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Review #1, by xtinjsc Introducing Nymphadora Tonks

7th August 2011:
I adore that tiny detail about her hair changing colour depending on her moods and reactions, I thought that was rather nifty. Not many people like to write about Hufflepuff characters (aside from Cedric :P) and I was a bit excited when I saw this.

I wondered, though, is this some prequel to a novel or any longer story about Tonks? I thought this was a good beginning of a story and I was surprised that this was only a one-shot, that's why I'm asking. Anyway, yes, as I said, if you're planning to expand this story, I think you're off to a good start. :)

I found it odd that the girls had to introduce themselves that way, with their complete birth dates and all. It was a little formal for me, but I did appreciate you giving the readers those details. It showed that you truly know your supporting characters and that's always good! I would've preferred them to do the introductions a tad less systematic and formal, though.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read for me. I thought you portrayed Tonk's character well, including her quirky, clumsy persona. Good job!

xtinjsc (Hufflepuff)

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Review #2, by Fiery Ginny Introducing Nymphadora Tonks

27th July 2011:
Very nice :) I love Tonks :D

Author's Response: Thank you :) And so do I :D

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Review #3, by Lucy Weasley Introducing Nymphadora Tonks

10th April 2011:
This was cute. There were a couple times where there were either not enough quotation marks or too many. But besides that I liked it. Also, for the NextGen names, how to I contact you with them? Do you just want me to give them in the next review?

Author's Response: Hi you :) Thank you very much for the review! I know there may be some mistakes because this was put up in a hurry. My school shuts down the internet at 10:30 PM and it was put up at 10:29 PM so I didn't get to check it :)

For the Next Gen names, it would be lovely if you would either give them to me in a review or in a answer to one of my reviews :)


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