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Review #1, by Lovely Jane Dumbledore's Army Will Bring Us Together

17th February 2013:
I can't wait for touting upload again! I absolutely love this story! (:

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Review #2, by hpfangirl Among the Struggle and the Outside

29th May 2012:
I knew it was Snape :)

Author's Response: haha! yeah :P

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Review #3, by Happy Dumbledore's Army Will Bring Us Together

29th May 2012:
Whew! Okay, I just read your whole story. It's good! Wow, hours and hours of writing, right?
Thank you for sharing your very fun story. It's fun the way that you weave it into the canon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by falling in love Dumbledore's Army Will Bring Us Together

28th May 2012:
Nice chapter!
Please update sooner! I really like how the events are building up and I love the relationship between Hermione and Draco, I feel like it's really nice they can joke around and everything!
Overall nice chapter even though its a filler i tthink,
please update faster and longer chapters!
I love this story so much

Author's Response: thanks! filler, that's for sure ;) fun stuff coming along i swear :)))

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Review #5, by Sarah Hardman A Worthy Challenge

19th May 2012:
ohhh my god just ask her out malfoy GOD D$#*&^!
anyway good job

Author's Response: Hehe thank you :) New chapter up asap I swear this time!! Check it out when you get a chance :)

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Review #6, by Lucy394 Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

6th April 2012:
HURRY UP!! I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! Such a great story! HURRY UP, no rush ;)

Author's Response: I just entered a new chapter! It's sort of a filler, so don't be mad at me, but I'll find time to write the good plot stuff soon, I promise!! Thanks for sticking around :)

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Review #7, by i freakin love malfoy Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

6th March 2012:
Amazing story so far! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #8, by falling in love Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

22nd February 2012:
ok so first of all you did AMAZING
and i remember when you first put up this story it was one of my first ones on this website and i've been looking for it and waiting for it to update, so thanks for updating!!!

You did an amazing job describing the feelings and moods throughout the whole story and I LOVE this story so much

The plot line is a very exciting and romantic story and I Love it so SO much!

You portray the characters in the story perfectly and you add in many many MANY details and descriptions and it is just wonderful!

I liked how Hermione and Draco gradually became friends and fell in love throughout the story- its not rushed like some other stories i've read and it's not lacking any detail at all

You make all of the character's emotions feel so real and I can almost imagine myself in their places!!!

This story is a great exciting and well written greatly descriptive story and this chapter was so detailed.

And when you added the detail of how Draco suggested the D.A. to Hermione who suggested it to Harry was BRILLIANT and this is one of my favourite fanfictions!

Please keep on updating I love your story SO SO SO much! 10/10!


Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so much! It's really reviews like this that make me want to get back into writing this thing. I got a new computer and it's not in this one yet and I haven't written in so long but I'm definitely going to go to my computer right now and continue this baby! Expect an update soon! Thank you for keeping with this story, even though I've sort of been a mean author :P Love you!

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Review #9, by Shelby Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

28th January 2012:
Hey! So I love this ff and have been checking for ipdates every day for the past 3 months... I dont want to seem impatient but when can we expect an update?? I mean it has been FOREVER aince the last one and I have stuck with it, but I dont know how much longer I can stand the anticipation. So please!! Update ASAP!!! We all love you but its been too long!!!

Author's Response: Hi! I am SO sorry! I've had a lot of drama in my life (eww) and started college so it's been tough getting back in the game but I found the file for Reaching for the Unreachabe on my computer and I'm thinking about deleting this and starting over. Thinking of a new title but it will essentially be the same story, just with lots of changes and yes, an update as soon as I possibly can! Thank you SO much for this review I didn't know anyone really cared about it!!!

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Review #10, by shelli Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

10th January 2012:
ive read dis from the beginning when u posted it.. i finally found it again! its gotten so much better and i hope u post more chapters! this is great and i luv it and i give it a 10/10! keep up the good work!!!

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Review #11, by Sakura-chan At Lust

1st November 2011:
Wonderful! I love it.

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Review #12, by kenzieweasley Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

28th October 2011:
hey hey! i know i haven't reviewed in a while...sorry! But I think this story is still really great! But, I don't know, I just think that Draco becoming a spy is borderline unrealistic and I think that this story could have done a lot better "plot-wise" ... but thats just me! and hey you can't please everyone, not to say i don't like your story, I DO, I really do! It's great! and I love the way you portray Draco! I always knew he was a tortured soul ;) haha can't wait for the next chapter! xoxo

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Review #13, by Tracy Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

6th October 2011:
Well, that was special! I've read the whole story in just a few hours. I almost wasn't sleeping, because I couldn't make myself stop reading! You truly are a wonderful writer and thank you for it. This is just amazing, the plot, the way it's written, the characters... Love it all. Hope the next chapter will be uploaded soon! Can't wait for it! GL

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Thanks for the review, it means so much! And of course thanks for reading :)

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Review #14, by kriss Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

4th October 2011:
wow, easiest decision made today. FAVORITED! :D it's really well written. JK would be so proud! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you!!! For reading, and for reviewing :) And especially for favoriting!! Thanks!

