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Review #1, by J E P Andela The Eve of Christmas

19th February 2014:
Whohoo, this is really nice. Cannot wait for more to come! Please update soon again.

The dinner party was a nice touch but I don't like Mr. Pearson. Stupid man!

I do believe they can be happy together and I wish they'll even have a baby. Oh the dream for Narcissa!

Keep writing. I love it!!


Author's Response: JP,

Lol, thank you for your enthusiastic review. It makes me smile. Mr. Pearson is not a good guy at all and he will make more appearances soon.

A baby would be a dream come true for Narcissa. I'm glad you liked that little bit.

Thank you for your kind review.


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Review #2, by Padfoot91198 The Eve of Christmas

19th February 2014:
Ugh! the feels man. I can't wait for the next update! 100% loving it! I reckon she would be happy :D anyway, keep writing, update soon!

Author's Response: Padfoot91198,

Thank you! You are so nice. It makes me so happy to see that you love this story so much. I hope she can be happy with Draco.

I will try to update soon and not keep you waiting too long this time.

Thanks you for your lovely review.


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Review #3, by GinnyPotter The Eve of Christmas

18th February 2014:
i love this fan fiction! Please update soon!! :)

Author's Response: GinnyPotter,

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I hope you continue to read.


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Review #4, by Dark Whisper The Eve of Christmas

17th February 2014:

Awe, this is a wonderful addition to "What is Love?" It is a cute 'next step' of their relationship.

Doesn't every woman in the world want her man to say that she makes the dress look good and not the other way around? Oh, my heavenly stars that is so romantic. Love it!

And I loved her question. Was she just a distraction to when he can be single again? This question comes with a little hope, I think. But I can see how she had to ask it.

And ah... the subject of babies, oh boy. I think you did this right on. Pearson, that bum is looking for any little hint of a fake relationship and he got it, but only briefly. They recovered quite well.

I love the conversation about him worried about being a father. When she tells him what she thinks, he doesn't say anything and that... breaks my heart for him. He remains silent and its just... ugh! I feel so sad for him.

What I think is important is that she believes in him. He needs to hear this, I think. He needs someone in his life that believes that he can be a good man. ;(

You have me pulling for them, rooting for them to learn to be happy with each other. It is Christmas and May is only a mere 5 months away. I cannot help but wonder what path you will lead us on. Such a good story, Meg. Really, it truly is.

Can she be happy with this life? I'm reminded of something that I heard awhile back... That home is wherever the people you love are. No matter the dwelling or the traveling, home is with the one you love.

Hopefully, regardless of what happens, her home is with him. And his home is with her. Money or no money...

Well done, Meg. Apologies not needed. Everyone needs a break every now and then. We get refreshed and churn out beautiful chapters like this one.

So good to see your update. It's one more leap forward in your journey. I want to congratulate you in coming so far. You know... that I know that writing a novel is NOT easy. Congrats on one more step behind you. :)

Best wishes and hugs always,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark,

Hello, again. I think my readers needed a bit of hope after my last chapter.

Hermione would wonder a lot of things about her relationship with Draco if she were going to commit to him in the way that might get her heart broken but draco has been so sweet, kind, romantic, patient. How could she not come around and maybe love him. Draco just needs to teach her what love really is. She thought she knew at one point but she lost hope. Anyway, Pearson will return again.

Draco could be the father that his father never could be. Draco would learn from his father's mistakes. Hermione can see that and she believes in him to be a good man.

I'm so glad you read this chapter and your reviews are always so uplifting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time...


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Review #5, by cicilore The Eve of Christmas

12th February 2014:
Yes! Staying would make Hermione very happy- just as you have made me happy by updating.
Thank you

Author's Response: cicilore,

I hope you are right and staying would make Hermione happy. I hope you continue to read and I'll try not to wait so long between updates.

Thank you for the review.


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Review #6, by Kyra The Hole, Pt2

12th February 2014:
Loved the song and the accompanying chapter.

Author's Response: Kyra,

It is a good song. Thanks for the review and the read.


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Review #7, by Harveyboy Tempers run high

16th September 2013:
Hermiones memories are so sad.I feel really sorry for Draco at the moment, he has been so kind to hermione but she is still haunted by her love for Fred and can't admit her feelings for him. ..

