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Review #1, by Snitchsista Just The Way You Are

16th August 2011:
Adds to favourites, squeals, jumps, adds to favourites, squeals, jumps! I loved this. I absolutely loved this and I'm not just saying that, this was so in character that I almost felt like I was reading JK's work. (Helps that I love Glee so much as well!) :) Thanks for writing this! This bit in particular I thought was just perfect.

“…So Filch’s pet gorilla is going to be Harry’s new best man…”

“W…what?” Ron asked, unsure of what he had heard.

Hermione’s tinkling laugh washed over Ron. “Just checking you were listening”.

That's so them. I also love how even though Ron I don't think would ever be naturally good at writing, he wrote it for her and the song fitted so well! I hate how we don't know what she's thinking but at the same time I love how we don't know too because it means that you get the mystery about it and at the same time you know deep down that Hermione has absolutely loved what he's written.

Ron's thoughts about Krum were perfect too!

10/10, 100/100


Author's Response: *Squee* Thankyou so much! I really appreciate it! I think that this is the fic I'm most proud of. I found the characterisation of Ron and Hermione difficult because we all know and love them so much, so they're easy to get wrong. I agree Ron wouldnt be a great writer- but he did have a special quill to help him, which was the only way I could explain the letter. lol

Thankyou again! Leanne

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Review #2, by IwRiTe4mE Just The Way You Are

26th June 2011:
Oh! I remember reading this!! I really, really like it! It flowed really well, and I just have to say that I LOVE fluff pieces, and this story is just perfect! I especially love the ending *sighs* I really liked this story!!!

Author's Response: aaahh. Thank you!

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Review #3, by nitenel Just The Way You Are

14th June 2011:
Very nice. I liked it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much :D

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Review #4, by Jess Just The Way You Are

30th May 2011:
this is awesome plz write more it would be great

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I intended this to be a one-shot, though, and I think i'm going to keep it this way. Especially since it took me almost a month to write! Thanks :) x

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Review #5, by schoenberg12 Just The Way You Are

29th May 2011:
cute! i loved this! most ron/hermione stories are about some dramatic break up and how they're really unhappy, but this is a minor problem with a simple solution and its perfect!

Author's Response: Aaah. Thank you for the review! :D My idea was basically that small things can make a relationship go awry just as easily as big things. Cheers :)x

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Review #6, by GinnyWeasley_13 Just The Way You Are

25th May 2011:
Very well written, and very cute :)

Author's Response: Aww... Thanks very much :)

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Review #7, by charlottetrips Just The Way You Are

22nd May 2011:
Char from the Forums here with your review!

(I’m writing this as I read so I’m sorry that this is the first thing I’m saying.) Your story summary is a little confusing with the grammar and punctuation. I think I get the idea but maybe you could just take a quick look at it and reword it? It basically says something goes wrong with Ron trying to take their relationship one step further but this mistake makes him appreciate Hermione? I think that’s it.

OK. Ron cooking and cleaning is so cute to imagine. Really, ANY man cooking and cleaning is so cute to imagine, but Ron especially ^_^

I like that you give more than “they sat at the table” or “he stabbed a chip with his fork” but put “slightly rickety wooden table” and “stabbing a golden-brown, vinegar drenched chip” as it really gives me, the reader, a taste (so to speak) of really just being there with Ron and Hermione.

I know that this is told from Ron’s point of view but I felt that the part between the dinner and Hermione leaving was a bit abrupt in terms of explaining how we got from them having a nice sit-down dinner to suddenly fighting.

Oh no! Formatting problems with the italicizing :(

I would tone it down on the ellipses (“. . .”) as it isn’t very professional-looking. You could have more usage of commas or periods or other ways of expressing trailing off moments or just don’t use them in some points (like when Ron is thinking of Hermione never coming back or going to see Krum).

Your way of putting Ron’s feelings of awkwardness and insecurity in the mix of things was a nice touch on your general ability to describe the scene before one. That is so Ron, sometimes a bit thick but altogether sweet and caring, especially towards Hermione.

It’s completely adorable how Ron pays attention to the little things about Hermione when she’s talking as it really shows that they have gone from childhood sweethearts into a more lasting and forward-looking relationship because, when you get down to it, it’s being able to notice and love the little details about a person that keeps a love alive. I get absolutely sappy about these kind of things. Ron’s note was so *squee*!

Just a w w w w, at the end. Very sweet.

The only suggestions of improving this are as above. Overall, this was nicely written, with enough details with what was happening with Ron and the environment surrounding him that I felt that I could be there with him.

x Char

Author's Response: aaah... Thanks for this :)

I'll definately go over the summary... I never really pay much attention to summarys- which is probably an issue.
Thanks for the advice on the other things too :)
Aah! Formatting issues!
I definately have a thing for elipses, hehe. Thanks for the advice on the transition from the meal to her leaving.
Thanks again :)

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Review #8, by louisemoses Just The Way You Are

21st May 2011:
You NEED to write more that was brilliant! Please write more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much ^_^
I suck at writing Hogwarts era characters, so if I did any more, it wouldn't be as good. Thanks for the review though :)

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Review #9, by DobbysSock Just The Way You Are

16th May 2011:
Hello there :)

First off, can I just say AH! I'm left feeling so lost! How did she react to his proposal?! Did she say yes or did she come back to throw the book in his face? I believe she said yes, though I wish that you had written something about her acceptance.

