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Review #1, by NoixdeMuscade My Charlie

17th November 2012:
A nice view on Charlie. Great job.

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Review #2, by kaileena_sands My Charlie

22nd September 2011:
Oh gosh, this story was so so beautiful! I must admit, I've seen your story Ranny around the recently updated stories and I've always wanted to read it (your beautiful language in the description drew me) but I just don't have time now to read anything non one-shot-y. :( So I was super excited to go to your author's page and see that you have this amazing little gem somewhere on top of it!

I don't like it too much when stories have this great description that the story just doesn't live up to. But yours... it not only lives up to, it exceeds it by a factor of bazzillion (not a word xD). You have such a beautiful way with words! You've got those amazing descriptions and comparisons and your narrative flows so softly and gently! I'd really like to praise you a bit more on it, but unfortunately, unlike you, I am not that good with words, so I'll just leave you with this - you are a great writer.

And apart from that, you've constructed such a wonderful OC! I know it's hard to present a character in just one chapter but you've done a wonderful job! We get a good grasp of her internal world and turmoils and she sticks with you. I like her!

Anyway, I could to ramble on forever. Lovely story! Keep writing great things, I'll be sure to return to read your longer works when I have the time. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have been so busy lately and I logged on and saw this absolutely lovely review and honestly, I'm smiling so much that I can't put it in to words.
I'm glad that the description of Ranny has drawn you in, and it's okay that you haven't read it - time is something that seems to escape everyone at this time of the year :)
I don't write many one-shots but whe I do, they're usually over-loaded with description and heavily dramatic ;) but I'm glad that you enjoyed this.
You're very sweet, and I'm very flattered, so thank you :)
If you do decide to come back and read more of my work, I would be very grateful, and I hope that you enjoy anything that you do read! Thank you again, and I hope that it lives up to your expectations! :)

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Review #3, by Drecklin My Charlie

14th August 2011:
I was genuinely sad when this was over. I was just scrolling along and saw your authors note and just hoped that wasn't the end. Unfortunately, it was, of course :P Anyways. This was gorgeous. I love Charlie and you made me love him even more. He was so fantastic. And their love was so tangible in this story, I felt like I could touch my screen and feel warmth aside from the general warmth that is already there :P I have no criticism because I can't find anything wrong with this. You did a fantastic job -swoons- I just adored this!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! You're very kind!
I love Charlie, and so I decided to give his character a try; I hadn't seen him portrayed like this before, and this is how I've always imagined him. :)
Thank you again!

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Review #4, by xtinjsc My Charlie

5th August 2011:
Gorgeous, gorgeous story. I couldn't even even begin...

The imagery you presented here were amazingly stunning. I absolutely adored that bit about Charlie as a 'man of stone', his skin impermeable like it was stripped from the dragons themselves. And that bit about rain owning everything it touches... Wow. You know your way with words, you have this skill of wielding words together to create these really masterful and beautiful lines that can captivate anyone that reads your work. And you write these very gentle and sweet moments between the two of them that are very natural, and cute and fluffly, it leaves me in a pile of goo. Oh, man. I love it. Absolutely love it.

Your characters are very real and dynamic and relatable. It's really impressive, with a piece such as this that's almost like poetry, to keep your characters (not to mention the story) intact, but you've done that almost effortlessly. I really like your OC. There's something very human about her, and I really like that she's not your typically Wonder Woman-ish characters normally paired with Charlie. She has flaws, she has fears... that made her very endearing for me.

Your writing style is fantastic. I am now a fan. :)

xtinjsc (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this! You're very kind!
I've always loved the idea of Charlie Weasley's character, but I've never found a story where the character was how I imagined him to be, so I decided to give it a try, and this was the result.
I absolutely adore story imagery, and this is the first thing I've ever really tried my hardest to use it in this manner, so I'm over the moon that you like it!
I'm honestly so flattered; this is such a lovely review to read!
To me, characters are the most important thing about a story; you can have a bit of a shaky plot, but sustain it with characters, but not the other way around - I hope that made sense.
Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by _kathy_ My Charlie

27th July 2011:
oh my lord this is so beautifully written! you should seriously think of writing as a full time job :) ahah this is saffy22100 if you remember me from way back, i deleted my old account and this is my new one cause i moved houses so i thought i should start over :) well, just wanted to pop in and say hi and that i absolutely adore all your stories, keep up theammaaazzinng work X

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this! I'm so pleased that you're back!
I adore writing, and would love to pursue it as a career, so I'm really, really flattered.
I can't wait to see more of your work!
Thank you again!

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Review #6, by adluvshp My Charlie

24th June 2011:
hey there! *gasps* I can't believe I haven't checked your author page since so long! shame on me!!

anyway, let me say this was a marvelous story! This is, as you said, the first non-next-generation and yet the charm is the same. I really got lost into the story and the character of the girl, it was all so intense and deep and realistic. A very amazing piece of work!! great job!!



P.S. I am sorry for not dropping by for ages!!

Author's Response: GAH ;) I had wondered about you :L
I'm happy that you're back! And thank you for such a lovely review.

I'm glad that you enjoyed this; I loved writing it!
Thank you! I was worried that because it wasn't Next-Gen I would lose the way that I usually write, but I didn't seem to.
Thank you again.

