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Reading Reviews for Checkmate
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Review #1, by a fan Chapter 3

7th July 2013:
wow.scary but in a good way.keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you so much! So glad you like it! :)

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Review #2, by marlita1311 Chapter 2

12th April 2011:
here i am reviewing once more =P
i liked this chapter too.
Why Hermione is all alone?where are the other two?
i know..i know..i'll just have to wait and see..

Author's Response: Eee hi again! :D

Thanks so much for leaving another lovely review :D Harry and Ron are off hunting horcruxes, whereas Hermione's returned back to Hogwarts for... reasons ;p *coughs* so I can ship dramione *cough*

Thanks so much again! xx

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Review #3, by marlita1311 Chapter 1

9th April 2011:
mm..i like the whole setting of the scene..it was vivid and im intrigued to what info Hermione needs..
the trio is back to Hogwarts now?
for the sevneth year?
update soon!!

ps= on the first paragraph you write: 'The young witch barely even realised that [..] another, his brown eyes holding a ..'.I think you mispelled it..and it's supposed to be 'her brown eyes'

Author's Response: Ee thank you so much for being my first reviewer for this story! :D Ahh yes.. the info... you'll see :D :D

That's right! All seventh years, although Harry and Ron aren't returning to Hogwarts from the trio :) I'll definitely update asap!

And eeek! You're right! I'll sort that typo out as soon as I can - that's what I get for having a muse rush and speed writing XDD Thanks so much marlita1311! LD xx

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