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Review #1, by Lovely Jane Defeat

22nd February 2013:
Oh crap what happened to Ron?! Please update soon I wanna know what happens next. (:

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Review #2, by dracos lover Defeat

14th August 2012:
Please finish your book off its so good.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, dracos lover. I just haven't had the motivation or enough interest in the HP world in the past while to do so.I'm sorry. Thank you so much for reading.

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Review #3, by Gemma Defeat

21st April 2012:
I like your story it's fun to read

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #4, by sbmcneil Elephants, Intricate Lines

28th January 2012:
Good chapter. I like the newer, softer version of Draco.

Author's Response: Thank you! And who doesn't like a Draco with a soft side? :-) xx

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Review #5, by sbmcneil Manic Panic Transit

28th January 2012:
I'm glad that Draco and Hermione are finally talking. If you don't mind a little constructive criticism, the tenses are a bit off in the beginning.

'Though Hermione knew she could have went along with Harry and become an Auror like him easily, she had felt like shifting her occupational and educational goals in a different direction: Hermione had wanted to spend her life learning, and so had become a researcher who studied the dynamics and history of the relationship between Muggles and wizards, how they interacted with each other, how they perceived each other, and even what they unconsciously dreamed about each other.'

For one this is an incredibly long sentence, it should be broken up a bit. You tend to use had a lot - she had felt, she had wanted. Does that mean she doesn't want to anymore? That sentence can be shortened and broken into two by feeling the tenses the same.

You state that she wanted to drive a car to live life to the fullest, yet she's a sad workaholic who doesn't seem to have any friends and spends her nights in the library. She seems stuck in a period of depression and self-pitying. She broke up with Ron, she says he can't accept it, but she doesn't seem to be doing that so well herself.

Author's Response: I don't mind constructive criticism at all! I have a rather imperfect writing style that I am okay with, that I sometimes like even if it is grammatically incorrect. Thank you though! :)
Hermione does -try- to live life to the fullest through the little things, however the break up was a major negative event that wasn't necessarily what she had wanted..Just because she did it, doesn't mean she really wanted it truly...I guess you shall see! Thank you! xx

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Review #6, by sbmcneil Distractions and Wedding Bells, Or Vice Versa

28th January 2012:
Nice chapter, if a bit short. I would have liked to see more about the wedding and perhaps a bit of her interactions with the other Weasleys. We don't know much about break up yet, so I can't wait to read more about it. I didn't like her moping so much, perhaps she should have told Ginny she couldn't do it instead of moping about the wedding.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
We shall see what will occur, won't we?
Haha, and some of the other chapters are way too long, >_< :P
Thank you! :) xx

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Review #7, by AriesGirl40 Defeat

27th January 2012:
This was creepy
I will be around waiting for you to think of a good way to say... The end.
back to collage myself also, write when you need a break, trust me, it helps

Author's Response: I think I will be more tired this semester, I just started another part-time job >_< But I will write the ending someday, and thanks for the tip! Thanks for your continual support :) xx

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Review #8, by KiraPotter16 Defeat

26th January 2012:
No, no, no, no, NO! That is evil in it's purest form! What a cliffhanger! Still, excellently written and fully enjoyable. :) x

Author's Response: Thank you so much, :D
An awesome review :) xx

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Review #9, by Miss Hopkirk Defeat

16th January 2012:
In PPP Rons voice. Wow!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by "In PPP Rons voice." But if the "Wow!" is a compliment to the story, then thank you!

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Review #10, by Emma Defeat

14th January 2012:
MERLINS PANTS THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Just wow. I applaud you. Best dramione fic i've read in a while. Read it all in one sitting and I am just speechless. Wow.

Author's Response: Wow, that comment has me smiling from ear to ear! Thank you so much Emma! I really appreciate you reading and reviewing my fic like that, and I am super glad that you really liked it! Thank you so much!! :D xx

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Review #11, by Spaz Defeat

14th January 2012:
I have seriously missed the story! This chapter was so intense and amazing, I'm just awestruck about what just happened! Please update whenever you can! I will be waiting anxiously to read the epilouge. Brilliant job!! :D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much, Spaz!! And for your continued support! :D
Was it that amazing? lol. Maybe I read the beginning too many times so it's just okay to me lol. Thank so much, hope the epilogue won't let you down! xx

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Review #12, by Mischief_managed18 Defeat

14th January 2012:
Gahh!! Such a good ending. You've done an incredible job with this story. Can't wait to read the epilogue but figured I'd let you know you still have dedicated readers out there. You've got a talent, don't waste it. I'm right there with you though, starting 2nd semester of "sophomore" year of college and I know how hard it can be to find time to write. Let me tell you this though, squeeze in 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there between classes. You'll be amazed at what you can write even if it's bullet points to expand on later. It's relaxing and distracting. Not nearly as stressful or time consuming as sitting down to write it all at once. I do it all the time during school and it helps. I feel that they're far better written that way as well. ANYWAYS, the story was amazing. You have done a wonderful job. Keep it up. :)

Author's Response: Hey, old reader, I recognize your username! :)
Thank you so much for continuing reading, and for the good tips. I usually just hang out with my friends and do homework between classes, but I will find time eventually to write the ending. I'm just not motivated enough, ._. Haha. Thank you so much!! Hope I won't let you down with the epilogue!! xx

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Review #13, by dracoforever18 Symphony of Truth

5th December 2011:
ok i love this story but really it's been a month i check everyday and you haven't posted the next chapter it better be the awesome but then again u haven't disapointed me yet. PLEASE i'm begging u write another chapter asap:) your readers love the story and can't wait another second well i can't anyway. keep writing:)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I know I keep saying I'll post the next chapter but I've really been busy with life. I have college finals next week, and I don't want to make any promises that I can't fulfill (like I've been doing), but I'll try to work on the next chapter.I'll write a sticky-note and put it on my desktop! Thank you so much for the nice words and for being a fan!

