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Review #1, by LunaLovegood Discoveries

13th June 2012:
Loved this story! i like how you put in humor but at the same time it was romantic

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 Discoveries

18th October 2011:
I liked it! This was a really cute oneshot and I liked how Lily and James just got together that night and that just so happend to be the night that their friends decided to spy on them. I think you did a good job with characterization for all of the characters so great job with that. It all flowed really well together but I would have liked to seen some description though since it all flowed well I dont think its really needed. This was a really cute and interesting idea on how Lily and James got together! I really enjoyed it! Great Job!

~Happy Halloween~

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Review #3, by SnitchCat Discoveries

7th September 2011:
I loved it, the snogging scene was so cute! ;D I spent a really good time reading your one-shot, so thanks u a lot!

Gros bisous de France!
(=Kisses from France)

Author's Response: Aww, Thanks! It's great that you liked it, I honestly think that it's not one of my better piece's of writing, expecially as I wrote this when I was in like grade 8 ;)

Well, thanks again!

Les gros bisous a vous, aussi!
Not the best at french ;)

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Review #4, by shanu Discoveries

22nd July 2011:
it was good sank. i luv the kissing epic scene rite more romantic comedys! gud job!!

Author's Response: :) Why thaank you, shanukha.
When are you going to get your own account???

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Review #5, by ItsUnconditional Discoveries

21st April 2011:
I like the idea for this one shot, it's cute. Occasionally I wasn't sure who it was that was speaking but other than that I thought that it was good :)
Dee, x

Author's Response: I'm sorry for the late reply, but thank you very much :)
I've been on hpff for a really long time, but just decided to write one myself.

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Review #6, by Chloe Discoveries

17th April 2011:
Hey :) this was a really good first piece :). I think you could make it a little better by including more descriptions instead of just dialouge and adding a bit of context.However, I thought the story line was really cute and the characters were great too :) keep writing x

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Reading back, I can find so many things I need to fix :)

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Review #7, by TheBlackPrincess1996 Discoveries

7th April 2011:
OMG, that was hilarious!! Though, A. What makes it time travel-ly? and B. You have the exact same story and AN twice.

Author's Response: LOL, thank you. Yeaah, i just realized my mistake, whoops :) I actually meant to write a time travel fic, but somehow it ended up like this ;D

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