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Review #1, by Birdie Let's Be Friends, Sixth Year Part Two.

15th February 2012:
Oh the Lauren jib hurt a little on the pride but I like the story so far. James isn't the typical male whore and Annette isn't anything like a the drawling girls he's usually stereotyped as falling for. It's refreshing to find such deeply complex female teenage characters like her.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, Birdie. That was what I was going for.

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  Chapter 12; Four years since Chapter 11.

13th February 2012:
I love this story!!
It's so nice to have a proper love story, something that could actually happen in real life. It makes such a nice change.
I really can't wait to read more of your work.

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it. It was a fun story to write!

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Review #3, by ms4aisa Chapter 12; Four years since Chapter 11.

29th December 2011:
aaw cute ending! :) and I'm really glad about the way it ended.. the story reminded me of the book One Day and I was scared it'd end similar to that :/ didn't like that at all...
But as I said, great ending, liked it a lot! :) great work :)

Author's Response: It was never intended to be anything but a happy and fluffy story unlike One Day, which was still an excellent story.

Thank you for your wonderfully nice review.

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Review #4, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley Chapter 12; Four years since Chapter 11.

26th December 2011:
Oh, I can't believe it's over! I have really enjoyed this story, all the way through. I love the skipping timeline that shows all the most significant parts of their lives. And I love love love Annette and James together; they are adorable, even when they fight about rings. :P

The ending wasn't fluffy or overdone, you're right, but it was still gorgeous and cute and "pretty perfect". Thanks, I've really enjoyed this story!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed it and that the ending worked for you. I tried really hard to find some satisfying ending so this was what I finally decided on.

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Review #5, by Misty_Rey Introductions, Fifth Year.

26th November 2011:
Hello, Linds dearest!!

So what I really liked about this beginning was the cliches. You grabbed them by the throat and like putty in your hands, moulded them into believable occurences. The mix-up about the tutoring was an especially clever touch ;). The entire chapter had a really good flow to it, there weren't any jarring bits. You mentioned that you really worked hard on the dialogue and it shows, there's a large amount of improvement compared to your earlier work. The relationships were nicely established and well-defined. I'm still getting a feel for the characters but I like the immaturity you infused them all with. James and Annette had a great rapport going, it was believable and realistic. I won't say chemistry because it'd be too soon but I can definitely see tiny sparks between them. The end caught me off guard, which is great, a little unpredictability never hurt anyone. All in all, a wonderful beginning and I'm excited to see where it goes :).

Hugs and hot chocolate,

Author's Response: MISTY!!!

Lo, lo, lo siento for being so late with a response. Christmas time came and it just rushed on by.

D'awww, thank you for your lovely and encouraging comments. I was hoping to jar those cliches and turn them into more realistic occurances. Contrary to the rom-com world, my most successful relationships have been friendships that turned into more. I hope the chemistry grows as you come around to read some more ;)/

I love you.

Hugs, hot cocoa, and Remus Lupin,

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Review #6, by Loony_Scorpy About 2 years from Chapter 10; age 26 and 27

18th October 2011:
aaah I just had to start reading this story when it ends at a cliffy D: haha Such a cute proposal! I really love this and the relationship that has continually developed between James and Annette! I can't wait for your next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thanks dear for the sweet, sweet review. Sorry you got caught up with the cliffie but hopefully the next chapter will be up soon. It'll most likely be the last or second to last.

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Review #7, by ashleym15 About 2 years from Chapter 10; age 26 and 27

5th October 2011:
awwh. cutest propasal ever! i absolutely love James to bits now. please update soon. i want to see what Annette says!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it. Creative proposals are my favorites to do!

