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Review #1, by Sam I Must Not Tell Lies

15th January 2015:
Please update this story, i know its unlikely as it had been awhile but I honestly love it so much. Please pleas please update :)

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Review #2, by KendallMalfoy I Must Not Tell Lies

27th October 2013:
I love this syory, I sure hope it continues sincr its been a year :( but also pleaaase add more draco & Apollas relationship with him! Please continue, my favorite so far♥

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Review #3, by Kc I Must Not Tell Lies

3rd February 2013:
I really like this, I am drawn in by your writing and plot line. I can't wait for more!

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Review #4, by KurakiChan I Must Not Tell Lies

8th August 2012:
Love this series; please update soon!(:

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Review #5, by littlewitch I Must Not Tell Lies

7th July 2012:
i absolutely love this story, please tell me that the next chapter will be up soon...i cannot wait to see what comes next

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Review #6, by Clodagh I Must Not Tell Lies

28th May 2012:
Another great chapter :) I really love this story, the only criticism is that the last one was always moving forward, while this is moving slot slower. It's great for the characters and learning about them but some things feel to be dragging out, it's still great though :D Keep up the great work :)

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Review #7, by oneandonlymrsmalfoy I Must Not Tell Lies

7th May 2012:
Oh My Gosh!!! your stories are incredible!! when is the next chapter going to be available?

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Review #8, by littlewitch Family Portrait

8th April 2012:
i love this story, please tell me the next chapter is coming soon

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Review #9, by Clodagh Family Portrait

1st March 2012:
Another really good chapter :) maybe even more Draco??? I still feel their relationship hasn't been clarified and a bit ignore. I really like the idea of the potraits and how you keep using them. Keep it up PLEASE!!!

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Review #10, by Clodagh Ravencrest Manor

14th February 2012:
Thank you for reviewing!!! I love how you put so many details into both houses and the descriptions were beautiful :) only thing i want to know when is Draco coming back? I feel he's been ignored. Keep it up!!!

Author's Response: I agree. He is being ignored. I'm not sure how soon Draco will appear, but he will be back.

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Review #11, by JohannaMarie Ravencrest Manor

7th February 2012:
What? Did someone just take Lily's ring? Was it just a ring, or her wedding band? Why? :( Now I have questions left to be unanswered. But I really don't like Ron. I wish he would just get over it and grow up. I know it doesn't seem like he will, but I can hope, can't I?

Author's Response: Ron will change eventually. But, he needs to hit rock bottom in order to do that. And, I have the perfect way for that to happen.

As for Lily's ring; well, you'll see...

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Review #12, by fern o'gorman Gringotts Enlightening

7th February 2012:
Interesting and gripping could not stop reading for hours an amazing book really well done

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Review #13, by Flying Ford Anglia Grimmauld Place

11th January 2012:
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! I was worried that you had abandoned this story!! I agree with miss diggory, cant wait for the final showdown where Ron realises how stupid he has been. I love the idea of all the different vaults, their contents and now the houses that Harry and Apolla own too. This has to be probably the best series I've read! please update soon, I can't get enough! 10/10 as always

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Review #14, by Clodagh Grimmauld Place

6th January 2012:
I love this fanfiction series!! Please keep writing I LOVE It!!! It might be my favourite...

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Review #15, by MissDiggory Grimmauld Place

21st December 2011:
Thankyou so much for finally updating! I really loved the chapter and can't wait for some more Harry/Ron break down :)

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Review #16, by Janet Emerald Souls

5th November 2011:
Are you ever going to update this, or shall I delete it from my favourites?

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Review #17, by MissDiggory Emerald Souls

28th October 2011:
PLEASE update soon I need more of this amazing story. I will give you cookies ;)

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Review #18, by Sophie Ann Unbreakable

29th September 2011:
Hey i just wondered at the end was she talking about Blaise??

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Review #19, by JohannaMarie Emerald Souls

28th September 2011:
You are such a good author! Always ending on a cliffhanger so I can't stop reading. This is such a good story. Although some of the characters are acting differently than I would have expected, it's mostly just the traits I do expect being represented more heavily. Now we find out there is ANOTHER prophecy? and what is Apollonia doing? there is so much going on- and i want to know what happens next! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon :) I promise I will keep following and review EVERY chapter from here on out!

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Review #20, by Heather Twin Bond

8th September 2011:
I want to tell you that i really liked this story at the beginning. But now i feel like everything is being repeated over and over and OVER again. It seems like Apollo has all the answers and she is every where for everything.I'm sorry if i'm sounding a little mean. I love the story line but i feel like this story has so much...repettitive things.that it takes away from the over all.

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Review #21, by Flying Ford Anglia Emerald Souls

30th August 2011:
Thankyou For the Update! I love this story to pieces probably one of my favourite of my favourites! I know that you only updated this yesterday but update soon!! Ta, FFA :)))

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Review #22, by Amy Fred's Magic

7th August 2011:
Hey, I just wondered if this is the end or something because of the other story about dudley and astoria. and im really confused is that story the future or is the stroy where george kills the dragon the future???

Author's Response: This isn't the end. The Princess's Cousin occurs a year from this point in the story; I'm writing the two stories concurrently. A new chapter should be up soon.

As for where St. George and the Dragon would fit into the timeline...well, that's my little secret.

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Review #23, by Anonymous Cont... Fred's Magic

30th July 2011:
So now I'm on my computer (gosh it was annoying to bend over that nook.) I was saying I loved your ideas that Snape had a daughter. I wished this happened in the real book! Although I was disappointed when you didn't save Snape :( (he is my favorite character after all and I had the hope that Apollonia would save him from his fate.) Keep it up! This has been my entertainment for the summer :D

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Review #24, by Anonymous Fred's Magic

30th July 2011:
Before you read this, please note thzt I am using my nook for the first time and am having a little trouble typing :P and, for somereason, can't get back to the bottom of my review to finish it so I'll finish it on a different review. I like your story an its plot. I only have two suggestions for you. First, you repeat information much too often, and it does get somewhat irritating reading how Apolllonia wants to keep her broher safe beause they are the only family they have left ad vice versa. This also applies to many other circumstances, such as George's grief over Fred, Apolla's trying to save Draco/her dad/other people for whatever reason and sadness. The second suggestion would be to show more emotion in the charactes that have lost people. I know you told us they were in grief, but you could also show us their grief by describing it, thus providing a new level to the character's developement. These suggestions are only my oppinion and you don't have to follow my advice. I just love your idea so much that I wanted to put in my two cents about it to make it even better that it already is (again only in my oppinion). I would love it if Serverus had a Dauughter!

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Review #25, by behappykeepsmiling Finding Family

30th July 2011:
Great start keep writing, will continue reading!!

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