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Review #1, by Unwritten Curse Theme and Variations

3rd July 2012:
Your writing is gorgeous. Just wanted to start off by saying that. Especially in The Bedroom, the bit about Scorpius wanting to paint her in her own name and the moonlight and her red hair against the bedsheets. Just delightful.

I didn't have any issue with the love triangle. I might have if the characters weren't so authentic, but you paint them so believably that I have no qualms. I doubt nothing. I believe that Scorpius feels obligated to lie. I ache for Rose in her awful position as the other woman. I even feel for Dominique, for the lie she is a part of whether she registers it or not.

Thank you for writing this. Though it is short, it is packed with beauty and truth. Exactly what I needed.

- Gina

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Review #2, by ericajen Theme and Variations

10th April 2012:


(on another note, honestly why haven't i read this? it's so right up my alley. second person narration, involves the characters of scorp, dom, and rose. srsly it's like this and my summer rain are our soul sister fics except mine's the other way around and yadda yadda yadda other things)

So anyway. You write so amazingly, Annie. Honestly. I've thought so ever since I read Hestia all that time ago. And this is absolutely no different. It's really fab! You capture the emotions so greatly and you characterized in a way that made the whole story believable.

And like, I dislike Dom a lot right now. But I do think I dislike Scorpius a lot more. He's just let himself be manipulated for so long and it's like GROW A BACKBONE, BRO. GET AT IT.

Great work love!


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Review #3, by AC_rules Theme and Variations

31st January 2012:
This was a really lovely one shot that I really enjoyed reading. I think you used second person so brilliant and everything just flowed really nicely and wonderfully :)

To answer your questions? I think Scorpius is probably the most stupid, but I guess thats inherent in the fact that he's a guy. Ah, gosh, they were all quite stupid.

I loved the bit when you back to the beginning, by the way, it was clever and lovely.

I really enjoyed reading this :)


Author's Response: I'm always wary of second person, like most people, but I couldn't seem to get this one-shot to work in any other way, so I'm glad that you thought it fit well!

They all made some very bad decisions, didn't they? In a way, Scorpius is almost more cruel than Dom because he's the one with the ability to make the choice, and he just refuses to. It's a pretty messed up situation.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #4, by Loony_Scorpy Theme and Variations

5th September 2011:
I loved this! It was so different and you wrapped it up into a one shot so well! It leaves the option for a sequel if you ever wanted to do one but it ends so perfectly that you don't need one! I felt sorry for Rose, she seemed like such a vulnerable character. I felt sorry for Scorpius as well but at the same time he was a cowardly twat! And let's just say I didn't particularly like Dom, but I'm guessing there are underlying insecurities? Eh oh well it's a fab story :D

Author's Response: Lol everyone in this story has a bucket full of problems. Rose does seem very fragile, while Scorpius is just such a coward. Starting out, I didn't think Dom was going to be so mean, but she definitely turned out that way. Anyway, Thanks for reading and for your review!


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Review #5, by missdagane Theme and Variations

19th July 2011:
So sad for Rose... Scorpius is so a coward...

Author's Response: He really is! I agree! Thanks for your review!


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Review #6, by Thegirlinthegreenjumper Theme and Variations

8th July 2011:
This was so beautiful, yet so sad. It was written with such beauty and grace yet entwined with emotions. It was fantastic.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it and thanks for your review!


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Review #7, by ThePhoenix17 Theme and Variations

4th June 2011:
I really, really enjoyed this. The triangle was actually really brilliant! I always love the way every writer portrays each character differently. This was incredibly interesting and well written. It kept me on my toes.

Author's Response: Love triangles are always interesting, and everyone does them differently. Glad you liked it and thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #8, by Voldys_Moldy Theme and Variations

4th June 2011:
wow. this is really amazing. i love it because i'll be reading along, getting trapped in the story, mentally kicking Scorpius, and then- BAM! you throw some unexpected and deep sentence out there and i have to read a good five times to fully understand it. and then i'm like "oh yeah, that makes sense!"
love the way this is a perfect representation of how so many people just live a lie, and do things that other people expect of them, instead of doing what they want. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. and oh-so-true.
i, personally, think that Scorpius should have broken up with Dominique and gotten together (officially) with Rose. he KNEW that was what would've made him happy. (or happier.) but i love your explanation for why he didn't. it's almost tragic, this whole story.
i also never knew that little tidbit of information about music. interesting.

Author's Response: Scorpius is definitely conflicted on a lot of levels, and maybe he really would have been happier if he had just gone to be with Rose instead. I don't think he really knew what he wanted and in the end it was his downfall.

Thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #9, by marciabarcia Theme and Variations

4th June 2011:
Wow! This really well written! I feel so bad for Rose though. I think that Rose should just go for a different guy so Scorpius can feel the same pain that she did becuase Scorpius was an idiot. Anyhow, GREAT JOB


Author's Response: Rose should definitely find someone that appreciates her, I agree, and then Scorpius can see what he missed out on.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #10, by Toujours Padfoot Theme and Variations

22nd May 2011:


This was beautiful, Annie. I love your imagery and descriptions, and how Dominique's hair was like starlight and pretty much everything in this paragraph right here:

She twists her fingers into your hair, pulling your face up and kisses you again, and you can feel your toes curl inward, making tiny seashells out of your feet. You are together and for once, the world seems hard cut, all the blurry edges of your problems washed away by the clear outline of Rose's mouth. It's as if you finally solved the puzzle you've been working on for your whole life.

I love messy, tragic, angsty love. Especially because Scorpius couldn't pull himself out from under Dominique's spell, and he didn't end up with Rose. There is really something to be said about a relationship where 'the other woman' is your fiancee/wife, because you are in love with someone else. It's like you're looking at a parallel universe and you can SEE how happy you would be with that other person you love, but somehow you are just not strong enough to overcome it. Or you're trapped under someone who's stronger than you, at least. In this case, Dominique is definitely stronger than Scorpius because she's like an ice box or something. She doesn't even care that he cheated, she just needs him there to maintain appearances. Like an accessory.

Poor Rose. :(

I love it when Dominique is portrayed as the puppeteer, with her heart of glass and her smiles that mean nothing. It makes me shiver.

This right here: and her heart is transparent, like the night sky, incorporeal. Whenever you reach out to hold it, your fingers pass clean through and your hand comes away empty.

Perfect. I love that. Just really flawless description. *seethes in jealousy*

Also, I kind of want to stab Scorpius. YOU STUPID IDIOT, WHY DID YOU PROPOSE. Boo on him. Maybe Rose will end up with Teddy and Teddy will cheat on Rose with Victoire and Rose will cheat on Teddy with Scorpius and Dom will cheat with...herself.

I adore unhappy endings where it doesn't go at all the way it should, even though the characters involved know they're making a mistake. It's so sad that Scorpius feels so smothered by this public life that he can't live for himself and what he wants, but then again I'm finding it difficult to feel sorry for him because he allowed himself to become Dom's doormat.

Much lurve for this fic.


Author's Response: SARAH!

That was one of my favorites too! Though I do seem to have a habit of writing that type of relationship (well, maybe just once or twice, but I'm starting to see a pattern) and there is something about it that always pulls at the heartstrings. The thing that was different for me with this was that it was from a male point of view -- something that was more than a little hilarious when I was writing the kissing scene and would get all weirded out because, of course, I've never experienced that from a guy's point of view. But that initial pain of seeing the possibilities out in front of you and being too weak or confused to reach out and grab them is a hard thing to read about because I think we've all been in that position before.

At first, Dominique wasn't so horrible. She was just in love with Scorpius and never even thought that he might want to be with someone else, but slowly, she became a little more cutting, more superficial and it was almost worse that she knew and didn't care, because Scorpius really had nothing holding him back from leaving except everyone's expectations.

That line too. I luuurve it. Was very proud that I got to use the word 'incorporeal', haha.


I missed my angst and unhappy endings muchly, so I'm glad someone else likes that too!

Thanks so much for your review Sarah! Lovelovelove!


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Review #11, by WitnesstoitAll Theme and Variations

21st May 2011:

I've missed your angst. Really, I have. There is something that is beautifully cruel about it. It is unique in that the angst doesn't selfishly fill the entirety of the one shot, but rather lurks subltly under beautiful hope and description. I'm very glad that this particular story was yours.

Now, away from your angst in general, and onto this particular story. I wanted to strangle Dominique. I know that Scorpius was as much to blame for the way things end up, but well, I still blame her. What he and Rose share/d was so simple, and beautiful, and lacked the pretense of his relationship with Dominique. Your writing reflected the differences between the two relationships wonderfully. I didn't have a clue what a Pasacaglia is until reading your author's note, but after reading the description, I can most definitely see it reflected in this fic.

Beautiful work annie!!

Ps. Just don't let Rose go all !crazystabby on Scorpius now. :P

Author's Response: Melissaaa

Not to ruin the mood, but when you said that about the angst lurking under the surface, I got this image of like, an angsty shark lurking under the surface, getting closer and closer, all to the soundtrack of the Jaws theme and it was very hilarious and inappropriate and I enjoyed it a lot. But as for what you said, *blushes* that is so amazing to hear, because I'm always worried the angst will be too overwhelming. Thank you so much!