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Review #8, by lily_sfd About 2 years from Chapter 10; age 26 and 27

29th September 2011:
aw that was so sweet

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Zoe About 2 years from Chapter 10; age 26 and 27

27th September 2011:
I love this story, for some reason it reminds me of the movie 'Definitely Maybe' I really love it! I hate how you ended this chapter though!! Cliffie much?! Update soon! (:

Author's Response: I've never seen the movie but I'll definitely have to see it sometime soon. And it was quite a cliffie, huh ;)

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Review #10, by HPsmartone32 About 2 years from Chapter 10; age 26 and 27

27th September 2011:
fhsdal;ghsldfjl YOU WOULD. ah this is so cute. i love it so much. please please please update super soon. i have to know how this goes. i just love james and annette so much.

Author's Response: I would, wouldn't I?

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Review #11, by rich_blonde marauder23 About 2 years from Chapter 10; age 26 and 27

26th September 2011:
James, James! Marry ME! PLEASE. I'M BEGGING YOU!
This story is too cute!!
I love it! Update soon, I hope they get married! :D
x sofia

Author's Response: Bahahahahahaha. I want James myself ;). I really liked writing this chapter and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #12, by Smith_Babe_1 About 18 months since Chapter 9; Age 24

7th September 2011:
Aw this is so sweet! They are lovely together :D

Author's Response: Well thank you so much for your nice review!

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Review #13, by ashleym15 About 18 months since Chapter 9; Age 24

4th September 2011:
Brill chapter they're soo cute together

Author's Response: Awww thank you. I'm glad you like them.

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Review #14, by rich_blonde marauder23 About 4 months since Chapter 8; age 22.

11th August 2011:
Whoopsy-do! Never reviewed this story! Sorry :)

Well, I just have one thing to say really. I love it. Honestly, it's a really great short story collection. I never really liked those, but this one is just awesome. And I love James/OC, so that makes it even better ;)

It's fluffy, it's funny, it's realistic, it's cute, it's original, it's REAL, it's great. You've created great characters and you've characterized them all very well.

Your writing is really very good all the time, and although I rarely like reading fanfiction in second person, for some reason, when reading this story, I just start to love it :) I wouldn't have changed it in any way :).

I like how you don't completely make James out to be cliche. To be totally arrogant, and completely self-obsessed and perfect. He's got feeling and emotions and inesecurities like every other human being. Seriously, it's great! I also love how Amelia isn't cliche either. Yes, she's pretty and confident, but she has her defaults too. And that's what makes them seem so much more real, to me :)

I would not change one single thing about this story. It's pure fluffiness, and it just makes you smile when you read it, because you just KNOW that everyone will be happy in the end :)

Till next time!

xxx sofia :)

Author's Response: Oh Sofia, don't worry about it. I'm sorry for such a late reply! Over a month >.< but I blame school 'cause that always works hahaha.

I'm so glad you are enjoying this! I'm just completely overwhelmed and flattered by your sweet, sweet review. It really boosts my ego as a writer to know I'm doing something right. The thing about this story that I was aiming for was making it more realistic. I'm a fluffaholic to the end and I tend to make unrealistic stories as such so to know that you DON'T think it is cliche is awesome for me!

James has become a fun guy to write and Annette is really a hard cookie to crack-she's sassy yet relaxed and confident yet still self-conscious. It's been a hard balance to achieve and everyone is going to be happy in the end! That's the point--for you to smile once you read it :)

Thanks again!

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Review #15, by Smith_Babe_1 About 4 months since Chapter 8; age 22.

8th August 2011:
YES! They kissed! This is perfect! :)

Author's Response: Yes they did. Finally! Hahah it was fantastic--glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #16, by HPsmartone32 About 4 months since Chapter 8; age 22.

8th August 2011:
awfjsdkl;gh;saldfj. so good. please update soon!

Author's Response: Smashing and I'll try to!

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Review #17, by HPsmartone32 About 10 months since the last chapter; age 21.

1st August 2011:
super cute. i can't wait until they get together!

Author's Response: You'll have to keep reading for that to happen ;).

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Review #18, by ashleym15 About 10 months since the last chapter; age 21.

30th July 2011:
aww soo cute xD finally James realised he likes her:)

Author's Response: Oh no, he knew he liked her. He just needed to stop being in denial xD

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Review #19, by slkjaksd About 10 months since the last chapter; age 21.