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind review. Alot of my readers have had issues with this chapter because of that but I'm glad you saw past that. I hope to have a new chapter out soon. Thank you for coming back and I hope you continue to read on.

Thank you again.


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Review #8, by Harveyboy Changes

16th September 2013:
"I can't loose you too" my favourite line...lovely way of ending your chapter...enjoying your story very much

Author's Response: Harveyboy,

You are too nice to me. I'm so glad you are enjoying the story so far and I hope you continue.

Thank you for continuing to review.


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Review #9, by Harveyboy Sunsets and Strawberries

16th September 2013:
So beautiful and full of emotion...the scene on the beach was perfect...loved it...

Author's Response: Harveyboy,

Thank you again for reviewing. I love reading your thoughts they are always a good for my writing ego. :) I hope you continue to read.


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Review #10, by Dark Whisper Tempers run high

15th July 2013:
Dearest Meg,

Well, she is upset over much, obviously. But I really like Draco in this chapter. He is not letting her get away with anything, not for one minute. And I LOVE when she comes in and he is all sarcastic. "Oh, so now is a good time?" I could just hear his voice. She certainly deserved it.

And oh my, we get this glimpse of the past with Hermione and Fred. So sad, especially since we know he was lost.

I must say, in her hurt, I'm kind of torn. On one hand, I'm glad that he is comforting her and she is accepting, but she is using him for her own selfish reasons. You have me torn. Hopefully she will come around to loving him, but right now, she has not admitted it. Like she said... maybe someday.

Oh, pray it be soon. ;(

I want to cheer you on and hope that the "broken window" button on your new computer fixes all so that you can post again soon.

Until next time,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hey Dark,

Gosh, I've had a few comments on this chapter about Hermione using Draco. I know it isn't the nicest thing for her to do but she's been selfish throughout the story. Over and over again she has shown that her feelings and emotions mean more to her than anyone else's. It hasn't changed yet(! it will come!). I really hope that this chapter hasn't turned you from the story as a whole because next chapter is the start of Hermione seeing past her own feelings and into Draco's.

Hermione thinks Fred is her only great love in this life time and she thinks her life ended when his did but that just isn't true! As you will soon see.

I feel like I should apologize for that scene to my readers but it is part of the story. The story is emotional and not always pretty but it is a journey where Hermione hopefully learns from her mistakes and uses that bright mind of hers to move on and recover.

Hermione may be a bit out of character but love and love lost can turn the most sensible people on their heads.

Thank you for reading and reviewing and I hope to hear from you again in future chapters. I love reading your reviews.


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Review #11, by Dark Whisper Changes

15th July 2013:
Oh, Meg, this was a really intriguing chapter. Starting with that gift that she found. Why suddenly it was her for the taking? You have me wondering what in the world it could possibly be. Hopefully, it can help them somehow.

And oh, dear, conniving Seth has returned with his plans to split them up? And right now, I'm feeling really sad for Draco. Why must she pull away? I know that he wants to comfort her, but he lets her leave. Gah, I think they are both frustrating me. ;)

That last line really breaks my heart.

Great Chap, Reading on...
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hello again Dark,

That gift will have great meaning in chapters to come and with Draco and Hermione's relationship, but that's all I'm going to give away at the moment.

Seth, did you think he would give up that easily? There has to be some conflict :)

I know, I wanted him to chase her down and make her talk but I had bigger plans to reunite the quarrelsome couple.

Thank again for taking time out of the business that is House Cup to review my chapter!!


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Review #12, by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark Tempers run high

24th June 2013:
I hope Draco figures something out to handle Seth, I seriously can't stand him. The little flashback was sweet as well. It's sad that Fred never got to shout out over the rooftops that he was with Hermione. I am glad Hermione has Draco to comfort her right now, but I really don't like the fact that she is using him for her selfish reasons...I hope she soon understands how much Draco cares for her, if she hasn't figured it out yet. Anyways, looking forwards to the next chapter! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Hey MsJMM!

