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Review #1, by green It Could Be Wrong

29th June 2011:
Wow. It was really nice, I likede it.
The story is very 'flowing', for lack of a better word.
Great job.

Author's Response: thanks. i love all and any compliments.

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Review #2, by S. Greengrass It Could Be Wrong

14th May 2011:
Another lovely story :)
Especially considering how much I love both Paramore and Muse.
I wish you'd have given us a little more insight on how she got to him and him to her; I mean, how they fell in love. For someone like her, it sounds like she wouldn't give in easily.
I could relate to this somewhat (the way people seem to be on a love roulette, always changing and how outside of it all I feel. And how I tend to be the person who comforts the broken hearted xD), and the happy ending was a nice touch =)

-S. Greengrass

Author's Response: again. wow. thanks. repeat.
i'm actually writing it from james's pov, on request from another lovely reviewer, but it's going to take me awhile.
i do get were you're coming from about elaborating (it was originally going to be a novel, believe it or not) but i decided that it had to be much shorter. i can't really explain it, but i know it. (maybe i'll write more later, though. we'll just have to wait and see)
i'm so happy to hear that you like Paramore and Muse! i love those guys, too.

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Review #3, by angelaaa  It Could Be Wrong

12th May 2011:
right a second part but in james' pv ? :D

Author's Response: i'm on it.
...actually, that's a really good idea...

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