I really didn't intend for Dom to be so horrible. Scorpius started out as the bad guy, and Dom was just so flighty and bubbly that she never even thought that he might be in love with someone else. But somehow she became meaner and more controlling, cold, entitled. That one moment, where you realize she knows what just happened upstairs and she doesn't care... I still get angry at her about that.

The whole idea started out as a Theme and Variations idea, and while it didn't turn out the exactly the way I had planned, I'm glad it still reads well with no explanation.

Thanks so much for all your compliments and your review!



PS. I make no promises, haha :P

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Review #12, by HarrietHopkirk Theme and Variations

12th May 2011:

The title's pretty cool too, despite my attempts to type/speak/write it! ;)

'The words are on the tip of your tongue again. They are so much lighter than before, sliding off your lips easier than anything ever has onto the wings of the night air, and you can almost see them land of the bow of Rose's mouth, pulling her lips into a reluctant smile.'

Hnngg... this is so beautiful! You've got such great prose and writing style and gah! I like the second person element, it makes it really interesting, and I love the simpleness of it. You manage to rely backstory and emotions and develop characters with the simplest turn of phrase. I like the ambiguity of it as well... it works well with the style!

A lovely story! Well done! :D ♥

Author's Response: Hattie!

LOL. The title. For some reason I am reminded of a Family Guy episode where Peter giggles and says "It's 'nucular' silly, the 's' is silent!" Silly words and their silent letters.

So that passage: The picture I had in my head was that the words were like, fluttering through the air like a moth, but then I was like, 'moths are not sexy in the least', so I changed it and thats how it ended up. Bit of a weird passage, but it certainly reads well, haha.

I tried so so hard to get this out of second person. It worked so well with the writing, but writing from a male perspective in second person felt so odd. In the end, I'm glad I kept it though.

I'm so flattered you enjoyed this and thanks so much for your review!


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Review #13, by angelaaa  Theme and Variations

12th May 2011:
:D pretty please with a cookie on top ?

Author's Response: haha, I'm not quite sure what I would put in a sequel for this, but if I ever come up with something, you'll be one of the first to know! Thanks for the review!


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Review #14, by justonemorefic Theme and Variations

12th May 2011:

Never have I shipped Scorpius/Rose so hard. And gah DOM. Ugh. UGH. I just... I hate you so much. More than reasonable. Ever since the dawning that she knew the whole time, that little quip -- ďDonít you look pretty tonight? Who knew you could clean up so well? Just goes to show, itís the quiet ones youíve got out watch out for!Ē -- SEETHING so much more now. I just... I physically want to run into this fic and slap her. And then Scorpius for being an indecisive idiot and his failure to make a decision ruin the rest of his life. But mostly her.


And it's like, I know Scorpius is going to propose. I love how you somehow make it no surprise that he's going to propose and that his indecision in his life never changed. When he whispers the words into Dom's ears, it's feels like a one of those muffled moments in movies that happen in slow motion. A certain inevitability and it tears my heart in two as Rose watches on and... gah!

I am rambly and incoherent, all because of this ♥

Author's Response: HEEE. I GOT YOU TO SHIP SCORROSE. *gratuitous fistpump*

Seriously though, Dom didn't start out so awful. She was just flighty and oblivious, but slowly, as Rose became softer and more pure, Dom became meaner and colder. Like Sarah said in her review, she's like an ice box, haha. That line is... so MEAN. It's that type of girlish cattiness that is so awful.

Scorpius is such a fool. UGH. I MEAN COME ON. *RAGE* See? I hate it just as much as you do. These things just pour out of me no matter how much I dislike them sometimes.


Lovelovelove you muchly and thanks for your review darling!


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Review #15, by thehyacinthgirl Theme and Variations

11th May 2011:
My goodness! This was magnificent.

I've always loved Dom/Scorpius, so it makes me a bit sad that in this story it's a lie. I like Rose/Sco, too, but there's just something about Dominique and Scorpius that I've always adored. Especially after reading Celestie's work. I blame her for my obsession over that pairing.

Anyway, I love this. The feelings are so raw and so painful and so intangible, that it feels real.

Your characterizations were wonderful. I love the draconian Scorpius, the fragile Rose, and the oblivious and demanding Dominique. All of them are distinct characters yet real in different ways.

Your flow and syntax in this piece went swimmingly. It feels like some rather dark poem that I was thrown into. I adore the poeticism of this piece.

I didn't catch any grammatical or spelling errors, either, which is always a plus in my book.

This is absolutely amazing!

Great job!


Author's Response: Celeste is definitely the queen of Dom/Scorpius. She always manages to make it so... sparkly and intriguing.

The characters all had their own flaws that were a bit hard to put down on paper, so I'm pleased that they came across to you so well. And the fact that you thought this sounded a bit like poetry? I'm so flattered!

Thank you so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed this!


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