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Review #1, by Minerva Ann McGonagall one-shot

19th August 2007: sure there won't be another chapter???

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Review #2, by kissedbyavampire one-shot

28th February 2007:
hmmm. maybe in ginny or pansy, but never would i have imagined HERMIONE doing such things!

twas good.

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Review #3, by goddessofsnark one-shot

8th January 2007:
ooo...yummy. Who needs Harry? Oliver is the much sexier quidditch player.

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Review #4, by tommyisdabomb one-shot

17th April 2005:
There had better be another chapter up on this and quick.

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Review #5, by ltnaconejita one-shot

29th March 2004:
that was cool! hmmm, i wonder how this falls on harry.... haha! please continue! ps- could u read my story? thanks

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Review #6, by BloodiedDragon one-shot

27th March 2004:
I LOVE THE BADGE PART, BENT ON BEATING THEM TO A BLOODY PULP! I LOVE IT! This chapter is so funny and it was nice how you got Oliver into the situation, but what happened when he got recruited for the the Quidditch team after Hogwarts?

Author's Response: I thought it was quite funny myself. I was litterally crying I was laughing so hard when I wrote it. I had been in a somewhat bad mood, but after that I was all smiles. After the Quidditch team, he decided to join the Aurors to help defeat the Dark Lord, keep in mind, this is Several years after HERMIONE'S graduation, so if Hermione is 24, Oliver will be around28.

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Review #7, by Serpentine one-shot

27th March 2004:
This is an awesome start! Hermione is written really well and this is an H/O fic rite? Anyhew, nice job and hope to see more up soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it is a H/O fic, I thought that was obvious...

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