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Review #1, by Your Secret Santa Leaving Home

30th December 2012:
Hi there.

This was actually so weird, because I read this story a long time ago (which in my world is probably around some months). I wasn't a member back then, so I didn't leave you a review. But I remember thinking that this was really good, and I still think that today.

What I love is that you take an underloved and minor character and you make that character completely your own, yet you still have some of the traits that the actual character has. It's obvious which character it is, yet it's more deeper than in the books. I really love that.

To be completely honest, I was a bit scared that I wouldn't like this story. I'm not a huge fan of Filch, but I actually liked him here. I think the reason for that is the characterization. I love how you use the few traits that we know Filch has, and then add some of your own. His bitterness is quite clear in the story. But I love how you also show how envious he is of the students, because I can imagine that being true. And I also love how you mention that he couldn't let magic go because he knew about it. It just seems so Ö believable (in the hp world). I would imagine feeling the same if I had been a squib.

What I love the most is actually the how you capture what Hogwarts means to him. How most students probably seem him as cruel, some of the staff and portraits may resent him, and wellÖ Peeves obviously don't like him. You just can't help but pity him, because you show a whole new side of him. I would say he seem more vulnerable in this story, because you really see his envy, his broken dreams and his insecurity. It's really different from the books, but still very believable.

I also loved Filch/Pince. I loved how Irma seemed to make Argus even more insecure. Like he hated himself for even thinking he could be with her. And I love that you then again bring up their different blood status, because I think Filch definitely would think like that. But one thing I noticed about Irma (and I'm not sure if this is how you wrote her, or if I'm just interpreting her that way) is that doesn't seem to care too much about blood status. It actually seemed more like she wished he would've taken a chance and asked her out, like she is depressed because she wished he would've followed his heart (wow, that sounded very clichť, sorry). That's just what I thought, though.

Okay, so I think I'm done now. This was really beautiful and well-written. I really loved it. 10/10

- Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hello again! I'm so happy you liked this! This was my first one-shot that I wrote after my thee year hiatus from this site so it's always really great to hear that it was done well.

I've always had a soft spot for Filch. I think it's because he was always shown in the films as a bit of a joke and in the books he didn't seem like he had that many redeeming qualities either. Even so, i've been fascinated by him (and Figg) because of their magical ancestry and how it just skipped them somehow. I was caught up with the idea of how that would affect them. Obviously with Filch, the way I see him, is that he's so desperate for it that he surrounds himself with it but eventually that very act drives him crazy in a way because he can't have it and he sees the kids being so flippant about their skills. He begins to hate the very thing he loves.

About Irma, i've always imagined them actually dating. In my mind they had a thing and I don't think she would have cared so much about blood status. However when they were dating it would have been either before he came to Hogwarts or just after and those times I think that in pureblood families and woman's equal rights would have been different than they are now. I don't think Irma would have been able to actually marry him- her dad would have forbidden it. That's my thoughts on it anyway.

THank you so much for your review!!!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Leaving Home

10th May 2012:
It was that notion that had kept me going. I needed magic as much as a person needed air. I needed to be by it, I needed to see it. It was my life, and trying to act like a muggle would never have worked; I was still different from them.


Wow. I've been on a Filch kick lately so I'm really happy I found this. I think he's a great character and should be explored some more. This was really interesting. I have never thought about them replacing him or what he would have done after the war either. I never realized how much magic meant to him either. I mean, I know it was a big deal and something that he always wanted but what you wrote...well, it kind of explained him to me. His graditude towards Dumbledore was something else. The way he loved the castle and just...I feel bad for him, you know? He would have been so much happier if he could do magic. Even just a little bit. It's really no wonder why he was so sour with the kids that could do it and just abused it.

Really nice job.

Author's Response: Hi deeds!!