The whole Seth thing will come to play soon. I think I should be a little clearer in my chapters. Hermione is just starting to have feelings for Draco but they are confusing and not really welcome. She was very deeply hurt by losing Fred and it's hard to let herself go and just be with Draco. They had a moment on the beach and she did want him but she doesn't love him... yet. I think her using him is part of her own flaws which have been there from the beginning. She is depressed and unwilling to get over the past and with the threat of Seth hanging over and the chance that Seth might cause harm to Draco makes the memories of Fred resurface and become stronger. No worries though, she will eventually give up on the past grudges. I hope you continue to read.


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Review #13, by LaurenT The Wedding

10th June 2013:
I like your story but can you please pay a little more attention to your spelling and grammar. Get someone to proofread it for you.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. Thank you for your review.

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Review #14, by MadiMalfoy The Riders Pub

8th June 2013:
Hey there, here's your review as per requested! :)

I will go in order of how you have everything written in the Areas of Concern, so I shall start with flow. It flows very well, and the break between Hermione's POV and Draco's POV is very clean and obvious. I think your sentences vary a lot and the structure varies too so that is always a good thing. It is very consistent writing; it doesn't seem like one sentence is your writing and another is your beta's. I'm curious to see where Draco takes her also--the sort-of cliffhanger is great! I love writing them. :)

Description: I think you have quite a bit of description and that really helps to set the scene and get some background information on everything that's going on. You use a lot of different adjectives to describe things that happen, and that allows for better interpretation and so it doesn't get boring as well. You can always add more too if there are certain details you want to enhance that may have a role later on in the story too.

Believability: I love Draco/Hermione stories already, and I don't think Ron/Hermione works very well unless the story if written extremely well. You set it up so that Draco has to convince Hermione all while staying as close to canon as possible with their characters (they will be a little OOC just because it is a Draco/Hermione though of course), and you do that well in this first chapter. It's very plausible that Hermione would work for the Prophet or do some sort of writing after school and Draco would take charge of everything Malfoy.

My general thoughts are that this is an intriguing and different Draco/Hermione story than I usually read, so great job out of you! Just a few grammar/spelling errors here and there that interrupt the consistency, but nothing major. Be sure to re-request for future chapters! :) xx

Author's Response: MadiMalfoy,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Thank you for your time to review my first chapter.

I hate reading chillhanger but I love writing them too. On this site you almost need them so the person comes back for more and more. I glad this chapter flows really. I have worked on it quite a bit.

When is come to description I always think "A good lie is in the details." It is hard to have too much despription but easy to not have enough.

Believability is a HUGE point for me since so many people aren't Dramione fans. thank you for pointing out what is believable in each character so I can continue that theme in future chapters.

thank you again for you time and great and insightful review.


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Review #15, by RachaelBrittain Tempers run high

5th June 2013:
Another great chapter to read, with many mixed emotions springing into view. I only have one suggestion upon the last chapter "Changes" and that is to bring a link between the chapter before and that one as I was rather cofused when Hermione and Draco were on the beach one moment, and then Hermione was christmas shopping the next. I suggest saying something alike "The rest of the time at the summer house was spent in pure delight before returning home as the months past by quickly. Although a night was never repeated alike the one on the beach between Draco and I, we did come closer after that glorious night. Before I knew it Christmas had arrived and two days before I set out upon my final shopping spree..." Or something like that, just to link the two chapters together.

Nevertheless a great chapter to read! and I only hope there will be more to read soon. Keep on writing the great novel.


Author's Response: RachaelBrittain,

I did change a few things in some previous chapter to make the trip to the beach a little later in the year. But I think you are right and a quick transition at the beginning of the chapter is needed. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look it over and revise.

Thank you for continuing to read. I love seeing your reviews.


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Review #16, by Shannon Tempers run high

3rd June 2013:
top class chapter cant wait for the next one! when will it be done? i love the twisting tale of this story

Author's Response: Shannon,

Thank you for reviewing. I'm glad you liked this chapter. I always wonder how it will be received by the readers. I'm writing the current chapter now. I hope to have it up sometime this week.


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Review #17, by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark Changes

25th May 2013:
Oh no, Seth just won't leave the couple alone. Just when they were getting closer and closer. Le sigh...Hermione, why did you walk away from Draco!? I hope things get better betweeb the two in the next chapter, which I will be eagerly waiting for! ^_^

Author's Response: MsJMM,

I know, he is annoying isn't he??? Lol. Some people won't stop at anything for money. No worries though, I actually have the next chapter written and I hope you will be happy with it. :)

Thank you for continuing with the story and the review!!!