29th July 2011:
I just started reading your story. I think is quite wonderful please update soon?

Author's Response: Well thank you for the kind review and updates will happen from time to time as RL allows it :)

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Review #20, by lunylucy Age 18, about 10 months after Hogwarts.

29th July 2011:
i just want to say... oh my god i love that song so much... and i rlly like the way the story is going. carry on the gd work xoxo

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the super nice review, lunylucy! I like your penname by the way :)

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Review #21, by bedella Scraps, Sixth Year Part One.

21st July 2011:
hello there! I was waiting for you to respond to see if it was worth reviewing; I hope you understand.

I really enjoyed this one and it was an improvement compared to the last. James is a bloody boss, and Roxanne is amazing, and I realize why the title is called "Button Up"! Because Annette's last name is Button! Once again, it was super duper realistic and you are letting James be a teenagers, not some sex god. Okay, a teenager with a little sex god in him, but it just made the story even better!

I'm still unsure about Annette though. She is hiding something. I don't buy her Tibet story. She just seems too mysterious, too sexy to be human. Under this guise has to be a flaw...the question is, what? Was her family full of death eaters? Did she murder someone? Is...she gay?

I dunno. I'm not a trusting person, so if she's not trying to hide anything, I won't push it. But I'm keeping an eye out :p

James is like a pimp with his women; but Annette is the only one he really likes :( He likes flabby bellies! She was embarrassed that he saw her half-naked! The cuteness was overwhelming. When you mentioned kemps, I booya!'d out loud even though everyone's a sleep. Pretty much, you reached a new level of awesomness...I thought I was the only one who knew about that game :D

I like the vacation question; it does seem out of old Georgie's character, but once you lost a twin and have been settled for a while, stuff happens to you. So it fit.

If there was one thing to work on, it would be description. I really liked this chapter, but everything happened in such a short amount of time it was overwhelming. But I still liked it !

Ciao :D

Author's Response: Hi there again, I'm sorry for the SUPER late reply. It's been a crazy few days-- RL has gotten quite in the way but I definitely respond to my reviews! And I totally understand!

Hahaha I'm so glad that you like and enjoy this story because I think that it's just supposed to be a fun story for everyone to enjoy and for me as a writer to improve upon dialogue. I will definitely taking your advice into consideration though!

Hahaha Annette isn't supposed to be so mysterious or anything...she's just supposed to be somewhat confident in herself and secure in that.

Hahahah keep your eye out ;).

It wasn't just George that came up with the questions; he, in my mind, works with other collaborative partners who help him with experimental stuff.

Thanks again! Ciao!

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Review #22, by bedella Introductions, Fifth Year.

18th July 2011:
Hello there :) I'm here to review your story- and I know this is late, so I'll make this review as helpful to you as I can, alright?

I really enjoyed the beginning. I enjoy the cousin relationship James and Roxanne have and as the chapter progresses, although I don't know anything about them, it is incredibly clear that they love each other. You also set the mood by making them the foils of each other. Rosanne, the smart cynical one; and James the absolutely clueless.

Your wording in the dialogue was a big box of win. I enjoyed the banter between all three of them; especially Roxanne's siren comment (brought me back to Freshmen year when I was reading the Odyssey). The two girls unintentionally ganging up on him about not knowing what sirens and Annette were/was. And I thought it was absolutely adorable how James doesn't like his momma's temper!

There were a few moments when I had to stop and check to see who was talking, and moments when the story was verging on cliche. The Ball and the Evil girlfriend, for example. But I understand you were using these elements to progress your story, so disregard this comment if you want.

The way James was thinking about Annette was sweet and a little unexpected. It was a teenage way of being infatuated with a girl. No, he didn't proclaim his love for her...but he was definitely interested. Not sure what to think about this: as nice as Annette seems, there's something not right about her...but I can't quite place my finger on it. It's just there.

