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Review #1, by Secret Santa Santa

20th December 2011:
I thought this was a great first story to review for you, since it's Christmasy, and I happen to be writing a story about a snowstorm for my writing class lol :)
I love the idea for the story, it was sweet and lighthearted even if she was going through some hard times. The end was nice too, but I have to say I'd like to know what convinced her he changed. I know he surprised her and everything, but that doesn't quite prove he's done being how he was.
The story would definitely benefit being Beta'd to improve word tenses, spelling and grammar. Like I said, it's a very sweet story, but the mistakes were enough to get in the way of enjoying it fully.
I did love the wonderful visuals of when she was young, that was great and certainly popped out for my imagination. Great job, and good luck :)

Author's Response: A late thank you for the gift, santa!

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Review #2, by Blue Flame Santa

7th August 2011:
Cute! The fact he got her a cat she'd always wanted and set that up at her apartment was absolutely adorable. ^^ I am intrigued and wish there was a bit more on just what took the merry feeling of the holiday from her and why she stopped celebrating it. Otherwise, I really did enjoy it. I've become a huge Teddy/Victoire shipper since the last book, so I always enjoy well written fics like these. =)

Just a few small errors: 'and the merry of the period dissapeared completely' - I believe this could be written differently? Just seems a tad awkward as it is. And 'spending the Chritmas', just forgot the s in there! ^^ The spacing seemed a bit erratic at times, too, so might want to go through and take a look at that.

Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for the advices. I'm glad you liked it. I never payed too much attention to this since posting it cause, as it shows, no people reviewed it before... :(


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