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Review #1, by Amy Roantree Chapter nine

26th March 2012:
I love your stories!(:
Please update soon, al and sophia are so cute!
Wonder whats in store with her mom, im hoping Harry will go with them so we see a bit more of him.

Author's Response: i shall do my best to include him more.

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Review #2, by becca82 Chapter one

11th June 2011:
It's sweet so far, I like it.
Just one question.
What are "internal twins"? Do you mean fraternal twins? As in non-identical?

Author's Response: yes its my way of saying fraternal. but their closer like identical twins.

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Review #3, by stag of light Chapter five

24th May 2011:
wow. ok this story has alot of potential. i like it but it feels rushed and like you are over using some words. but in all it was a good story! hey did you know that chocolate was a food that only gods could eat in the ancient civilaizations and that canadians invented cheese puffs?? peace mi homie! stag of light go BOOM!! and blast out! BOOM!
*that was me blasting out... yeah...*

Author's Response: LOL nah i usually dont rush through my stories. I just write until i cant think anymore. but thanx for the reviews.

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Review #4, by Stag of light Chapter one

3rd May 2011:
Alright, I cAnt resist being the first to reviEw now can I?? Srry if stuff is messed up in this message it's On my phone... Anyways, goOd job on the story! I see a really goOd one coming along! Haha ok I must leave yOu my love so... Shampoo a squirrel!!! Mwhahaha!!! Hess I did just evil laugh nO u may not hav my amazing autograph! Haha

Author's Response: LOL thanx for the responds. i shall try to keep putting up more chapters.

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