Don't worry about it al all; you don't have to apologise! You don't have to stay at all if you don't want to :P

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Review #7, by LilyandJames4ever My Charlie

21st June 2011:
I fell in love with this, I would love if you made it into a novel!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this. I am sorry to say, that I won't be turning this in to a novel; I'm happy with the way it turned out as a one-shot, and I just tend to muck things up if I play with them too much :D But thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by magnolia_magic My Charlie

8th June 2011:
I love this! So romantic and creative :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this! :D

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Review #9, by precious92 My Charlie

2nd June 2011:
Amazing Magical! You have a way with words. I can also kind of see a pattern in ur lead females. "King of Hearts"- deck of cards. "Ranny"-fairy tales, and now this- dragons. Also all of them seemed to be muggleborn. Anyways, I like their unique POV's. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this as much as you did! I'm really flattered :)
I hadn't actually realised about the muggleborn thing, but you're right :D I do tend to do that; I guess I just love muggleborns!
Thank you again!

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Review #10, by zeebeescilla My Charlie

24th May 2011:
(my favorite line)
"Yet, by fearing, I had tamed a dragon, the most beautiful dragon of them all. With skin as hard as hide, and a tongue as fluent as water. A boy of pure poetry. My Charlie."
You, my dear, write pure poetry. Every single time. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)
I am so glad that you've enjoyed this, and honestly, I am very flattered. Thank you again.

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Review #11, by _hedwig_ My Charlie

23rd May 2011:
I did enjoy it! I've been behind in reading your stories, I need to catch up! You're one of my favorite authors...this reminded me of how much I love your work! The Fred reference killed me, I must admit.

This girl is extremely lucky, working with someone as awesome as Charlie Weasley. (His name just slips off your tongue, don't you think? Char-lee Weas-lee. He has my favorite name out of all the Weasleys)

Off to catch up :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this one-shot. :D
You really do flatter me - I am really grinning like a loon right now.
You're the only one so far to mention the Fred reference - I always want to cry a little when I write about him; the twins always did make me smile when I read about them.
I can totally relate to that, except throw my emotions in with a dash of jealousy! I would love to work with Charlie Weasley. And I do agree with that - he has the best name. Ever. :)
Thank you again! I hope that you like what you read next, if you still decide to, of course.

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Review #12, by lilylunapotter26 My Charlie

18th May 2011:
This is so beautiful! Oh, I feel so bad that she got hurt like that. It would be wonderful if she could go back out and see the dragons. Maybe that would make her get over her fear. I loved the way this was written! It was so sweet and loving. Nobody really writes any Charlie stories, but he's always been one of my favorites. I wish more people would write about him (: Great job!



Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! I felt bad writing a story in which she was hurt but I haven't seen it around much so I thought that I would write it.
Me too! He is usually such a sweet character with a bit of flare.
Thank you again, Graceyn! :D

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Review #13, by heart4siriusblack My Charlie

15th May 2011:
THIS IS SO SWEET! :D I never ever find a story about Charlie and this is amazing! Gah. Dying inside :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! I love reading about Charlie, but there aren't too many stories about him, so I though that I would give it a try myself.
Thank you again!

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Review #14, by thehyacinthgirl My Charlie

15th May 2011:
This was beautiful!

The title and the piece really seemed to correlate. The words of the narrator seem to be as poetic as she claims that her Charlie is. That was a clever pun of words there.

I really rather enjoyed this.

I like people who delve into why Charlie pushes people away, and I'm also glad that he found someone that could stay. I can only imagine how excited Molly might be if she found out about this romance.

I also adore how you made your female character human. She isn't as tough as Charlie, she isn't fearless, she isn't made of stone. Not that there's anything with the kick-butt sort of women, but there seems to be tons of those.

I rather like the type of women in stories that may not be the strongest in all senses, but are adaptable, and can cope with what they're thrown.

Wonderful work here!

I didn't pick up on any grammatical or spell faux paus so awesome job there! I always adore pieces with that polished look - not to mention this one is made all the more awesome because you gave Charlie someone to love and someone whom would love him back.

Awesome work!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! I love poetry, and my brain supplied me with the title and I simply had to use it, so I'm glad that you like it!
I can never find as many Charlie stories as there are of others, and I love the idea of his character, so I thought that I would give it a crack! :)
I like to write characters with flaws, I find them easier to relate to when writing. I do like to read about the butt-kicking girls sometimes, but I feel that there is a time and a place for them.
Thank you! I made my best attempt at reading through and fixing the errors that I found, so I'm over the moon to hear that you didn't find any either.
Thank you again, Linders!

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Review #15, by stepnhunguyen My Charlie

15th May 2011:
Cute one-shot. I loved it. I never see many Charlie stories around and I loved this one. :D Their relationship is so cute and Charlie is awesome. (His name is CHARLIE for crying out loud!) The writing is beautiful as always. :)


haPpy DaZe

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! :D
I totally agree about the Charlie thing; I never see too many around, and so I thought that I would add to it! (I love his name too!)
Thank you for such a lovely review!

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Review #16, by Aasiya333 My Charlie

15th May 2011:
Amazingly beautiful
That is honestly all I can say
It flowed very well
Fantastic job

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! :D

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