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Review #1, by AriesGirl40 Damage of Fights

5th August 2012:
The newer chapters are better than the first ones so I don't mind at all. Another person had to repost over 30 chapters, could you immagine having to do that? don't forget to back-up your work in "my account" I once lost over a thousand reviews becaust I didn't do that. It backs those up too.
Happy Catch Up! See you next chapter :)

Author's Response: Yes i was rereading to make sure i didn't forget anything for the story. And like everything in the world after that one chapter was mixed up and i couldn't get it fixed.

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Review #2, by Evan Surpise Guest and Fights

1st August 2012:
I like the story, however the grammar needs improvement.

Author's Response: thanks for your opition and thoghts

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Review #3, by AriesGirl40 Surpise Guest and Fights

29th July 2012:
Mission accomplished and everyone is still safe. Buckbeat might be in for a few braiding sessions in the weeks to come, hope he likes it. :)

Author's Response: lmao never thought about braiding with buckbeat

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Review #4, by uniqueblossom Drawings and Lies.

29th July 2012:
who is ronnie's father.
P.S i like your story, it a twist from what I have been reading.

Author's Response: His name is Allen. and thanks glad you enjoy

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Review #5, by Sam A Helpful Gift

11th July 2012:
The plot line for this story is great. However, the dialogue and the speed at which your story progresses is rushed. I would love it if you went back and looked at the actual books for the personalities of all the characters involved. You keep fluctuating between different personalities for each character. Blaise would never betray Draco because they were too close. The betrayer should've been Crabbe or Goyle. Hermione would not have been so quick to forgive Draco; things like that. Also, your dialogue comes across a bit blunt, and lacks details, and so does the surroundings. Please try and correct these things so that it'll

Author's Response: :) thanks for your opition and your thougths

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Review #6, by AriesGirl40 A Helpful Gift

11th June 2012:
I thought we already knew the Lawyer was in on it? I thought Ronnie already told her in an earlier chapter? Am I confused with someone else? I thought Draco's gift was well thought out. Good chapter, see you next one :)

Author's Response: I had to repost some chapters cuz they got all mixed up somehow. So chapers 6 to 12 are bein reposted.

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Review #7, by AriesGirl40 Drawings and Lies.

5th June 2012:
I am beginning to really not like this Allen guy. For someone who likes to fight with Hermione over their daughter, the last thing he should say to his daughter is "don't tell your mother."
Good update, see you next chapter :)

Author's Response: :) thanks so much.

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Review #8, by Meghan Safehouse:Next Stop

13th January 2012:
This chapter's good. It sucks you in and makes you wonder

Author's Response: -Thanks glad you like it so far.

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Review #9, by rj_sunshine Mothers and The Past

29th April 2011:
i always imagined draco playing the guitar like tom does... :)

Author's Response: Yup it was either that or the piano. then i seen tom play and that when i chose the guitar

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Review #10, by rj_sunshine Ronnie and Free Muggleborns

29th April 2011:
that was fast and omg hermione a mum at 16??

Author's Response: yea there will be more to that later on around chapter 6

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Review #11, by rj_sunshine Never rode before.

29th April 2011:
well hermione is very forthcoming in this story. interesting...

Author's Response: -thanks

(srry for late reply)

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Review #12, by rj_sunshine Safehouse:Next Stop

29th April 2011:
good start :D the idea is great

Author's Response: thanks a bunch. glad ya like so far.

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Review #13, by HorseBabexo Safehouse:Next Stop

11th April 2011:
I liked it.
But it needs to be longer and Draco seems kind of OOC, since he now doesn't insult Hermione and notices her in a different way.
And the way Hermione addressed him as Draco was also a bit OOC.
Maybe explain why she suddenly called him that in future chapters?
Good luck with this. :)


Author's Response: Thanks a bunch and yea it does explain in later chapters why Draco is a little OOC and why Hermione sometimes calls him Draco and then turns it to Malfoy.

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