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Review #18, by falling in love Changes

24th May 2013:
You're backkk! Im so glad you updated... This is really a great chapter!
There's one part though- when Hermione is thinking about the way Seth said the threat that was a little bit confusing.
I couldn't really understand the emotions because they weren't very clear in that part but overall I think you did wonderfully writing this chapter!
I love the ending of this- when Hermione tells Draco that she can't loose him also- that part was very well written and the build up was great also!
Keep on writing and posting! I'm excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hey Shelli,

I'm glad you came back and reviewed again. :) Yep, finally back. I find it harder to write the closer I get to the end because I know where I want to be but it's getting there I find difficult. Lol. Anyway, I think I fixed the part you mentioned. I had an issue in one part with "she" and "He" a few times in one sentence.

I will be posting the next chapter sometime this week. :) For once I have pre-written chapter.

I'm glad to her from you again. More to come soon.


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Review #19, by Harveyboy Breakfast and Consolation

24th May 2013:
What a great idea about hermione and Fred...I have been reading your story from the beginning only today and wasn't going to review until I was to date with your story but I felt I couldn't pass this chapter without leaving you my thoughts. I am so glad you have explained why hermione didn't want Ron, it is very original. I like your writing style and love your portrayal of Draco...well done

Author's Response: Harveyboy,

I'm glad you took the time to review in the middle. I love hearing the things you like about the chapter. I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it goes on.

Thank you for the review!!! :)


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Review #20, by RachaelBrittain Sunsets and Strawberries

10th May 2013:
Your story has been absolutley wonderful throughout, re-reading it again has been great, particularly with the new added chapters. I can now ask nothing so much but for you to continue writing this story as I am eager to read more. It is a wonderful story and you have the makings to be such a great writer. Please write another chapter soon.


Author's Response: RachaelBrittain,

You are too sweet. I am continuing with this story and this review helped give me the push to continue writing this story. I have a new chapter up and I hope you like it as much as you have so far.

Thank you for your kind words.


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Review #21, by RachaelBrittain Diagon Alley

8th May 2013:
This chapter is one in which still brings tears to my eyes after the second time of reading it. A great writer is one in which can make the reader feel alike the character, making them feel emotions, gaining feelings for the character and learning to care for the character. You clearly do that in this chapter as I begin to hate Ron when he walks in and feel sorry for Hermione, this proves your potential as a writer, as what I am reading is great.


Author's Response: RachaelBrittain,

It was such a hard chapter to write because of the emotions that are going on and will be caused because of the interaction between Ron and Hermione. Atleast Draco was there for her when Ron was not. You do not realize how much your words have lifted my spirit. Thank you.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #22, by RachaelBrittain A Friend? Atleast an ally?

7th May 2013:
As shown in my previous reveiw under SeerAuror15913 I mentioned how Hermione was aware that houseevles could apparate in the manor and I am very happy that you took the time to change that as it has resulted in a very good chapter, almost faultless, nevertheless, (sorry to be picky) but Sparkles says something like "only house elves can" still, and then Narcissa apparates Hermione out of the manor a few lines later, I would suggest changing the line to "only my masters loyal family and house elves can" or something alike that. Nevertheless despite that minor mistake, I still believe that this chapter is brilliant, can't wait to re read the rest of the story :)


Author's Response: RachaelBrittain,

Thank you for another review. I will have to look into that portion of this chapter, thank you bring it to my attention so I can fix it going forward!!

Thank you for the lovely review and pointers!


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Review #23, by Rachael Brittain Flying Pigs

6th May 2013:
Around a year ago I wrote many reviews for this story on each chapter further into the novel under a different name being SeerAuror13915. Unfortunately I lost the password and my emails were hacked so I had to create a new account. In creating this account I only had one reason, a story between Hermione and Draco in which I wanted to hear the end of. After being distracted by many issues that have arose this past year, I never had the chance to even pick up a book until recently when I then began to remember a story. I began searching a couple days ago for this story, however I could not remember the name of it before I then typed my old accounts name into google and saw a review I had previously wrote for this story, allowing me to reread it again, in which I began to do tonight.

