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Review #1, by Wildfire Patronus The final fling

22nd March 2012:
10/10. This was a really interesting start. I hope you update soon. You're a great writer. When will the next chapter for T.E.C.H. Part 2 come out?

Author's Response: Hi.
Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment. If you keep leaving great comments like this for my older stories I'll have no choice but to start updating them again. I have so many wips that it tends to be crazy at times.
When I first got an idea for a story I would write the first chapter or two and then get writers block. But now I write my story ideas down and then come back to it later.
I'm working on the next chapter to T.E.C.H. part two right now and will (with any luck) be posted by Tuesday.
Thanks again for the review and the read.

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Review #2, by lenette The final fling

26th June 2011:
This sounds like the beginning of a very interesting story. I look forward to reading more of it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I'm glad your enjoying it. I will update as soon as I can.

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Review #3, by Riya Bannerjee The final fling

8th June 2011:
I liked the idea of dumbledore havin grandsons.

still thinkin where were his wife n family.
i hope you reveal that soon.
anyways good work...
I have uploaded a new song fic which took very long time for validation.
I wonder how long it takes for you to update so many novels at a time.
but still. update soon... :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the encouraging review. I will reveal all as the story unfolds. I will try and update this story as quickly as I can. It takes a while to update so many novels, when I get an idea I have to get it down and posted before I forget it (I have a very bad memory alot of the time. I have to mark everything down in a diary). Also when I get stuck on one of the stories I can always go onto one of the others and update a chapter. I have just posted (today) chapter two to my Ball of Darkness novel, it's awaiting validation as I reply to this review. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a few comments. Much appreciated.

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Review #4, by dannydeboy The final fling

12th May 2011:
gotta say i love they idea of dumbledore having kids. i think that your writing style is brilliant. also you must be v.brave writing 7 novels at once, it must be fun-=].
anyway holla back
dan -=]

Author's Response: I currantly have 13 novels on the go at the same time with 8 more novels and short stories about ready to go. I find (in my case anyway) that if I hit a brick wall with one story, I can go onto another and update that. When I get an idea I have to get it down before I forget the storyline, I have a very bad memory. You should read my Daughter of Voldemort story, it was the first fanfiction that I posted. Thanks for reviewing and keep reading.

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Review #5, by mugglemania The final fling

18th April 2011:
Yet another wonderful start to a story. This looks intriguing. Dumbledore had grandkids?!?! He always seemed like an old bachelor to me.
I loved 'Why you cheeky young whippersnapper' I love the Dursleys. Their incredible stupidity makes them hilarious. Anyway, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks once again for a great review. Well, Dumbledore may have seemed like an old bachelor to most people but everyone has a skeleton of sorts in their closet. I'll update as soon as I can,.

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