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Review #1, by _maomao A Day In The Life

25th May 2011:
Excellent chapter!! I enjoyed reading it. it's all so interesting and the way you write is different and cool. It's a unique story.
Man, now Ronald's back...Hermione's quiet life is gonna be a whole lot different soon...
There were a few mistakes I caught, one of them being "He can tell by the name I say the pronouns," where I assume you mean "way" instead "name," and a couple other instances where you wrote a similar word instead of the one you intended. One of them was how Ron "looks up and me and smiles," where you meant "at." There's one more, but it's somewhere up there. Haha. Update soon please!! Your story is really interesting!

Author's Response: Thanks (: What I wanted to go for was that whole quiet life turned upside-down kind of deal.
Thanks, haha. I try really hard not to make little mistakes like that. But sometimes my fingers work too fast for my mind to catch up with and I don't catch details like that.
I'm gonna try and update as soon as I can (:

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Review #2, by _maomao A New Era

6th May 2011:
Hey! So I've got a bit of a jam-packed review to give you.
The first thing that drew me to this story was its title. Very different from the other romance-y type titles or the doom and gloom ones (not that they are bad, in fact I love those stories too). It sparked my interest.

Starting to read this chapter, I was kept intrigued by the difference of the plotline and enjoyed reading through Hermione's perspective when she was by herself. But then Draco came. I mean, it's not bad that he arrived to the story so quickly, but personally I think it would have been better to read more into Hermione's life and world before Draco came barging in out of nowhere. I don't know. It was seemed just too fast and sudden. But it's not bad.

The writing style you write in is kind of cool, it reminds me of this book called Fashionista by Lynn Messina. A bit curt, a bit dark sarcasm. It's cool.

I thought that Hermione was out of character though when she spoke. I never thought her to have such a potty mouth at all, in such a manner. But when she was describing her life, it was okay.

The chapter moves quickly, almost like a classic sitcom of sorts.

But all in all, good chapter. I think I'll check out the next one when you post it.

Author's Response: Well, thank you. I've been a bit busy lately so I haven't been able to update as much as I'd like to on this story in particular.

What I originally planned for this story was for it to be different. I had watched the movie 21 before I wrote it; so it inspired me in a way("Winner, winner, chicken dinner" was the first line of the movie, I do believe; and repeated many times throughout the movie.).

I thought I should've brought him [Draco] in later, but I was having a bit of writer's block. I sat staring at the screen for about four hours trying to figure it out. Then I just decided to move on.

I think she's a bit out of character too, but I figured I'd give her a little twist after the War. I figured I'd give her maybe a little bit of PTSD and that caused a big change in her demeanor and behavior.

I was hoping it would move a bit quickly. I was kind of going for that because I'm a little bit of an impatient person myself, so I just tend to rush things when I should take more time on them.

But thank you very much for the review! I'm gonna take what you said into consideration and put off his next visit for a chapter or two.

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Review #3, by sunstar A New Era

5th May 2011:
Interesting start, I'm curious to see where you take this.

Florence + The Machine are amazing! Haha, when I read that sentence about Hermione in the car I was listening to them!

Can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. And I was listening to that song in particular as I was writing. (:

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Review #4, by Sheep_san A New Era

5th May 2011:
Hm. Very interesting. I like it. Hope you update soon! -pocky-

Author's Response: I've been a little busy lately, but I'm hoping to update in the next few days! (:

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Review #5, by gran/ger A New Era

29th April 2011:
I love it! Your story has already got that"classic" feel to it. I can hardly await further developments. You've already made a banging start; so it can only get better. Looking forward to your next posting.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. I wanted to do something new and this is a little different from what I've been doing.

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