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Review #1, by thehyacinthgirl Better than that

3rd May 2011:
Hey there!

This is an interesting story. I typically have always hated Lavender and generally avoid stories about her, but for some reason this one piqued my interest and I decided to read on.

As far as grammar and spelling go, I didn't pick up on any errors - which is always a nice thing. So kudos there! I am something of a grammar Nazi so I really appreciate it when people read through their work and give it that more polished look.

As far as characterizations go, it seems like you've kept everyone in character - especially with it being from Lavender's persepective. I don't think I minded the subtle changes from Harry's outlook because honestly different people remember things differently or could see the same event in a totally different way.

I also like that while Lavender isn't completely over him, she isn't all lovesick and mopey like she is in some stories.

& I also like that this relationship has seemed to have made her and Parvati both grow up a little bit, and it made Lavender admit that she resented Hermione and Ron.

I always thought in the books she had a lot of growing up to do before graduation, and at least she's admitting she can be petty and immature.

Nice job!


Author's Response: Hey! :)

Thank you, I'm very glad you think so. I'm not a huge fan of hers either, but at times I like trying to redeem someone like her.

Oh, that's good to know! I do try :)

I'm glad you think so! It's always hard to see if the characters are in character or not (at least I think so). And I'm glad you didn't mind those subtle changes too much :)

For some reason, when I read some of the lyrics of the song, I immediately thought about Lavender, even though at second glance, it didn't always make a lot of sense. So yeah, she wasn't going to be all lovesick - because that would be rather cliche indeed.

I agree, they didn't seem completely ready for the world outside Hogwarts. Hopefully now they would be ;)

Thanks a lot for your review! :D

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