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Review #1, by flufff Chapter One

21st August 2011:
That was great. I love your take on Draco/Hermione. You know, you could really expand on this! It would be awesome, and by the way, your writing is amazing, and I love all the description and stuff you have in there. I see a lot of potential in this story/your writing! Great job!

Also, if you ever have the time, could you r&r my fanfic "Darkest Night"? I would really, really appreciate it! Thank you! :D

Keep writing~ flufff

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Review #2, by red sweater girl Chapter One

25th May 2011:
lookin' in the story.?
Hermione sounds a lot like you personality-wise what with the love of SHOPPING!
see ya!
and write some more please!!!
P.S. work on spelling.just a few minor ones from HASTE.

Author's Response: Thx! I sorta played with her personality a bit... ;) bestie!

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Review #3, by innocentluminere Chapter One

22nd May 2011:
That's really cute :) What a sweet story!
I must admit though, the grammar and spelling did distract me from the story at some points.
I would like to read more, shame its a one-shot...!

Author's Response: Thx! U make me SSSMMMIIILLLEEE. SMILE! :)

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Review #4, by Izzy Chapter One

19th May 2011:
OMG! This is amazing especially the muffin! I'm already loving this keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank u, my dear bff :)

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Review #5, by justsoclever Chapter One

19th May 2011:
So far, the story-line's nice, and it may have potential! Your grammar and spelling, though, sometimes gets in the way of understanding the story. I highly recommend getting a beta or a friend to read over and proofread it before submitting. Other than that, great start!

Author's Response: Hey ya! Thx 4 the tips... but ima cun-tray bump-kan... jk. Although, I was thinking 'bout a country person in this story... whadda ya think? S:/

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