon!
wooott aha im excited too.
AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW. im glad you found the new chapter. and im glad you enjoyed it. :D

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Review #9, by Megan Matilda and Fidelio

1st March 2013:
I really really love this chapter! I love roses personality, it's completely different to everyone else's interpretation of her :)

Author's Response: Thank youuu! That's exactly what I was aiming for, :) and once I started, I just couldn't stop the crazy. heehee. she's a fun character.
thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #10, by Epicness Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

5th July 2012:
Hi. I was wondering, you said that the banner was all by you. Did you create it yourself or did you request one from somewhere? And if you did make it yourself, what banner making thing did you use? :)

Author's Response: Yup, I made it myself. I make all my graphics with Photoshop CS3. :)

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Review #11, by Courtney Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

14th May 2012:
I just found your story and really enjoyed it, although at times it is hard to follow who is in first person. You have a lot of interesting characters. I like Riley and June and Lacey. Eve is interesting although she seems unstable and I don't trust her and hope she doesn't hurt Lacey. I loathe cheating so I really hope that Rose and Scorpius end things with their significant others, and they need to end their fantasy that the room is unconnected with real life. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know that's been a problem, that I keep forgetting to resolve. I try to make it clear with the chapter image whose it is, but I should definitely put the name at the head of the chapter too.
Yeah i know what you mean! Cheating is something that really pisses me off, but this whole story is about the mistakes we can make as young adults, and how stupid we can be, but also how we can move on and become a better person because of it.
THanks for the revieeww!

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Review #12, by Molly Odair Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

5th May 2012:
I love this!! She's FINALLY admitted she likes James! YAY!!!

Author's Response: YES!!! I knowww, they're my OTP. I'm so stoked to write about them.
thanks for the review! sorry it took so long!

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Review #13, by sophie Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

5th May 2012:
wow! seriously, i started reading modern magic and misgivings for the first time earlier today and havnt been able to put it down! its so brilliant! and so funny! i loved this chapter and im so keen for the next one, you have no idea!

Author's Response: Wot!! Thanks, that's awesome. I'm glad you can appreciate it. :)
I'M SO SO SO SORRY that it's taken this long for the next chapter though!! So rude of me. I feel bad. :(
I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me :p

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Review #14, by yellowpetals Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

7th April 2012:
Wow, I totally adored that chapter. As a rule my favourites are Rose/Scorp but this was so sugary sweet, I still can't wipe the smile off my face, that's how heart-warming it is. The length is perfect, I agree with you on that one. It's like barely 2000 words but so much happened- yay.

Anyway this is the first time I review, but I've been with this story from almost the beginning and I love it. It's a shame it's not as popular as it deserves to be. You are doing a great job, keep it up.

Author's Response: AAHHH thank you so much! This was such a great review! It's horrible that it's taken me almost a year to reply though!! Gah, I've been slacking on the fanfic front for about that long.
but i'm getting back in the groove now!!
Sorry about not replying earlier, I hope you come back when I have more chapters. :D

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Review #15, by Twofighter Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

20th March 2012:
Why is this chapter so short? I want more! :p But still, great as usual. :) June is falling for James, which is what I wanted in the beginning of this story but now I'm not so sure anymore. I have a feeling he's just going to end up cheating on her, cause well... he's James.
Looking forward to what you'll come up with next. :)

Author's Response: I don't even know why it's so short. The chapter was just like "you know what, imma let you finish and everything but...yeah, no, im finished." sooo yup. hee hee jumes :)
thanks for the review! stay tuned!

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Review #16, by Bunny Animagus Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

20th March 2012:
Ah, everyone's in luuurve :') And just in time for Valentines day, that's lucky ;)
Anyway, cute little short chapter, I actually cannot wait for Jumes to happen, excited!

x x

Author's Response: OH MY GOD JUMES!!! That's perfect! I never even thought of calling them Jumes hehehee.
And oh, just wait, it's called Modern Magic & Misgivings for a reason. So, there might be some ridiculous misgivings, especially as Vday moves closer. ;)

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Review #17, by i love harrypotter 143 Madame Puddifoot's Double-Wow Chocolate Cake

19th March 2012:
OMG! I loved it even though it was short! I hope Rose and evveryone else do keep it a secret that June likes James though. They should still tease her though. Update soon!

