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Review #1, by Lana Lost in Silence

21st October 2011:
Hey, just popped into your page and discovered this amazing one-shot! Seriously I loved it! It was a rather original idea, because all one shots about Lily you can find are either about her and James getting together or about them dying, but this one was refreshing! And well-written! As I said I really liked it!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm glad you did. I just couldn't help but think about Lily maybe having some vague idea what was going to happen to the little boy she saved when she sacrficed herself and whatnot. It just seemed like a good idea. :D

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Review #2, by Emily Lost in Silence

19th July 2011:
That was absolutely amazing. Your writing is clearly skilled. I loved the ending. I was like "woah Lily saw the future".
You should definitely consider a professional writing career.
I really loved it ! :)

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for such an awesome review. I don't think I've ever had such a compliment before! I've got a bit of time before I need to think about the career I want to pursue (I'm a freshman in high school, for pete's sake!) but I've thought about writing. :) I'm just really inconsistent. Which is kind of why I haven't written anything in so long. X(

And I'm so glad you got that it was THE FUTURE...because I sent it to a friend right after I'd posted it and she didn't get it AT ALL...oh, well, that makes 2 out of 2 people that understood it on this site, so thanks again for reviewing. *GIANTSUPERBEARHUG*

Anyways, I was really proud of this one, so I'm so glad that you liked it!

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Review #3, by HermGinnyHarryRon Lost in Silence

15th May 2011:
Whoooaaa. WHOOOAAA.


I'm like, 'Oooh, whats gonna happen?' and 'OMG?!'
Lily saw the future, yes? WOW.
Like I said, AWESOME :')

Thanks for your review, it was totally random/funny :)

HGHR xxx ;D

Author's Response: Yayayayayayayayayayayayay!!! First review on this story!!! *Does happy dance* And yep, Lily pretty much saw the future. I had a friend of mine read it while I was still waiting for validation, and even at the end of the story, she was all confused cuz she was convinced that Harry was James the whole time. This was just a random idea that popped into my head, but it just seemed to cool to NOT write. I'm so glad you liked it!!! (Remember - I wuv you!)

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