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Review #1, by leannemariesnape Department Duties

8th May 2011:
I could have sworn that I did a review for this. Especially sinse I know what the review said... anyway.

The paring of Yaxley/Umbridge was done very well! It was enjoyable and subtle (Something we all probably need in a Yaxbridge pairing, lol)
You give a very good insight into Yaxley's world. I enjoyed that he argued that he was the most important death eater- discarding Thicknesse and Snape...
The "Can't you do something that isn't pink?" Line made me smile. That is exactly how I think people would react to Umbridges pink obsession.
I also like how they are trying to work out what the trio are going to do. You show the confusion that the ministry have at this time. :)
Not really any areas for improvement, in my opinion.
Good Job :)

Author's Response: I double checked before I requested one but I was pretty sure you hadn't.. and you hadn't but you have now! xD

I figured he probably would argue he was the best.. he is a Death Eater after all and I thought it might be in his nature.. especially with how proud he seemed with the fact that he had imperiused Thickness in that very beginning scene at Malfoy Manor in DH.

I had to put something pink hatred related in! I can't imagine Yaxley being a fan of the colour.. I don't think anyone else could either and I like writing humour.. so had to put it in.

Thanks so much for the lovely review :) X

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Review #2, by NeverGotHerLetter Department Duties

23rd April 2011:
Why hello there ;)
So I read this before but for some reason I didn't leave a review...? Hmm... SO I think this is so good as it's canon and sweet - in a crazy death eater kinda way XD Secondly I think you did a really good job with this because who wants to see Umbridge and Yaxley kissing passionately? The best thing you did was to make it really subtle and really sweet and not unlikely and OOC because that would have just been annnoying and put Yaxbridge on to the list of failed-weird-ships. BUT NO! Yaxbridge reigns on, and *Puts hand on heart* I wish to write a Yaxbridge one day that you shall be proud of :D Haven't seen you around the forums lately, hope to talk soon! :D ~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x x x x x x

Author's Response: AW!!! Thank You :D This review has made my day as I believe I have just said on the forums. Anyway enough of that.

This was my intention :) I wanted to try and portray Yaxbridge in a sweet way for them.. but not all kissy kissy I love you my pink queen! as yeah... can you imagine them doing that? No. I've just started a Yaxbridge short story that I'm not too sure on for a challenge. I think this as my first shall always be my favourite. Annyywaaay.

Thank YOU!!! x

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Review #3, by Ginny45 Department Duties

3rd April 2011:
Hello! RandomRed here.

I really enjoyed this, you did it really well and they seemed in character. There were some amazing moments. The bit about the deatheaters charming simple objects made me laugh and it was such a good detail.

I did notice a couple of things but one is just s typo. :)

"Muggl-eborns" - Typo.

"He had to admit life could be much worse than it was. Admittedly" - This could be just me but the word admit twice in close proximity sounds weird.

Stop doubting yourself! I just saw the reply you made on you status. This was really good and the Yaxbridge made it unique and I adore unique!

I really like the resentment towards Snape, it is believeable. Everything is remarkably canon as well, which I wasn't expecting. I was expecting a bit more twisting of the timeline but you did it well.

I have already said this, I think. But when you think about it they are so alike, it is insane. You picked up on something there Wolfie!

Anyway, I shall post this review now and go back to attacking you page. :) I am sad it isn't on a lampost but alas I will survive.

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx

Author's Response: THANK YOU!
May I just say... best review ever :D I tried so hard to make this canonically correct even though it is Yaxbridge.. which isn't canon even though it should be but other than that I was desperate to just make this real.

I hate Snape.. I really dislike him and I figured Yaxley would see him as a rival so I thought.. why not! :D Glad you found it believable as most of this I wasn't sure on.

This review... made my year :D xxx

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