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Review #1, by Kimberleyy Chapter 1

27th October 2011:
Great way to start the story. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Enjoy the rest of it!


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Review #2, by gryffindorgirl0519 Epilogue

29th July 2011:
I was sad when I first started reading this. I didn't want George to die..but it was good. It just lacked the detail the first two chapters had, but I've said that already. It was still awesome though!

Author's Response: This one lacked detail on purpose... It actually came out exactly as I wanted it to.

I wanted the people who read it to come up with their own theories and ideas about their lives together, and about Fred and George's meeting up... It was honestly a ploy to get my readers thinking.

While chapter three and four are definitely ones I'm planning to look at again, just for my own satisfaction, this one is exactly what I wanted.

I'm glad that you liked it so much, and I really appreciate your feedback!


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Review #3, by gryffindorgirl0519 Chapter 4

29th July 2011:
Ahhh! I don't want to say this, but this chapter wasn't as good as the first two. First, the picture was a little awkward to be honest. When Angelina was trying to talk to George and he wouldn't listen I wanted to scream, "Are you a witch or NOT?!" It just wasn't realistic, I think she would have blasted the door in by that point. LOL. The end was good, but it too lacks the description the first two chapters had. The story is still awesome though!

Author's Response: This was a hard chapter to write... I knew what I wanted to say, and I knew what was supposed to happen, it's just that the words didn't seem to be working with me.

As for Angelina's behavior, she wanted with all her might to blast the door in. In the original draft, she did. However, when I was writing it, tapping into the emotion, it didn't feel right. Her relationship with George was different than it was with everyone else. While with the world she was feisty and demanding, with George she let herself become vulnerable. She didn't do that often, and when he didn't come after her she was afraid that he didn't want her. It broke her spirit a bit... she needed him to want her in his life. She couldn't force herself upon him.

Finally, I kind of like the fact that the picture is a bit awkward, because in all honesty, the entire relationship between the two was awkward. They were awkward people.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by gryffindorgirl0519 Chapter 3

29th July 2011:
AWESOME! But a little short. It didn't have as much...idk umph, detail, whatever you want to call it, as the other ones.

Author's Response: Yeah, this one was short... and rather curt. The thing is, though, it was being told from their point of view. What had happened was confusing and startling, and it made it hard to focus on anything but the big picture, what-the-heck-just-happened part of the story...

I'm glad that you are still liking it, though.

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Review #5, by gryffindorgirl0519 Chapter 2

29th July 2011:
It's great! The characters seem real! It's interesting because I never thought of Fred and George as the type to disagree with each other.

Author's Response: I never really did either, but deep down, I thought that they had to. I mean, every healthy relationship has fights, right? It's so fun to read your reactions to each chapter!

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Review #6, by gryffindorgirl0519 Chapter 1

29th July 2011:
I liked it! Loved it really! Your descriptions brought it to life.

Author's Response: Yay! Someone new has found this story! I'm glad that you are liking it!

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Review #7, by Dawn Epilogue

4th July 2011:
I think this has been my absolute favourite story so far.

I've always felt that Fred and George's characters are the most underrated of all, really, while I think I would acually read the entire series from the twins' point of view with even more pleasure than the originals... Can't give up the hope on JKR doing it, but shh...

And also, the only thing I'd never got was how Angelina and George could have ended up married and all - for a time it even seemed bizarre, at least to me. Your story is the only one yet that convinced me it is possible in a perfectly non-weird way, with zero awkwardness whatsoever. So thanks for that!

And of course, brilliant ending line. I can just imagine afterlife-Fred like this. And George's face... Ah, so good. :D

Faultless story, congratulations! :)

Author's Response: Wow, that means so much to me. I'm so glad that you liked it. I'm glad that you have said what you said, I honestly was trying to explain to both myself and my sister how it could possibly have happened.

I'm so glad that it has had an effect on you, and you telling me how you felt about it does wonders for how I feel about it.

Thanks for noticing that last line... I worked very hard on that one, lol.

Thank you for reading!


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Review #8, by Sydne Epilogue

1st July 2011:
I love this story! I feel like George and Angelina are so often overlooked when it comes to romance, so I'm glad you wrote this. And, I have to say, I adore the ending line!

Author's Response: Thank you for acknowledging that little piece of genius :) Haha, my sister and I were talking and she asked how they could possibly have gotten together which sparked my light-bulb. Thank you for reading it!


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Review #9, by Owlpost68 Epilogue

18th May 2011:
hahaha I was totally expecting a wedding! I think it's a great idea to do it this way though :)
whispers, (just so you know though, the war was may 2...)
I'm so glad you wrote them meeting again in the afterlife :) great job, and great story!

Author's Response: Yeah, George dies the day before the article. Thank you for reading it, and I'm glad that you have liked it!

Thank you for everything!


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Review #10, by Owlpost68 Chapter 4

13th May 2011:
YAYYY!! Wedding!!! aw this was really sweet :) loved it!!!
I'm glad they aren't waiting around to do that, they've known each other long enough :)
congrats almost finishing it, can't wait to see what you come up with! (p.s, there are a few spelling mistakes here and there, this chapter and the last one... But I don't care, because I love the story! lol)
K update soon :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I know there are typos, I just really want to get this story up, then I'll go back and fix them. I'm so glad that you love this story so much. I can't believe it's almost over.

Thank you for reviewing!


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Review #11, by Owlpost68 Chapter 3

13th May 2011:
I looove it!! I think George will be really confused/hurt for her running away from him, but he'll get over it. I love that memory of Fred :) and that she had liked George first, I really loved all of it :)
Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!

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Review #12, by Owlpost68 Chapter 2

25th April 2011:
wow, I seriously wanted to cry, I'm not, but I have a definite lump in my throat. It was all so touching, and definitely something that could have been done. I'd love, if you didn't mind to maybe review my story about George and Angelina... Personally I think yours is a lot better. Not that I don't like mine, it got 3rd place in a challenge, but I'd LOVE your opinion on it. Please? puppy eyed face??
I can't wait for you to put the next chapter up!
Great job!!

Author's Response: Wow, of course I will!

Just a warning, I was so excited to put up Chapter three that there will be typos, however, once the story is done, I will fix them!

Thank you for reading and for asking!

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Review #13, by Owlpost68 Chapter 1

25th April 2011:
oh my gosh! I never thought that he might have proposed to her right after, but it would make sense. This just makes my heart break for her :( you really did well describing their emotions, and the chapter image was really good for this chapter. great job writing it !

Author's Response: Thank you! So much!

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Review #14, by music_love_fred Chapter 2

22nd April 2011:
Awh. That was so sweet and cute. Usually I pretty much hate Angelina a lot. But you've made her likeable. Very good job.

Author's Response: Day=Totally made! Thank you for reading!

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Review #15, by music_love_fred Chapter 1

22nd April 2011:
I'm defo looking forward to reading the rest of this. I like that you're making it both of their pot of views. Well, now to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you soo much for reading!

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