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Review #1, by MoonyandProngs There

31st May 2008:
That was great! Ron shouldn't feel that bad if something happens between Harry and Hermione. From what I just read, it looks liks it could talke for something to happen, if it ever does. Good work!

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Review #2, by dumbledore's sister There

26th June 2007:
i dont get it . is harry jealous?

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Review #3, by Ugly_Duckling There

15th May 2007:
Good good, I love the whole Harry/Hermione thing. YES I am DELUSIONAL and LOVING it! 10/10

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Review #4, by Red There

11th July 2005:
Yeah, you have to feel sorry for him, but who knows. He may be the thrid wheel when it comes to Harry and Hermione, but when it's just HArry and Ron, I think it will be fine. Great story. I can't believe I just started to hypothosize at the end of the story. Anyway, once again, it was another AMAZING one-shot.

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Review #5, by spattergroit There

8th June 2005: that the end? :(

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Review #6, by nat_rulz There

5th July 2004:
poor ron!!! awwww! sweet, sad and short (ahhh aliterations) anyways well done and if you havn't already then check out my h/h stories- if u want- anyways good story!

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Review #7, by fishyfan There

19th May 2004:
Ah. How sad for Ron. It was a great story. Hope you are going to write another story soon. I'll look for it.

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Review #8, by shannon There

25th April 2004:
that story was definetly worth reading. but u need some kind of outcome like harry and hermoine get together or something but it was a really good story.

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Review #9, by Brigitte There

17th April 2004:
That was so good! It made me want to cry. You write very well.

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Review #10, by ron is cool There

29th March 2004:
love ur story, but its true i feel bad for ron sigh but harry is cooler

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Review #11, by crookshanks There

28th March 2004:
That was good! Poor Ron. I agree that if Hermione ever became um...more than just friends with either Harry or Ron, it would be kind of awkward for the other one.

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Review #12, by chickybaby14 There

27th March 2004:
WOW! This was really really good. It was powerful even.

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Review #13, by abc There

27th March 2004:
that was really good!

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