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Review #1, by potterfan310 The Story of Seventh Year - Sirius

14th May 2012:
aww, i'm sad it's over :(
but as i love this story :) i think i may re-read it again when i get time.
what actually happend to ade and summer were they killed?
also why were they breaking an entry to sirius' parents house?
i like how it ends with sirius saying he will protect harry and made sure that he is ok, that was sweet.
10/10 brilliant story :)

Author's Response: aww thank you:)
er, they ade and summer were in the house with lily and james the night they were killed - voldemort killed them too as well. i thought that this gave Sirius another reason to really hate Pettigrew in number 3!
they broke in to Sirius parents house to get a weapon for the war - i dont know, i just thought that it would be something that made Voldemort realise how powerful they were and want to go after them even more!
and thank you:3 i really love this story too!

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Review #2, by potterfan310 Making Things Better - Adriana

9th May 2012:
How is that this has been updated 2 months and i haven't even noticed, how i didn't notice i will never know
summer is soo adorable,i love her
i think the fact that each chapter is in a different POV makes the story even more interesting as we not only see/read what ade feels and does but what her best friends do as well :)
James' chapter 4 made me laugh, him and his blunt ness when lily is sat on ade+sirius' bed and his line 'hello broken heart, you haven’t been around for ages. How’ve you been? Oh yeah, whole.' made me smile
I love him and sirius when their drunk,making all the noise and acting like complete fool's and when james was 'then I lose my favourite companion - my foot' he's more concerned about his foot than losing sirius - Lol :)
i love Sirius in (the whole story) chapter 12 when he's bathing summer, he is a great dad and i love it when him and ade are talking and she mentions summer being half a marauder and about sirius not getting her into detention and his though 'Yes I don’t want Summer in detention by the time she’s two, but that would be the biggest achievement ever.'
They are so good together,please can they get it on already
and James,i love James not too mention the fact when he say's 'THEY NEED TO STRIP NAKED IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL TO MAKE THEM BE TOGETHER AGAIN!', typical boy but maybe he and remus/lily should come up with a plan to make this happen, now that would be funny (even if a little mean to the wonderful Ade)
yay yay squel for joy, he asked her out and their going on a date whoo hoo =)
no!!!, second to last chapter are you trying to kill me
i love this story and how it starts with ade and summer being 10 months instead of when ade is pregnant with her, i love how sirius takes to be a dad real quick,like it was always meant to be, i love summer and her cuteness, i love james and lily, I love Ade and her charcter and most of all i love ade and sirius together (with a bit of summer thrown in) their perfect for each =)
I Really don't want this story to end but i'm glad ade and sirius are slowly getting there
p.s is the last chapter an epilougue
p.p.s will there be a sequel

Author's Response: omg this actually litterally made my week!! thank you so much for this lovely review! i have to say my favourite person to write is James, he's just so silly but serious and you can tell how much he loves Lily! and thank you so much!! er the last chapter is sort of a chapter but sort of an epilougue, like a mixture of the two! and im sorry but the way i've ended it i dont think a sequel is possible! thank you for this though!!

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Review #3, by potterfan310 Friendships - James

2nd March 2012:
brilliant story and i like the way that each chapter is told by each person pont of view
hope this will be updated soon its really good :) and maybe that there will be a sequel

Author's Response: aww thank you:) and i am just working on the last two chapters now!! i wasnt planning on it, but maybe!:')

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Review #4, by christinnaaaaa The Workings of a Lily - Lily

14th January 2012:
youre. awesome. nuff said... I read a lot of stories. but review rarely so here you go! one of the chapters in the beginning was confusing because it said "in our living room.." talking about ade and sirius and i was likeee what?! so you might wanna explain how they are living together in a part of the castle or summat. i think it was the one where lils had her mental breakdowwwnnn... yeahhh I know as youre reading this youre probably really annoyed with how badly im typing this. ah pues, OH AND CAN YOU PLEASE SORT OUT ADE AND SIRIUS?! merlin. i just want them to be perfect and for something to go right.because awesome couples like that woud make. my. day. anyway i love you... i dont know you... but i digress. youre a tank... please post soon... ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES because its not the whole "ohemgee my eggo is preggo! do i tell him?!" its like after... it justs makes it cooler... i usually skip pregnancy stories but this one is definitely my favorite and im so glad i did... Obsessed. oh and i wanted to be the 13th reviewer to feel cool.