Freddie was adorable as well! Overall, fair job, although I think it would be better if you clarified who was talking and stayed away from cliches.


1. Enrique will tango his way to Annette's heart, and behold! A love triangle :)

2. James' girlfriend will dump him.

3. Love interest for Roxanne?

Author's Response: Hahahaha. I was so excited by this review. It was very awesome. I really liked it and I'm so glad to see you get so involved with the story. I'm so glad you liked the beginning; I thought it would be kind of fun.

Oh wow, I'm so flattered that you like the dialogue...that is actually one of my weakest points and its something that I have been challenging myself with for this story.

I actually didn't want James's girlfriend to come across as evil only because she really hasn't done anything...she is just with James, that's all.

Annette isn't supposed to be not right, just not close with James yet hahahahaha. And I'm so glad you like Freddie! Fred is definitely one of my favorites to write.

Oh good job on predictions; you'll see ;) if you come back.


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Review #23, by WeasleyTwins Introductions, Fifth Year.

6th July 2011:
Hi, WeasleyTwins here to review as requested.

Okay, so right to it then. At first I thought this was a novel, but I figured out it was a short story collection. Even though this is a collection of short stories, I really felt that the flow was a bit off. For example, James and Roxanne were dancing, but it seemed so short. I was hoping for a bit more - I wanted to see their relationship as cousins and how close [or not] they are. I like your dialogue, but I was getting a bit confused at times. The dialogue tags didn't seem to match up with the character talking. At one point, Annette was nodding, but the dialogue was James asking if her partner knew how to dance well. When things like this happen, it's best to make the dialogue tag a new paragraph [even though it isn't a full paragraph] so that who is speaking is clear. I like your characterization of James and how he runs away from Lily when she gets a bit like Ginny.

Overall, I would have liked if you would have really fleshed this out a bit more with some good sensory details and description. I believe in doing so would bring this chapter around tremendously and really connect with the other stories within the piece.


Author's Response: Hi there, I'm glad that you could kind of catch out the difference and I'll go back to see about the flow. And the bit with Roxanne and James was supoosed to be short but I'll definitely go back to read. I'll also check out the dialogue.

I've been hearing about sensory details, but my personal challenge was dialogue for this simply because that is something of a weak point for me. But your review was definitely helpful and I'd love to have you read something with more sensory details maybe. Thanks again!


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Review #24, by HPsmartone32 Age 20, about 8 months after chapter six.

4th July 2011:
so cute. please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks and I'll try!

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Review #25, by TheGoldenKneazle Age 19, about one year after Chapter Five.

23rd June 2011:
Hi there! It's me with your review :)

AAH! They finally had the 'us' talk!! I think you did the out-of-school thing pretty well in this chapter and the last; it had the same playful atmosphere, no sudden solemness, which is good because otherwise it can be a bit confusing and disappointing! I love how the mood shifted subtley from the other chapter into this one, though - day to night, dancing to the balcony.

The growing-up and what-about-us talks were really nicely intertwined. Characters do need to have this talk, and I think you set the scene and tone very nicely either side. But although the firewhiskey and cigarettes emphasised the adultness of the situation, I don't think they are the best thing to emphasise maturity; probably because there are so many alcohol-filled James and Fred nextgen stories. Sorry :(

But I loved the dancing scene at the end of the last chapter! It was so sweet and I feel like we knw Annette pretty well by now :) I want to see her and James together but with other people now! More of a crowd atmosphere would give us a really nice insight into their relationship :)

So I loved this chapter! Keep it comin' ;)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed parts of it. And I'm also so glad that you came back to review. It really means a lot to me that you are willing to read more and get into the story.

I'm glad that you liked the tone and the conversations; the cigarettes and firewhisky is actually supposed to be the opposite affect. That they act like thy're all grown up but they really aren't. And the entire intention of it was to re-emphasize the point of imperfection in the scene.

I'm so glad you love the dance scene. I love them and I really enjoy writing the dance scenes. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a new scene up soon!


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