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Reading Reviews for Dance of Defiance
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Review #1, by Sir Harold Shaggyback A Brotherly Talk

5th May 2013:
that last one made no sense Snape is very distant at the moment is all I meant to say

Author's Response: He'll be making a big appearance in the next chapter

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Review #2, by Sir Harold Shaggyback A Brotherly Talk

5th May 2013:
awkward that is something I would not want to talk to sirius black about Snape make an appearance or else

Author's Response: thanks again for another review. Theres a big Snape scene in the next chapter

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Review #3, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Room of Requirement

5th May 2013:
this is a cute chapter has Snape not heard the word of james and lily dating in that retarded cave he calls a head

Author's Response: Not yet he hasn't but we all know how gossip travels ;)

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Review #4, by Sir Harold Shaggyback The Captain's Coach

5th May 2013:
oh cool that is something I wouldn't have expected her to be an expert at Quidditch technique but it is awesome and I like it still no Snape

Author's Response: No one ever seems to think Lily would be good at quidditch for some reason. I always thought she'd just take a logical approach to the subject.

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Review #5, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Nothing Happened

5th May 2013:
oh james so sneaky and sly but still no Snape confrontation

Author's Response: Everybody's gotta love sneaky James Potter :)

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Review #6, by Sir Harold Shaggyback The night ahead

5th May 2013:
aww cute but the evil scary Snape will have something to say i'm sure of it

Author's Response: evil scary Snape has a lot to say indeed. But you'll have to wait ;)

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Review #7, by Sir Harold Shaggyback The Ball

5th May 2013:
yay they are going out but what will Severus think

Author's Response: I doubt Severus is very happy with it ;)

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Review #8, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Letting it all out.

5th May 2013:
he needs to ask her and Snape needs to get jealous and angry and it has to be the best story I have ever read congrats

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #9, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Blokes worst nightmare

4th May 2013:
hehehe I bet james will ask lilly and so will Snape and she will have already said yes to james but she wont tell him who she is going with and it will be like the Ron/Hermione yule ball thing

Author's Response: Haha nice guess but guess again! Thank you so much for all your reviews they totally made my day :)

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Review #10, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Just what Hogwarts needs...

4th May 2013:
poor james it wasn't the gloves was it lilly seemed to be almost blaming herself

Author's Response: Indeed poor poor James :)

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Review #11, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Oh Merlin what have I gotten myself into...

4th May 2013:
nice I hope there will be more jealous Snape action soon

Author's Response: Oh Snape gets very jealous indeed during this story. But it's mostly in the end chapters that haven't been posted yet

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Review #12, by Sir Harold Shaggyback Voice of reason

4th May 2013:
I really am going to enjoy your story it is a brilliant idea and I love the way you write some of the best stuff I have seen on this website

Author's Response: Thanks so much *blushes furiously*

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Review #13, by Potter Fan Room of Requirement

20th April 2013:
I really love this story! Lily and James are just so perfect together. Your writing I actually good and this story has a good flow unlike most stories on here. Please write faster!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! :)

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Review #14, by PotterFan The Captain's Coach

9th April 2013:
I'be been checking your story every day for about a month and you still haven't written anything. If you're stuck you could explain more about Peter's strange behavior or have Lily become an animagus and go help with Remus. Just a few ideas. Please write quickly, I am absolutely desperate to find out what happens next. Brighten my week by publishing your brilliant story. Thanks

Author's Response: I'm so sorry about that. I've had some issues going on in my personal life so that Is why there haven't been any updates. But will try getting some out.

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Review #15, by PotterFan The Captain's Coach

2nd April 2013:
This story is pretty good. The grammar could use a little work, but the actual plot is bloody brilliant. Please write quickly I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Don't worry when the story is finished I'm going back over it and editing it. Thanks so much for your review :)

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Review #16, by dreamwormwood2327 The night ahead

27th March 2013:
I love James' point of view! You should totally do it more often!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I was unsure how people would react to it

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Review #17, by PotterFan Nothing Happened

20th March 2013:
I like this story it's one of the most original Lily/James stories I've read. Maybe you could explain what pettigrew is up to in the next chapter.
Write Quickly ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I have several chapters of this story already written up it's just a case of getting them posted. Thank so much for your comments, they mean so much! :) x

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Review #18, by 80 Black Just what Hogwarts needs...

19th April 2012:
I'm confused. What happened to Lily's presents?

Author's Response: I never did write in the story what Lily got as gifts from the marauders, I wanted to get to the scene of James and his quidditch game. I will most likely go over and edit the story at some stage. Quite possibly when it is fully completed. So I may add it in then. But in my notes it says that Peter gave her a gift voucher for a makeup store in Hogsmeade. Remus got her a book on being a muggleborn in the wizarding world. Sirius a colourful book mark and an asortment of some of zonko's minor pranks and that James got her a large golden photo frame with a mixture of photo's from their time at Hogwarts. Thanks so so much for your review :D hope you like the rest of the story

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Review #19, by a_mauradersfan Blokes worst nightmare

8th December 2011:
great story so far :) can't wait to read the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Thank so much I'm glad you think so, will get it up ASAP :D

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Review #20, by tree(: Oh Merlin what have I gotten myself into...

5th August 2011:
I wana present 2 haha funny story (:

Author's Response: ha ha i know you do, thanks :)

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Review #21, by Opalpixiechick Oh Merlin what have I gotten myself into...

18th July 2011:
Love this story. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! In the process of writing the next chapter.

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