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Review #14, by Mids Symphony of Truth

31st October 2011:
Okay, seriously... NEED that last chapter, hun! youre killin' me over here! LOL great work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Last chapter? I've been thinking about if it will be the last chapter...

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Review #15, by ErinHarriet Symphony of Truth

28th October 2011:
amazing, amazing, amazing
please please please write more

Author's Response: Will do, thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #16, by NaeNae Symphony of Truth

21st October 2011:
Can't wait till the last chappter...

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #17, by Kressie Distractions and Wedding Bells, Or Vice Versa

20th October 2011:
I really really like your writing. You want me to read more and more and not stop. You definitely have my attention.
Good job! Keep writing! Never give up!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! Positive reviews from fans definitely motivate me to continue writing. Again, thanks so much and I hope you continue reading until the end, and that I don't disappoint!

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Review #18, by Kressie Façade

20th October 2011:
I love it! It is filled with so much emotion! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try!

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Review #19, by Byuflutist Symphony of Truth

15th October 2011:
Please put me out of my misery and post the final chapter. You wrote the rest of the story in like 3 months and it's been nearly 4 since you last updated. I LOVE this story, i've read it like 3 times and it kills me that you haven't posted the final chapter. I need to know what happens! Every chapter has been really well written, and I have truly enjoyed seeing Draco in this light. So, I ask you 1 more time... PLEASE POST THE FINAL CHAPTER!

Author's Response: Wow! That is such a compliment to know that you've read this 3 times! I know, I've been a bad author and not updated. Life has been pretty busy for me, I'm in my second year of college and work part-time...I'm sorry!! I know I gotta finish writing that last chapter, but complications came up with the first version of the partially written chapter - it got erased...and it was difficult finding motivation to write it again. I had lost my whole outline as well. And then with the second version I started writing, it got erased too... Sorry!! I need to get around to writing it - I promise, I will some day. Maybe during school break. Once again, I'm super sorry. Your misery will end some day! Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Review #20, by Alice Symphony of Truth

6th September 2011:
Urgh, c'mon! I hate cliffhangers!

Author's Response: Don't we all! I've been extremely lagging, I'm sorry! I've taken a large load of units this semester, but I will finish the last chapter...eventually!

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Review #21, by chocoholic907 Symphony of Truth

17th July 2011:
Oh. My. God.
I'm still in shock. This has to be one of the best stories on hpff.
When I finished this chappie, and realised this was the last s far, I went nuts :D
u probably get this a lot, but UPDATE!
this story is incredible, and very very believable ;)
there are no errors at all and the plotline moves so smoothly I didn't realise I had been sitting her for three hours reading until my phone informed me my battery was at 20% ;)
I love this, and I favorited it so fast I got burned by whiplash :P
10/10 for such a flawless fic :D

Author's Response: Wow thanks so much!!! I know I've been a bad author with never updating with the last chapter, sorry! I've been busy I guess. Ahhh, well. I have two weeks break between the end of my summer classes and the beginning of my fall classes, and in between writing my transfer personal statements for uni, I'll try to fit time to finish writing the last chapter!! Sorry to you and all of my other fans for the immense wait! Your words are super appreciated and thanks so much!!

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Review #22, by Fiery Ginny Symphony of Truth

5th July 2011:
ooohh cliffhanger...not nice! I really love this story though. Hope the next one is up soon!

Author's Response: Thanks fiery ginny! Next chapter will be up before summer ends, hopefully sooner!

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Review #23, by Mischief_managed18 Symphony of Truth

4th July 2011:
GAH!! I loved this chapter. Sorry it took me so long to read and review, but I can't wait for an update!! Urghhh. Please update soon!! :) :) You're an awesome writer.

Author's Response: Hey Mischief_managed18, thanks for reading and reviewing :) I've been lagging on the update, I know, but I've been busy with real life haha. I've written part of the last chapter, idk when it'll be up, hopefully it'll be up before summer ends! Thanks!

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Review #24, by truth Symphony of Truth

17th June 2011:
OH MY WIZARD GOD! this is your best chapter yet! i am so sprung with tension, im going to fail all of my finals waiting for the last chapter! Never has there been such a compelling dramione since The Unseemly Proposal! (that is a hunormus compliment for me to say that in case youve never read it). You have quikly become my favorite author! everything you wright is so vivid and awe inspiring! i feel like i am seeing from hermione and draco's eyes when i read this! never stop wrighting, i will read it all! might i suggest a harry ginny next? i would love to see the story you come up with, but please Please PLEASE! finish the last chapter! : D

Author's Response: Omgsh, truth, that was such a ginormously supercrazyawesome compliment!! Wow. I have read some of the Unseemly Proposal, a little recently, though I read it before a while back, but Idk if I finished it up to chapter 38 or not back then. Haha, but wow! That's an insanely awesome compliment 'cause I know how hugely popular that story is! Lol, I don't think I know how to write a Harry/Ginny one. I wasn't really planning on writing another fic, I mean, I did have an vague beginning of an idea for one, but I wasn't planning on writing it :0
Please please pleasee don't fail your finals on my account! I don't want anybody's GPA to suffer!
I've written some for the next chapter already, I'll get around to writing some more soon. Thanks soo much, truth!

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Review #25, by HpGirl1 Symphony of Truth

14th June 2011:
OMG! that was awesome! Please update this soon! Im also sad though.I dont want this story to end!!

Author's Response: Aww, I'm sorry! I'm glad you like it so far! Thanks so much hpgirl!

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