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Review #1, by CraftyEndergirl Happiness

19th August 2015:
I really loved it. Could be a bit longer, though... still, MORE *screams*

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Review #2, by Tsukino Usagi One Week In

23rd July 2015:
I'm loving this fanfic.

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Review #3, by jessi The First Signs

28th February 2013:
Loving this story of so far.

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Review #4, by Lukas Happiness

19th May 2012:
Oh nooo. Please write more~ QAQ You can't just stop there when he's waking up! Please, please, please write another chapter~

Author's Response: Good news! I've been gone for a while but I think I am going to continue writing this story now.Thanks!!

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Review #5, by Bubbles OOOOO Happiness

22nd April 2012:
Love to read more. Really interested to know how this turns out! Keep writing :)

Author's Response: Good news! I've been gone for a while but I think I am going to continue writing this story now.Thanks!!

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Review #6, by Anjelica_Potter Happiness

5th November 2011:
Post the next chapter and be quick about it. i want to know what happens.

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Review #7, by Caroline Happiness

5th September 2011:
I'm really enjoying this so far. The Harrycrux plot line in the books has always been a fascinating one for me, so I really like fics that explore it a little more, but yours is one of my favorites. 10/10 and an e-cookie.

Author's Response: Good news! I've been gone for a while but I think I am going to continue writing this story now.Thanks!!

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Review #8, by Dalek194 In Dreams

25th April 2011:
Another great chapter! I like how you have a bit of everything in there - there's a hint of Harry/Ginny, a JK style of writing, a slightly creepy air... that worked really well for this chapter. The start draws in a reader immediately, and is very shocking and creepy, and though the reader always suspects it's a dream, the similarities between how Harry was acting and Voldemort are seriously creepy.

The part where youn say "He, Harry" is very JK, so good work there. I spotted a tiny grammar thing;

- "were seated father down" (father should be further)

Also, maybe the dream sequence could have been separated from the rest of the story with a bigger gap after it finishes (before "Harry sat bolt upright in his bed"). Finally, I think (as Madame Pomfrey says in the Chamber of Secrets that she can fix broken bones in a second) that as it is now the next day, Ginny wouldn't need to wear a cast by now.

But these are only small and insignifiacant things, and the chapter as a whole is excellent. Also, a quick thanks for submitting War is Over's 50th review (sorry, I forgot to mention that in the author's response) and, oddly enough, this review happens to be my 333rd LOL. Statistics galore.

Keep up the good work, I am really enjoying it! This era (just after Order of the Pheonix) is widely covered but so far your story is definately a unique idea that is working well. Great job!

Author's Response: I love your extremely thorough reviews! They make me feel so special!

I love writing my HPFF around the fifth year. I know there's a lot of writing around that time, but the fifth book is my favorite, and I have so many little "what if's" based on that story. My first full length stories, I actually wrote before HBP came out, so they are set in 6th and 7th year. I feel like that is when a lot of other people started writing too.

Oh thanks for finding my errors, too! I don't proof read very well, lol.

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Review #9, by Dalek194 The First Signs

24th April 2011:
More great work! I am really enjoying this story, and the chapter length so far is adding to the atmosphere rather than detracting from it.

It's written really well, with as much detail and description as JK would use, and the slightly atmospheric, creepy feel of this chapter when Harry feels the surge of anger is perfectly handled. Harry's typical sense of self-blame is spot on, and the whole story itself just feels like part of the whole Harry Potter story. Once again, fabulous work. Keep it up!

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Review #10, by Dalek194 One Week In

24th April 2011:
Wow, really good start! It's a new idea I've never come across before to have Harry feeling the effects of Voldemort's possession, and you write it really well. The description of St Mungos at the start is absolutely excellent.

The grammar and flow were very good, which made it very enjoyable, but I did spot two slight errors;

- "St. Mungos was quite today" (quite should be quiet)

- "but that was the extend of their knowledge" (extend should be extent)

But these are very tiny things (sorry, I'm very picky LOL) that do not distract from the overall enjoyment of the story. Though the chapter was a bit short (appropriately so, though; any longer and it may have dragged) I really enjoyed reading this and can't wait to find out what happens next. Great work - keep it up! :-)

P. S. Thanks for the review on War is Over, and I hope that you keep reading :-D

Author's Response: Hey thanks a bunch! Glad you like it so far! And I've really been liking War is Over so far, too!

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Review #11, by Polymath girl Happiness

24th April 2011:
loved the story so far... but u kinda left it on a cliff hanger... I wanna find out what happens next :) keep up the good writing xx

Author's Response: The next chapter will come soon! I'm glad you are liking it so far. Thanks for your review!

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