Author's Response: you actually have no idea how much that genuinely means to me! and i love how badly you are typing makes me think you like it! and its like how the heads have a dorm, Ade and Summer have it but Sirius kinda lived there at the start of school an stuff:L i'll edit it all when i've finished the whole story! and wait because its cominggg.
i actually love you so much right now. you have just made my awful day a whole lot better! thank you so muchh!

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Review #5, by I<3Padfoot Maybe Things Would Be Better Now - Sirius

1st January 2012:
I think this story is one of the best Sirius/OC's I've ever read! Sirius is such a good baby daddy! :)

Author's Response: omg really? thank you so much!! you have no idea how much that actually means to me!! and i know, i wanted him to be so loving with Summer because his parents werent with him!!

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Review #6, by JamesSiriusPotterLover Christmas Eve - Sirius

5th November 2011:
Ade and Sirius are so Good together! They need to get back together, like absoulotly need to!

Author's Response: aha! well you'll just have to wait and see ;D! thank you so much for the review, means so much to me!

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Review #7, by Anonymous Everything's Going To Be Okay - James

6th August 2011:
Wow I love the chapter and James' point of view!

Author's Response: i'm glad you like it:)xx

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Review #8, by Happy The Social Ladder - Lily

13th July 2011:
Wow Lily is a trainwreck.

Author's Response: is that a good thing, or a bad thing?:L

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Review #9, by smilinsteph Start Again - Lily

12th July 2011:
wow this is amazing. I love this story well done. Belter

Author's Response: n'aw thank you:)x

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Review #10, by Grumpyhufflepuff Planning a Party - Sirius

14th June 2011:
Tonks is a hufflepuff, not a Gryffindor.

Author's Response: sorry, i just thought it all fitted better.
want me to change it? :')

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Review #11, by BlueFairy Matters of the Heart - Adriana

11th June 2011:
Loved it ! its so touching *tear*

Author's Response: awhh, thank you :)
i like this one too :D

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Review #12, by BlueFairy Reaction 12 - James

27th May 2011:
LOVED IT ! no seriously, so adorable. i wanna quote my favourite line "Hello broken heart, you haven’t been around for ages. How’ve you been? Oh yeah, whole." LOL great chapter :D

Author's Response: really?
thank you so much!
i wasn't happy with it but if you like it then course its great!
thanks you!!

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Review #13, by BlueFairy Start Again - Lily

22nd May 2011:
i'd say its an average chapter, even though i've never had a panic attack i just thought it was really random :/ didnt see it coming lol maybe you could get into school a bit more ? great story so far i bet as more chapters come hopefully it'll get a whole lot better, cant wait :) oh and dnt give up :)

Author's Response: same, but the story does pick up soon!
the next chapter i'm not happy with either :/
but chapter 5 i hope it starts to get better!
thank you!

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Review #14, by BlueFairy The Rest of My Life - Sirius

17th May 2011:
i think its cute how Sirius completely adores Summer. this fic is really different to the others i've been reading lately so im liking it a lot :) please update

Author's Response: so its good different then?
i wil just put number three up now!
thank you so much!!

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Review #15, by BlueFairy Of Leaving + New Begginings - Adriana

17th May 2011:
awe its adorable how everyone loves Summer :) great chappy. honestly i think this story would be really nice cant wait to see more frequent updates :)

Author's Response: awh thank you!
i've got half of it written out but the vue is long
and and rejections keep coming up!
thank you so much!
this made me day!!

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