I would just like to let you know how good your, hopeful to be, novel is. The fact that I, just a mindless reader still remembers a story in which i read over a year ago that only had a few chapters back then is extraordinary, it means something stood out to me, something special, perhaps your writing and amazing ideas. You really have a talent and I believe you need to use your talent to finnish this novel and make it brilliant because I am sure you have the potential to do just that.

After rereading the first three chapters I have came across numerous mistakes, i suggest reading over your chapters carefully as some mistakes are as simple as missing out words in sentances. I also have one piece of advice in this specific chapter and that is to change Hermione's flat, I do not believe it should be a flat as it gives too much of a sense of the muggle world just as introducing a computer would, therefore I would suggest to change her flat into maybe a cottage perhaps, somewhere in which she can lie low keeping away from Ron.

Nevertheless I still believe this novel is something good, clearly proven as great to me with the fact I put that much effort into finding this story again. I can't wait to read the rest of your chapters again and remember the story. Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: RachaelBrittain,

Wow, that is amazing to hear. I know I have read those stories that just won't leave your brain until you have finished them but I never thought my story would be that to some else. I'm glad you were able to find this story and continue to read it. I wish I had it finished but alas, life does indeed get in the way.

I am currently looking for a new beta reader for this story. I am horrible at editing my own work because I know how it should read, but that doesn't always correspond to how it actually reads.

Thank you for finding my story again and continuing to read. That means so much to me as a writer!!


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Review #24, by KeeganH Sunsets and Strawberries

23rd April 2013:
UGH!! I need more lol
I am just in love with this story! I finally got to the last chapter today and I cant wait for more!!!

Author's Response: KeeganH,

Thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy you are enjoying this story. I hope to have an update soon.


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Review #25, by CherryBoom The Riders Pub

29th March 2013:
Hi! I'm here for your requested review. =)

Writing Dramione can be quite a tought job. The biggest problem with this pairing is that it requires rather big change in both Draco's and Hermione's characters before their romance can become fully believable. I see that you've already changed their outlook in life before this fic starts, which is one way of doing it.

I personally would have started this story from Hermione's slide to decline, so that it would have made it easier for reader to connect with characters. As it is, since neither of them are very canon like, I hope that you will introduce their back stories more prominently in next chapters. Otherwise I fear that some of the readers might disconnect with this story.

Your Hermione is not very likeable at this point of story. She disses her friends, drinks alone and is generally pretty sad character. Even though you hinted at what has happened to her in the war, it definitely needs more defining. I don't quite buy Draco's character at this point. You've changed him tremendously from canon and it's bit odd that he feels pressing need to explain himself to drunken Hermione, who probably won't even remember their discussion when morning comes. Also Draco's change in outlook would be more realistic, if it came through showing it with his actions, not telling with monologue.

The end part (after your author's note) was definitely too abrupt. Consider rewriting it without forcing Draco to propose quite so early. Let them talk first, connect with each other and only after that start bargaining, if that's what your plot requires them to do in this chapter.

There are still quite a lot of typos throughout this chapter, as well as some missing pronouns, especially in the part where Ron visits Hermione. Also, take a look at the part where Ron manages to avoid the rug again, since I can't found out the previous mention to the said rug. If you need help with typo hunting, you are welcome to PM me.

All in all, I can easily see where you are leading the readers with your story. Think about how you could surprise the readers with some plot twists, or create/deepen the OCs that interact with Draco and Hermione to make your story more original.

With some rewriting I'm sure you will attract more readers to it. Your story flows nicely and descriptions work reasonably well. So once you get the characters right, the rest will come naturally. =)

Happy writing! =)

Author's Response: Cherryboom,

Thank you for taking the time read and review this chapter.

Hermione's actions and behaviors are explained more throughly in later chapters. This first chapter was more to show where they have ended up so far with their lifes. This happens to be my first fanfic I ever wrote and I can agree that Draco is a tadbit bit to far on the soft side but it seems a few people like reading that. I do have other fics where he doesn't change at all in his actions. I think writing grows with us.

I am working on rewriting parts of this story.

Thank you for your time,


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