Thank you so much for this lovely review! It brightened up my day when i saw that i had another review for this one! I really love Filch as well and i have this incredibly fascination for him. I always thought there had to be more to him than his grouchy old self, what other reason would he be a caretaker for this school if he seemed to hate it or the students so much. For me, this is the only explanation, there had to be something that kept him going even though he had magic (the thing he should have been able to do) getting shoved into his face everyday. It just makes me sad really when i think about it (or think of any squib, you've basically getting your culture taken away from you)

Anyway, i'm really glad you enjoyed this and thank you SO much for the review and for reading this!


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Review #3, by Free_Rhapsody Leaving Home

27th November 2011:
Wow, this was really amazing. I loved how it centred around Filch, this has to be the first fanfic I've read consisting of Filch as the major character. It was excellently written, love the descriptions and Filch's internal monologue; his reminiscing was quite sad and offered excellent insight into such a commonly disliked and abhorred character.
I feel like I really understand and empathise with Filch's actions in HP, all his explanations here really illuminate the loneliness of the man, separate form the wizarding world due to his failure as a squib.
I really loved this line; " "C'mon, my sweet," I said quietly. Mrs. Norris only looked at me with her big, tired eyes.."
That was really effective to me as it enhanced the tiredness of Filch by linking his present situation (and indeed, his history at Hogwarts) with the excellent imagery of Mrs. Norris's eyes.
I thought this was excellent and a very effective exploration of Filch's character. I really feel sorry for him now.

Author's Response: Hi!

Wow, thank you so much for your lovely review. To me, Filch is such an excellent character and it made me sad that in the movies he was used simply for comic relief. He is way more dynamic than to be seen as some half-wit. I just feel like his life was such a tragedy which is probably why i've become so attached to him as a person. If you think about it, how hard would it be to be constantly reminded that you can't do magic? That's tragic and he was every single day of his life! Kind of like us, eh? ;D
Thank you so much for your review i'm so pleased you thought it was a good exploration of his character! That is exactly what i was trying to do here, to give a window into someone's life that we usually ignore or hate. There are reasons behind everything.

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Review #4, by Roots in Water Leaving Home

29th July 2011:
This was beautiful. Point blank. I loved the way you wrote Filch- you made him so real and human. I particularly loved the way you included the line "it goes on" in several different forms throughout the story.

I think it was such a wonderful touch that you had Argus originally love the magic and watching the children use it. It was so sad when Filch started to hate them due to their abuse (of him and the magic). It just goes to show what damage you can do unknowingly.

And finally, I absolutely loved the ending. "A future I could only guess at"- amazing. It expresses the whole piece wonderfully and leaves you hoping for a better future for him, no matter how unlikely.

Author's Response: Why thank you so much! I'm so glad that you loved Filch! I'm so pleased, i love his character and i think he is so underrepresented! He is one of those characters that i just feel so much for, he's lived a sad life. I'm just glad i could give him a voice ;D Thank you again for your lovely words!

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Review #5, by Ali4077 Leaving Home

19th July 2011:
Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums, sorry for my really late review here. :D

Anyway I haven't ever read anything with Filch in.. which is why I am so thankful for people entering my challenge, as I'm reading all these characters that I just wouldn't have ever bothered with before. I'm so glad you entered a Filch story though, as I really enjoyed reading it.

I think you captured perfectly what Hogwarts meant to him. You never really think about Filch being so attached to the place as he's always complaining, but then I imagine he would be. He's still there after all, it's given me something to think about. :)

I also loved the ending bit with Irma.. she seemed to be genuinely concerned for him which was lovely. He seems so unloved bless him.. more of a perfect reason for you to have written about him.

This was really well written, I couldn't see any faults with it. I really enjoyed reading it and thank you so much for entering my challenge. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely words! I have really enjoyed writing about him and am glad there are people out their issuing challenges about these unrepresented characters!
I do love Filch and i'm pleased that you enjoyed my view of the poor lad. :) Thank you again for your lovely review!

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Review #6, by ShelbyBlack Leaving Home

19th May 2011:
Hey lovely :3 I'm finally here for your review! Sorry for the lateness of it though!

