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Review #1, by BelleCeline Loyalty Where It Counts.

8th April 2011:
You're gonna hate me for this, but I think this is the best of the ones you have posted. I mean, it's a good idea, it is very realistic and heartbreaking. Of course, I admire the other stuff because it has plot, but this...depth and emotion and passion. Silly as it sounds, this is the best thing, and it is true that good stuff usually comes from those moments where we are out of our right mind. I am so glad we have a gift that we can share and I am proud to call you my sister. And I can't wait til we write a real book together. But until then, Alena will have to suffice. Your fans are going to love when we post a new story and you haven't updated the others yet, so get snappy, chica. Btw, you read that correct: alena is going on your account because mine is dead. :)

Author's Response:
Aw, thanks, Belle.
I sort of agree. I mean, my other two stories are pretty dialogue-y. I focused more on emotions in this one, and as badly as I think I portrayed it, I still sort of like it. You know, for being my first one shot.
I'm not quite as skilled as you are in writing, dear. You'll stun the world with your fabulous words and amazing plot ideas. It'd be a pretty nice honor for me to work with you, sister. I think you have beyond potential, & you can out-write any of the writers on here, hands tied. Biased? Yes, maybe. But still. ;)
Thanks for the review, luvvy.

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Review #2, by Daisiana Loyalty Where It Counts.

5th April 2011:
I thought this was beautiful.
And the repetitive "I died," bit wasn't annoying at all, actually, I found it had a lot of impact.

Author's Response:
(: Thank you. I'm so pleased that you liked it.
I feel I could have done better, personally, but once I finished the oneshot. I decided I liked it, if not loved it.
Thanks for the review. It filled me with oodles of confidence and inspiration.

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Review #3, by ravenclawgrl Loyalty Where It Counts.

5th April 2011:
wow! ! ! !
I LOVED this story its absolughtly brilliant, it just shows one of many you never knew or even thought about its great!!
I love it!!
xx :D xx

Author's Response:
Thanks so much. (:
I was worried this wouldn't get so many hits, but I was glad when I came on and saw two reviews waiting.
I'm working on a banner; nobody wants to make it for me at TDA. ;)
Thanks for the review!

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