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry about that, there's definitely going to be some teasing. It's unfortunate that the best person at teasing happens to be James though ahaha. Glad you liked it! I'm working on it! (I actually am this time, hehe.)

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Review #18, by Emilyinlove Exposure, Expiation &...Expulsion?

17th March 2012:
Awww, I'm so proud of Riley! He's such a good big brother, I love him! Good job, Em!

Author's Response: I'm proud of him too. :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by Twofighter Capucine

13th March 2012:
Mhm, in the beginning I wanted June and James to get together, then I wanted to see June and Riley together (not in a fake-relationship), then there was Albus of course, whom I still feel is a good candidate for June, but then James turns all sweet and cute and I'm reconsidering them as a couple... :P I love all the possible plots! I guess I'll just have to wait and see though. :)
Also, I want to see more Mathilda/Fidelio, although that's probably coming up in chapter 13 cause you said it's going to be Rose's POV (yes, I've already read chapter 12 but decided to leave this review here, because it is mostly about chapter 11; although I have to add that I liked Riley a LOT as a non-wimp :P).
Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: Ah, so goes life, so many lads, so little time. Except that it's the opposite in my life ahaha. Which is probably why I wrote so many possibilities for June teehee, wishful writing.
Oh yeah, your wish is probably going to be granted in chapter 13 :P of course, I do have to write it first. Gaahh, writer's block.
And yeah! I just loved Riley's character development. It sets a lot of stuff in motion. ;)
Thanks for your super duper input! I'm gonna work really hard to get back into writing gear.

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Review #20, by Grakmole Exposure, Expiation &...Expulsion?

5th March 2012:
Yay you updated!!! :D
His speaches to the teachers (hey that rhymes) and in the great hall were remacably touching in a bizarre way I guess.
I hope we learn more about whats going on with June in the next few chapters and Zoe and Lacey so are they together and definatly more Scorp and Rose.
If you ignore all of my suggestions above take just this one:

MOAR JAMES!!! He is hilarious just brightens my day.
Thank you 10/10 AGAIN

Author's Response: Yesss I did! I had to, I just had to get this chapter up, I was so stoked about it. And it took me ages to write.
Aha yeah, I was trying to make his speech epic, yet real, 'cause really, who is actually that spontaneously eloquent in real life?
Aaand by Zoe, do you mean Eve? Lol. Ooh, you'll just have to wait and se!
Oh yeah, I can absolutely guarantee more James. He brightens my life. :)
Thanks so much for all these amazing reviews! You keep me motivated! Stay tuned, Rose is up next!!

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Review #21, by Harry_Potter_345 Capucine

20th February 2012:
Its a really good story.
Just one thing, in ur banner wats the name of the guy who is representing james. I have seen him in so manu banners but i cant figure out who he is. Thnx

Author's Response: Thank youu!
That would be the most delicious Gaspard Ulliel. Mm.
Enjoy him. ;)

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Review #22, by Grakmole Capucine

16th February 2012:
Oh that's so cute the way he got so attached to capucine and I can't wait to see how it works out between James and June
I can't beleve James was actualy nice too cute
Please write more soon

Author's Response: Heeheeheee, it's so exciting! And cute ahaha.
Thanks for the review, I am writing! :)

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Review #23, by Pottergirl04 Psychos, Stairs and Slime, Oh My!

14th February 2012:
BRIALLANT!(: I absolutely could not stop reading and I don't know why but I think the slime part was my favorite(:

Author's Response: It's really good to hear this! I honestly don't know where the slime idea came from ahahah, it just made sense that that would happen. :P
Because of course June & James have to meet in some epic way. they are epic people.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by Molly Power Capucine

14th February 2012:
Oh my gosh I'm officially in love with this!!! PPLLEEAAASSEEE post the next chapter quickly I literally NEED to find out what happens next!! :P

Author's Response: :D I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Yay!!
I'm a-working on it, don't worry!!
thanks so much for the revieww!

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Review #25, by Grakmole (again) A Watched Fireplace

2nd February 2012:
Hi again so you said you were updating I know your probably busy but I'm addicted to your story. I've already read it again like 3 times. I'm looking forward to your new James chapter

Author's Response: It makes me really happy to hear this ahaha!
Now I just have to finish writing chapter 12 :/

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