"I could not live a life without it. But they started abusing it and they started abusing me. They didnít see me as the caretaker, they saw me as the Squib: the guy who couldnít do magic. That was the worst insult a person could get. My parents couldnít even look at me after my eleventh birthday. They never said they were ashamed, but I saw the hollowness in their eyes. Their only child, their son, was a failure. But they never saw that magic was as much a part of me as it was them. I just couldnít do it, but I still breathed it." This is what made it for me, what made me feel for him. I could believe this, see it going on in his head. It gave me chills, this whole story did!

I have a whole list here about the things I liked!

I loved reading about his life, this is the first time I've read about him and I didn't question it once throughout it - he's perfect...he is Filch. It's such a heartbreaking story, I actually felt like I was reading his final thoughts of being alive. That's how well you portrayed his love and devotion for Hogwarts and his job. Him having to leave everything he knew and loved, was done so so well. Your writing was brilliant and it all flow very well.

His spitefulness just adds to this, you can tell he is hurt but also that he has been like that his whole time at Hogwarts, because he didn't get to have want he wanted most in life. But, he is still happy (if that's the right word to use) that he gets to have the chance to be there, as he couldn't imagine his life anywhere else. "It was that notion that had kept me going. I needed magic as much as a person needed air. I needed to be by it, I needed to see it. It was my life, and trying to act like a muggle would never have worked; I was still different from them."

You had picked Alienation for your theme in your story. It worked perfectly, I think you did this extremely well! "...led by a Thestral. They had become visible to me after the war, like they had for so many others." < I loved this, it gave me a chilling image. But not only that...Filch had survived the war, however, old age caught up to him, he not only is being pulled away from the only thing that made his life satisfying but he is being forced to leave his home, his life.

After reading this I feel like I know why Filch was as cold and hostile as he was. Your quote was used perfectly. Yes, he was being forced from his home, but life went on, whether he believed it or not, subconsciously he knew it and he was and had to live it.

Well done! I loved it! Thank you sooo much for entering!


Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I'm just speechless from all of your lovely words! I'm so pleased that you felt like I used the quote well and thank YOU for giving me the tools to write this story! I've wanted to write Filch for so long but was lacking the inspiration for it!

I'm so pleased that you didn't question him, you have no idea how great that makes me feel for being able to explore his character and have other people believe your vision as well.

I really loved writing this challenge and thank you again for all your lovely compliments!

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Review #7, by puiwaihin Leaving Home

11th May 2011:
Very nice story. The story flowed nicely. There was a good balance of introspection and the physical act of leaving.

This is not how I would have imagined Filch's inner dialog to go, but I liked the part where he talked about what be both loved and hated about the school. Pointing out how the students could have done his job with great simplicity was very good.

I think you could have included a few more specifics to focus on to improve the story. You might have had him pause at a particular door, room, painting, or something you could describe and then ascribe a special emotional attachment to. You also might have given an account of how students teased or pranked him, adding to his embitterment, similar to Snape's memory of being tormented by James Potter.

But this was a solid story with fine narration. While the tone was not what I would have expected of Filch, it was very nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you for stopping by! I'm so pleased that you thought the balance was good, i worked really hard on that as i was so worried that it would turn out to be too much intropection, i'm glad you thought it worked well.

I suppose it is a different way of looking at Filch and the tone might be a bit too poetic for him? Maybe =D. Even though the tone wasn't what you expected, i hope you felt like it was well explained. It wasn't how i first thought of Filch either, but how it all turned out surprised and please me in the end. While writing, i kept imagining his motivations and what stressors must have shaped him into who he was. To me, there must have been a reason why he stayed at Hogwarts for so long, and it kept hitting me how hard it would have been to see magic everyday and know that you will never be able to do it, how would that have affected him? In the end, Filch is only human, no matter how mean and cruel he turned out to be there is always reasons behind his madness ;). Plus, I have this huge soft spot for characters such as his and i really do feel like he is such an underrated character. The way I imagine him anyway leaves so much to be explored and dissected. He was a squib! For me, i always kind of imagined that as being a little shameful, and i think there must have been some prejudices akin to muggle-borns to some groups against squibs. What if he had been born to a pureblooded family? Anyway, that was a bit of a long rant, sorry bout that but i'm a bit passionate about Filch. =D

Thanks for the suggestions, i had actually thought of doing something similar but i was trying to keep the story short and to the point. But i'll definitely keep that in mind and if i have time i'll try to work something in.

