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Review #1, by milominderbinder The End.

18th March 2015:
Hi! Dropping a review for the HPFF fundraiser review contest!

I've just been clicking the 'random story' button to find fics and I feel very happy to have stumbled across this gem because of that. This read almost like poetry. The short, powerful lines, the emotion... It was all just great. That last line really grabbed me. "Everything is inevitable". For such a simple statement there is so much power in that line. It feels like it sums up a whole philosophy, or the whole of this fic at least.

This was a fascinating take on the effects of the war. I really haven't read anything similar to this before, which I love! The short length wasn't even noticeable tbh, when I was reading it I couldn't have told you if it was 500 words or 2000, as there seemed to be so much depth behind everything.

Well done!


Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

Glad you liked it xoxo

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Review #2, by raznilla The End.

20th July 2011:
Holy horcrux, this is amazing!

Whoa. My mind is still trying to absorb that. SO WELL WRITTEN. You have a gift, seriously. That was awesome. So awesome. I am rambling, I will stop.

Seriously, though.

(still in awe of that fantastic piece of writing I just had the fantastic pleasure of reading)

Author's Response: Oh my God, thanks so much!
You've really made my day, I was literally smiling the whole time I was reading your review :)
Thanks for thinking I have a gift- I'm always afraid of posting stories on this site in fear of people disliking it. I didn't even think this one-shot was that great, but thanks! :D
It's fine, I ramble quite a lot when I write reviews too!
Check out my other stories, if you want. :)

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Review #3, by schoenberg12 The End.

5th July 2011:
its cool, but really confusing. who is this about? is this about anyone in particular?

Author's Response: Thanks! :)
I know it is, I'm sorry! It's about nobody in particular, just about the end of the First Wizarding War and how it affected a certain man. You can make it out to be anyone you want. ;)
Thanks for the review!

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