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Review #1, by Wendy The Unthinkable

26th January 2014:
Absolutely remarkable

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Review #2, by Owlpost68 The Knight

22nd May 2011:
I saw no one had reviewed this chapter so I thought, why not read all the way through then review this one? I have to admit though, I was a little nervous to read it because it had Draco and Hermione as a couple, but it didn't seem like it was all about them so I gave it a shot :)
The story has definitely gotten more as more interesting as a new chapter starts.
One question I have is what point in hogwarts are they?
I have a feeling it's supposed to be either in the trios 5th or 6th?
I did want to point out that it gets a little confusing with all the different points of views, it might be helpful putting it in bold whose point of view it is, or if it doesn't have one I don't suppose you need to say anything. I really didn't expect everyone to be in different places and time periods, not to mention the Sorting Hat's history, these aspects make it all very interesting.
You know, this chapter made me wonder where Voldemort is, which time period, what his situation is... hmm.
Lol, that was what I thought at the end of every chapter so far. Hmmm lol
Anyway, great job!!
I did take a look at the reviews you got and saw you said you're a boy, so for my review you may want to lean more towards my story Hair brained Schemes, but What means Most is going to have a new chapter up, and that one is actually really going to help make the story original. Maybe not to the point of yours lol but I'm sure I'll like whichever story/chapter you review! Thanks :)

Author's Response: I took some liberties to the series and put them into their 6th year. It may seem confusing with all the different POV's but it's my introductory chapters for the characters, to make everything work i had to give the sorting hat a history and i think i came up with a pretty good one lol. I will read one or both of yours and review. Don't worry i have pretty big plans for ol' V.

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Review #3, by LilyFire The Unthinkable

21st May 2011:
Hi! Lily here from the forums. I could have swore I left this before...I guess I forgot to push the submit button. Sorry!

To the Review: I liked the fact that it is so original. Something has happened, and now everyone is living the pirate life. I can honestly say I've never even heard a whisper of this idea before. It seems like it would be pretty interesting.
The only real problem I had with it is instead of showing the emotions, you said them a lot of times. Like instead of saying Draco and Hermione secretly like each other, you could simply have her blush, and...well, I have nothing for Draco, but other than that, it seems really good.

Author's Response: Thank you and yea that's something i'll have to work on, sometimes i tell more than i show without realizing i've done so.

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Review #4, by neonstarz The Fated ship

17th May 2011:
I loove how you turned this into titanic. I might've already said this, but this is the most original thing I've read and it's awesome :D update soon please! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, i have quite a few plans for this story and will update as soon as i can.

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Review #5, by gran/ger The Fated ship

17th May 2011:
It was worthwhile reading this chapter. I'm so glad that I noticed your story! Such a refreshing change from the usual fare. Well done that author! I'll be on pins until your next update; but will certainly be a devoted reader. More soon if you please!

Author's Response: Thank you, i'm currently working on the next chapter, its not going as fast as the last one because i've been under the weather for a couple of days but i'll post it soon hopefully

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Review #6, by gran/ger The Problem

17th May 2011:
I loved this chapter! It had something that sadly is often missing from some stories, originality! I'm really excited that there's another chapter. Thank you for your speedy update. Now I'm going to sate my curiosity by moving on to the next chapter.

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Review #7, by neonstarz The Problem

15th May 2011:
This is soo original. I've never read a story like this before. I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: The next chapter should be validated in a couple of days.

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Review #8, by dessertdisaster The Problem

13th May 2011:
wow. Wonderful... wonderful! I would kiss you, but here are the reasons why I'm not going to:
1) the plot is awesome, but your story could use a beta. Like, some sentences just don't CLICK, ya know what I mean? So, sentence structure.
2) punctuation/some spelling mistakes. No explaination necessary.
3) the characters are really good! all 'in character'.
4) you could be a girl, although you have 'thomas' in your name. If you are a boy, kisses! If girl, hugs! :)

ciao, keep writing,
Dessert Disaster

Author's Response: Yes i am a boy lol and i will look over the story so far and try to correct errors, kinda hard when you don't have an editor, some things you just don't catch right off.

Thank you btw for the review. It always makes me happy when someone enjoys what i write.

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Review #9, by gran/ger The Unthinkable

10th May 2011:
I know I'm going to love this already. Just hope you don't abandon it like the one who wrote a great story about pirates thirty one chapters in length; then left us all hanging. Sorry; I've just wanted to vent about that for so long! Looking forward to your next posting.

Author's Response: Vent all you like lol, I'm currently in the process of writing the second chapter. Thanks for the review.

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