Thank you again for your honesty and lovely comments, i really appreciate you taking the time to read and review this!

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Review #8, by DobbysSock Leaving Home

5th May 2011:
Hello there :)

First off, I'd like to say, very interesting, writing a story from Flich's point of view. It was very interesting to read how he felt and what it was like being a Squib at Hogwarts. I don't think many people gave him a second thought when they found out he was a Squib and it was nice to read a story about how he felt and what he had gone through.

I like how you gave him happiness and love, it's nice to think that he wasn't always the cranky old man we read about.
I really enjoyed reading this and I think you did a great job!


Author's Response: Ah! Such a lovely review! Thank you so much, i hardly know what to say. I really do feel as if Filch is so underappreciated and i think he is actually quite dynamic if you start to think about what it must have been like to be a squib. I have this image of Squibs and them being prejudiced almost has much as muggle-borns to some groups and i just kept imagining his tragic past. I'm so pleased that you liked how i portrayed him. Thank you again!

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Review #9, by Cleopatraa Leaving Home

4th May 2011:
Great thing you choose to write a story about Argus as the main character. Heís such an unappreciated character in fanfiction so kudos for you. I have to say this was a really powerfull piece of writing and I could feel his emotions and I really felt sad for him. I can understand his resentment and his hatred for them because if you donít have something and everyone around you has it, something that is considered to be normal for them

I really liked the fact you said her pureblooded heart . It really hits the point on that they are different atleast in his eyes and her family.

You really explained well his pain at being replaces especially being replaces by a wizard. Iím sure that one really hurt for him. Also great there wasnít a happy ending. That he didnít get the girl and didnít keep the job because life is harsh like that!


Author's Response: He really is, i adore Filch as a character and i wish there was more on him. That is what inspired me to write this little story. I feel like he is such a dynamic and tragic figure and this leaves so much of him to be explored.

I'm so glad you liked the way i portrayed Filch though, this took me ages to figure out and i'm glad that i got my point across and could make him relatable. Thank you so much for your lovely review! =D

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Review #10, by NeverGotHerLetter Leaving Home

29th April 2011:
Wow that was really powerful! I loved how you basically explained Filch's hatred for the wizards and students at Hogwarts. Also you really captured his pain at having to leave and being replaced.
I saw this had been beta'd but I still picked up one mistake: "Limping passed some students". This should be "Limping past some students". But still, an easy mistake to make.
Another thing that I LOVED about this was the part in which you introduced Filch's parents and showed that they were disappointed. I think that was also very powerful and, if you think about it, extremely heartbreaking!
I liked all of it really :) and you used the quote really well but finally one more thing that especially grabbed my attention; you gave somebody for Filch to love! I think this was a really great thing for you to do as it showed that he's only human and is emotionally the same as everyone, whether being a Squib or not. And that you made his love interest Irma Pince makes it all the more great ;) What really made it unique (apart from the fact that you wrote a story about Filch - would you believe I've never seen that before?!) is that the character failed at the perusal of their lover... it was really refreshing NOT to see a happy ending, surprisingly!
A truly fantastic one shot, really amazing :) 1000/10 :D
~NeverGotHerLetter x

Author's Response: *squish* Ah! your review is just so lovely i don't know what to say! I'm so pleased that you liked it so well! Filch has recently began to fascinate me and i do adore his character so much. I think it's mostly because I see his life being so tragic and yes, very heartbreaking! I'm glad you felt like i portrayed that well!

Thank you for pointing that out to me! *blushes* i'll go and quickly fix that, thanks!

Thank you again for reviewing and leaving such a lovely review! XD

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