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Review #1, by peppersweet ron

1st January 2014:
Oroco! Iím here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge (but always, always here for you).

I donít usually read Dramione, but in the past month Iíve discovered I actually like One Direction, so I suppose anything is possible now. This was a really tight and engaging short story - I loved how the chapters mimicked and mirrored one another, and how you wrote little callbacks into them, especially in Draco and Hermioneís chapters. Which was pretty telling, actually, now I look back - Ronís chapter didnít have the same echoes and it showed his exclusion from their relationship and, indeed, Hermioneís life. If you donít mind me saying, the plot was a little cliche, but you pulled it off so well with the characterisations - whilst I donít strictly see Dramione happening in canon, you made it happen here, and this did all seem very real and plausible. Draco definitely reads like canon Draco (as opposed to, um, fanon Draco??). I enjoyed Hermioneís chapter too - it showed her as a woman yearning for her own independence whilst falling prey to desire.

I loved this line especially - it made me feel so sorry for Ron - Ron thinks about how even when he was ending their lives, they looked at each other. Even when he was ending their lives, he was not important enough to earn a glance of recognition. Why must you do these things, Draco and Hermione?? Poor Won-won!!!

Good work, Erica! This was a really short and devastatingly bittersweet story and Iím glad I came across it. Happy new year ♥

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Review #2, by theblacksisters ron

22nd December 2013:
So which ship do you hate?

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Review #3, by Marzipan draco

31st July 2011:
Grr, Draco. Do not like. Didn't like the relationship in the first chapter, don't like it even more now that we get to see if from Draco's perspective. His cold, callous attitude towards the whole thing it a little disgusting, and kudos for not making him all I LOVE PUPPIES AND KITTEHS AND AM A CHANGED MAN, LOVE ME MIONE. He is still the Slytherin we know and love, making everything into a game and struggle for power so that he doesn't have to FEEL THINGS. I also like that you are running the honey metaphor through each chapter, adapting and changing it to fit each person. With Hermione it represented her being ensnared in the relationship, and with Draco it represents the sweetness of his maintaining control of the relationship and her. I'm really looking forward to see how you connect it to Ron, and to see his perspective on the whole thing.


Author's Response: Draco is /kind of/ horrible in this. Very manipulative. I don't know why I like writing manipulative characters so much. And you're right, I didn't want him to at all be some sort of reformed man in this. I think it's the impossibility of it all that makes it all the more rage-inducing because it's just like HERMIONE WHYY? U SO STOOPID. It's weird because the honey thing was like, completely inadvertent at first. I mean, once I began it, it was easy to let it flow through the rest of the story, but it wasn't necessarily planned. Thanks for the amazing review, hun!

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Review #4, by Marzipan hermione

31st July 2011:
Erica, why do you have to be so awesome? Not even fair :@

Your writing is just flawless. This is such a short chapter, but you've put quite a bit into it with making it feel crowded at all. You're descriptions just flow so smoothly and naturally, I'm pretty jealous. I love how you've choosen honey to associate with this mystery man (who I assume is Draco) because it relates so well to the way Hermione feels about the whole relationship - the sweet charm that keeps pulling Hermione back when she plans on leaving, the stickiness that keeps her trapped. You're such a freaking goddess sometimes, you know? Way to make the rest of us look bad :P


Author's Response: Flawless? You are way too nice. I'm probably going to explode from too much niceness being sent in my direction. I'm glad you chose this story to read and review, I haven't really thought about it in awhile, and I'm now reminded of how much I enjoyed writing it (even if that makes me sound like a sadist, lolol). Thank you so much for reviewing this, Mary. You're an absolute doll. (h)

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Review #5, by HermioneBellaDracosLover ron

5th June 2011:
Oh my god. Actual writing, like with actual quality, and actual correct grammar, and actual style and descriptive language. Not to mention the twisted, guileful plot line wonderfully portrayed within the span of only a few hundred words. This is not a sight one sees on fanfiction websites every day. Well done, my friend. Well done.

Author's Response: You have no idea how much this review rocks my world. Seriously. Makes me glad to be alive. And to have written this story. Thank you so much for the lovely review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by GubraithianFire ron

16th April 2011:

After all you've done for me, I though it would be appropriate to at least start on repaying you, dear. Of course, at my reviewing speed, that will take at least four years. But better late than never, right? Or something like that. I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm going to see how much I can ramble about Dramione, which I promise you, I have not done for years. Possibly ever. This is a special moment.

I think you know the plot isn't exactly the most original, but in such a case, it's the execution that I am more concerned with, and I'm so happy that your execution here is impeccable. The danger with the whole unhappy-lovers-murdered-by-third-wheel plot is that it seems contrived and doesn't fit the characterizations at all, and while I think that's an element of that in any Dramione, it somehow fits this particular universe. I don't think I'll ever be able to say that Dramione makes perfect sense, but this is the closest I've come to believing in it years, so amazing job all around.

You know that I have a strange obsession with extremely unhealthy/destructive relationships, so seeing that here made me really happy (irony!). The idea behind the fascination Hermione has with Draco and the attitude he has towards her fascinates me in turn. The dynamics of that relationship/affair were portrayed very well with only 500ish words a chapter, and even though it doesn't exactly convince the reader that they are meant 2 b together 4eva (I use the phrase ironically jsyk) or anything, it sort of sneak-attack-persuades the reader that this could happen. That Hermione could be this way and Draco this way and yes, at the end, Ron could kill them for that sort of mutually destructive fascination. And again, I feel like that's the biggest thing any fic that approaches Dramione has to struggle with, so that you managed it made me as happy as any Dramione has made me.

Love you, and love this (did I mention I like the style? I like the style), and love you some more. ♥

Author's Response: WELL HELLO TO YOU, TOO.

I'm so glad you think my execution on this story is good. Obviously I knew it was going to be a challenge to make this story make any semblance of sense, because it can be contrived and it definitely doesn't fit the characterizations, like you said. I'm just happy that you think it's come off well. And I don't think I'll ever be able to say Dramione makes perfect sense, either. Haha.

Unhealthy/destructive relationships are so much fun. :P And I guess the thing with convincing the reader about their relationship making sense is that I didn't really /want/ it to make sense. Even in this story, I don't think their relationship makes sense. To me it's just like something they did, that was a mistake, and that they ended up paying for in the end. If this makes any sense whatsoever, haha.

Baww, thank you! :D You are lovely.

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Review #7, by happy draco

11th April 2011:
I'm looking forward to Ron finding out and him bringing the pain down on malfoy.

Author's Response: Aha, then you're sure Ron will find out? Dun dun dunn, I guess you shall find out for sure soon! :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by KatDaniels draco

8th April 2011:
You write in such a splendid way that you just captivate my curiosity.
I absolutely love they sound of these two chapters and hope to read more soon!
Really excited to see how this game of Draco's will turn out.
Looking really forward to more! xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think so! This story actually means a lot to me, even though I never thought I would say that about a Dramione! Thank you so much for the review! I'll be posting the last part soon.

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Review #9, by fiona hermione

29th March 2011:
wow, this is really good. i love how intimate is and its really gripping. cant wait for the next part

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you thought it was gripping. I'll probably post the next part in a few days or so. :)

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