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Review #1, by Weasley6 Changing Identity

26th August 2013:
Please write more this is really good and I would love to know what happens!!! :) :)

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Review #2, by Kayla Savoir to All Those Who Cared

11th August 2013:
Its awesome please continue writing its different i want to know what happens in the end please continue im begging you to!

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Review #3, by brittjune91 Savoir to All Those Who Cared

18th May 2013:
Awesome you like totally need to update

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Review #4, by Cj Scribbles Savoir to All Those Who Cared

15th October 2011:
Very good so far, I can't wait until you post more chapters. Has the potential to be an excellent story. And by the way, it's spelled Hogsmeade, with an 'e' at the end.

Author's Response: Thank you for both the spelling and for the review. I'm busy with a lot of things at the moment but I have the start of the next chapter, I plan to finish the rest of the chapter soon. Thanks. :)

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Review #5, by Serpentinia Malfoy Savoir to All Those Who Cared

8th August 2011:
The story is going great so far, I like Aiden Riddle already and by the way, This is how you spell Hogsmead. The site is acting goofy and won't let me add this to favorites but I wrote it down. Can't wait for an update! ~S.M.~

Author's Response: Thanks. Just remeber to keep it written down. Aiden is a cool guy.

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Review #6, by purple_feather_1234 Savoir to All Those Who Cared

2nd August 2011:
hogsmead you were wondering. :]

Author's Response: Thank you, I suck at spelling, just like most of my friends and family. :P. I hope you've like the story so far.

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Review #7, by gran/ger Changing Identity

15th April 2011:
Liking this a lot! Just the right touch of anticipation with enough prep for what comes next. Will definitely be following your tale to the end. Bring on the next posting as soon as possible. I'll be checking!

Author's Response: Thanks I finished the second chapter but it was rejected so I republished it, I'm hoping they'll accept it this time.

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Review #8, by cutiekaren126 Changing Identity

14th April 2011:
Awesomee~~~1st :D This was really good and I hope you write more as soon as possible (:

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