There was a mistake at the very beggining I found, though it was very small. 'Hermione didn’t realise that Ron was stood there,' It'll just take a second of your time to change that stood to a standing or just erase the 'was' altogether. It'll certainly help with the flow of your story once that is out of the way.

Other than that, I love the story you have here! Good Job :)


Author's Response: Thankyou! I didn't notice that sentence at the beginning! Again, Thanks for the review! :)x

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Review #10, by CrazyForYou Just The Way You Are

15th May 2011:
Aw, how cute!

I rather like the way the ending is left open ended, even though I hate not getting closure. But I guess that just shows that you left me optimistic enough to imagine that they do have a future together.

I think the way you portray Ron as still immature and unable to communicate effectively is interesting. I think it is believable because he's so deftly portrayed that way in the books, but at the same time I can't help but wish he'd grown up more. I suppose the fact that he knows things about Hermione and he's more in touch with his feelings mean that not all hope is lost:)

I think you captured the real awkwardness between couples really well, especially couples that have a similar dynamic to the relationship between Ron and Hermione. I think there are failures on both of their parts, and I think you do a good job portraying that neither of them is to blame for this night becoming different than what either of them anticipated.

In terms of the song, I think you could have incorporated the lyrics directly into the story/dialogue, as opposed to tacking them on at the end. But not a big deal.

The letter at the end was sweet, but I can only hope that isn't how he actually proposes. But maybe that's because I'm a hopeless romantic, and a letter doesn't quite substitute. But I guess she knew it was coming anyway...

Very well done!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'll take your advice into account :)
Thanks again :)

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Review #11, by Miss Lily Potter Just The Way You Are

14th May 2011:
Hi! I'm here with your review, as requested. (:

Aw. This was so freaking cute. Ron/Hermione fluff is one of my very favorite things and this was so well done. (:

Your characterization was really spot-on, I think. I could hear both of them saying and doing those things, and their voices were really strong. I could see this very thing happening to them.

It flowed really nicely, and it seemed as though it was the natural progression of things.

The only critique that I would have is that it feels a bit unfinished. I would have liked to see her response, I suppose? I mean, I know she probably says yes but it would have been nice to see (and perhaps the "Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature" warning would have been absolutely necessary. Speaking of, I'm not sure if it is or not... Better to be safe than sorry?).

All in all, this was sweet and adorable and I loved it. (:

Author's Response: Thankyou for such a lovely review! I really appreciate it!:D

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Review #12, by BrightStar Just The Way You Are

13th May 2011:

Aww this was so cute! poor Ron not being able to say it!

I thought it was weird that Hermione thought he'd find someone else, but to be honest lots of people get weird and panicy at those times!

His attempt at being suave was so charming, I smiled when he said her hair was ok.

You could have picked a lot of lyrics, but this was the best one for this story, and in any case i think its much nicer than the one about the hair or whatever.

Great job, what a lovely one shot!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really wasn't sure about this... My other stuff is normally so...angsty. Thanks again
Leanne :D

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Review #13, by ginnypotter242 Just The Way You Are

12th May 2011:
I really like it! You should do a sequal about Hermiones reaction to the note. It would be amazing! Really good story. :)

Author's Response: Aaaw. Thank you so much. I was worried that it wouldn't be too good, so I appreciate it ^_^

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Review #14, by peace2lovepotter Just The Way You Are

8th May 2011:
oh! This was so cute! Can you write a sequel, cos i will definitley read and review! I always thought that somebody would use Ron and Hermione for this song, it fits so perfectly it's harldly believable. Ron and Hermione are my favourite harry potter couple, and I read a LOT of fanfictions about them, and I think this is one of the best! I have just put up a Ron/Hermione one shot about the proposal up, i don't know if you've seen it, its called If You Love Someone You Say It. So back onto the story, the language was lovely, the song lyrics were used very well, and the characters seemed as though they had jumped from JK Rowlings books. It is just Hermione though isn't it, she dosen't like anything about her appearence, or her laugh or the way she does anything. I really really hope you post a sequel! Ron and Hermione 4eva! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thank-you very much for the kind words!
I agree- when I entered the challenge and was given the song- I knew immediately I would use Ron/Hermione.
I was out of my comfort zone writing this- I usually stick to minor/less well known characters, as I worry that because everyone knows about their characters, so they could easily go OOC. So i'm glad you think they were realistic...I might check out your fic at some point, too :)
Thanks again :)

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