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Review #1, by freckled_weasley Catch Me.

13th October 2013:
i wish you would do fall for me in Lily's POV, i was so looking forward to it! maybe do another one anyway?

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Review #2, by . Catch Me.

28th April 2012:
Brilliant. You are brilliant.

That is all. :)

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Review #3, by LooneyChick Catch Me.

28th February 2012:
"Nerd Nirvana." You are brilliant. I LOVED this! What a great L/J story! Can't wait to read more of your stuff!

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Review #4, by i freakin love malfoy Catch Me.

11th February 2012:
another wonderful story!!!

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Review #5, by pelsa Catch Me.

25th December 2011:
OMG I am so in love with James Potter right now. You are truly an amazing writer. :)

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Review #6, by Owlpost68 Catch Me.

4th December 2011:
This was incredibly cute :) some of my favorite parts was when you said james had a chocolate-like voice, at first I was like, what does that mean? and then I thought about it, and it makes perfect sense :)
There were quite a few other favorite lines in here, but I forget them all lol :P
I loved the end bit there when James went all, oh no, that's my line, on her lol :)
great job! :)

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Review #7, by Kumo Catch Me.

26th November 2011:
Nice one! Amazing writing skills and nice story segment!

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Review #8, by classicblack Catch Me.

22nd November 2011:
My goodness I can't even say how many times I smiled during this story! Does one continuous smile count as only one? Cuz that's pretty much what happened, haha. This was just the right amount of humour and sarcasm and sassiness and love and pure Lily/James awesomeness. Fabulous job! I loved it!
Happy writing,

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Review #9, by ClawBabe Catch Me.

3rd November 2011:
I think I just stopped breathing. *hyperventilates* *aah, where's that bottle of Calming-fraught-nerves-while-reading-dream BIG's-fanfics-Potion I keep with me all the time? Damn you, Peeves.
Onnn too the fic. You had ME salivating over Prongs(not that I don't do that anyway) so much that my keyboard's swimming in drool. And that is not good. Believe me.
How typical of Lils to fall for her knight-in-shining-armor AFTER he adopts the "ignore her= get her" plan? Gawd, the pair of dungheads will be the death of me someday.
All in all, you, my friend, are freakin' awesome, and you make Lily-James AWESOMER, which is not a mean feat, I tell ya.

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Review #10, by eurisy Catch Me.

30th August 2011:
Loved it! I want a James noww.

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Review #11, by helpwillalwaysbegiven Catch Me.

30th August 2011:
LMFAO! Oh my god you have a phenomenal sense of humor! Couldn't stop laughing. This was very funny and cute, well done!!

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Review #12, by Lily Catch Me.

21st August 2011:
Hi I just love this story :) Can I translate it in italian? of course I will give you the credit. Let me know soon.

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Review #13, by cruz Catch Me.

19th August 2011:
i love the song that inspired this story!

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Review #14, by Nadia Catch Me.

14th August 2011:
Where have you been my whole life?

Seriously, I just can't believe that being all obsessive-pottie-fan for like ages I've never found your stories! There's loads of crap on the Internet and it's really hard to find something really good. Well, actually - no, it isn't! If you know how and where to look. Does it mean that I don't? God, my life sucks. Well, no, it doesn't. (I think that I'm fakeing you now, you know. With all that way of expressing things. You've changed me! I will never be the same! (Well, where 'never' means something like 'untill tomorow' ^^')).

I love your sense of humor. Believe me. If you were a boy, I would ask you to marry me xD.

And I loved the story, of course. God, I think I'm going to read all of your stories and it scares me. I probably won't review every one of them (I mean - look at it, I can't write a proper review - it doesn't involve anything close to the subject, right? just writing with no sense).

Sorry to bore you ^^'. You entertain me - I bore you. There's no justice in the world.

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Review #15, by Em Ham Catch Me.

9th August 2011:
Really good- amazing even. It stands out from the crowd!!!

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Review #16, by Ritz Catch Me.

3rd August 2011:
how on the hell can u write so well
this is simply fabulous
as usual mindblowing

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Review #17, by lilyroxjames Catch Me.

26th July 2011:
I was left kind of speechless after reading this so...yeah. I don't really have any words to say right now. Well, comprehensible ones, anyway. This was really good. I'm not that fond of one-shots, but this one just took my breath away.

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Review #18, by jameslily1313 who can't sign in for some reason Catch Me.

21st July 2011:
LOL. Literally. I don't use AIM language, I haven't for about three years, but I literally laughed out loud at so much of this! Your lines are just so witty and hysterical, and they're basically what I wish my brain sounded like. Maybe not the 'sex appeal of a bullfrog' bit just due to my not wanting to suck that bad, but yeah. Distractions, begone! I loved this and it was hilarious as I've said. It was cute, and I could follow James' thoughts vaguely, even though it wasn't in his perspective, which is rare, and I appreciate the hell out of that! 10/10!!! I wish I could fave this so much, but I can't sign in!

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Review #19, by flower777 Catch Me.

16th July 2011:
Love it! So funny, I was laughing the whole way through!!!

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Review #20, by ilovestrawberries Catch Me.

11th July 2011:
I absolutely loved it. Great job :)

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Review #21, by HarryandGinnyForEver Catch Me.

6th July 2011:
I like this one as much as the other one :D haha(: You've gotten me into Lily/James now... gosh, I love you :P aha

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Review #22, by Rach Catch Me.

27th June 2011:
Youre officially my favourite facfic author.
Officially. I am IN LOVE with absolutely everything you write.

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Review #23, by Pottermore Catch Me.

25th June 2011:
Fall for me and Catch me finally convinced me that Lily would, and could, fall for James, they've been my fave couple ever since! Thank you!

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Review #24, by tearsofhope Catch Me.

23rd June 2011:
That was amazing, but then again I'm a total sap. James and Lily is my fav pairing and you did it REALLY well!

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Review #25, by swimmingirl4eva Catch Me.

22nd June 2011:

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