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Review #15, by juliet Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

2nd October 2011:
omg i read this whole thing, and its great but i think you need more sexual attraction/descriptions and less voldemort drama its no fun to hear. everything else is great, i love the connections to music!

Author's Response: Hmm, food for thought. I was trying to make the whole thing more realistic, and it's going to come up soon! I promise. Anyway, thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by MlleShadow First Frustration

2nd October 2011:
I never liked Ron, nor Viktor... Go Draco! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for all your reviews! I hope you come back and read what I've changed later. A few chapters weren't accepted so I'm hoping you'll come back and read when it's all been validated! Thank you again :)

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Review #17, by MlleShadow A Worthy Challenge

2nd October 2011:
Hmm... Well, this development was quite surprising. Malfoy was completely OC, everything happened in a flash. Looking forward to next chapter!

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Review #18, by MlleShadow This Kiss of a Diplomat

2nd October 2011:
It's only the second chapter, but your writing is really enjoyable! Knowing that it's a Dramione fic, we've only seen him appear once. I'm anticipating a real encounter between those two, and not like most stories where it's really rushed!

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Review #19, by Hannah Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

2nd October 2011:
Duuude.I love this. The whole combination of your plot and the real thing is awesome. And honestly, I love Dramione, its gotta be my favorite pairing and this story is actually making it seem like it happened for real! PLEASE keep writing, best Dramione fanfiction I have read so far, and mind you, I've read a ton. Kudos my friend! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Such a great compliment. Make sure you come back because when I edited this story, I added stuff to every chapter and 4 of them weren't accepted because I had to change my rating to Mature. So come back when they're validated so you can read the rest!!! Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by Potterlover Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

17th September 2011:
I've been reading your fanfiction and I love your story but i feel that there is something missing in your story! I don't mean to be offensive but it really bugs me. Please take my review into account.

Author's Response: Thanks for being honest! I love that you said this, because I got a ton of reviews from someone else a few days ago and I re-read my story and realized that I need to add much more. I totally agree! So far, in the past few days, I've added like 5000 words just to the first 4 chapters! I plan on going through the rest and I'll start editing when I'm finished and then I'll add a new chapter so when you see all the changes I suggest you read the whole thing again because it's bigger and better! Thanks again for your review it just utilized what I thought I knew already... the fact that you agree makes me positive I'm doing the right thing by adding more. Love it!

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Review #21, by Sexy Granger Peace Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

16th September 2011:
Thank god you wrote something to lighten up my mood! I recently broke my arm and my leg and it really sucks! Your story is unlike any other story that I have read on ! Thnx for lightening my mood! XOXOXO

Author's Response: Oh noes!!! I'm so sorry about your arm and legs. Those poor limbs! I'm so happy you like my story, it's reviews like these that make me want to update asap! Keep reading

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Review #22, by Ginny_Granger_Potter_Lovegodd Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

16th September 2011:
Outstanding! I love how you use J.K. Rowling's ideas and mix it with your own writing style.:) Keep on Writing!

Author's Response: Wow!! Thanks so much for reviewing. New chapters and changes on their way!

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Review #23, by Lynn Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

15th September 2011:
omg such a cute ending to this chapter so sweet

Author's Response: Thank you!! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #24, by DracoGal Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

15th September 2011:
Ahh! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! Keep up with the updates and keep reading!! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #25, by She-who-loves-this-book Her Horrid Venom, Challenged?

15th September 2011:
LOVE THIS! you are a genius, matching up parts from the book but at the same time making it completely different! It fits so well that I almost believe the relationship actually happened in the books! xD wonderful, fantastic story, upload soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! That was mostly the plan, to make it canon Dramione, which is basically impossible! Glad you think I'm doing okay :) Look out for the next chapter and soon I'll be editing it and adding LOTS more stuff. More plot, more Dramione fluff, more Ron/Hermione stuff, and more Draco solo stuff. It's turning out really good because I've been going back to the first chapters and adding stuff so you'll all love it!! Check back soon :) Thanks again for the review!

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