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Review #1, by Xaria dental floss.

1st December 2012:
Haha if you skim through the books of Twilight that's basically how it goes x)

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Review #2, by brown87 dental floss.

13th April 2012:
That was so funny! I literally laughed out loud a bunch of times. Reading this story made my day a bit brighter. Wonderful job!

I am wearing an old white t-shirt I have no idea where I got anymore. My favorite pudding is banana pudding with nilla wafers! My favorite part was when she knocked Lily out. I actually visualized that which made it that much funnier for me. Lol.

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Review #3, by JeSuisEscargot dental floss.

13th March 2012:
i dont know about "worst"
but its hella funny-ly-cliche-d-but-not-in-the-normal-way
and u've got a whole bunch of reviews! haha ;D

Author's Response: JeSuisEscargot,

Haha, I know, there were so many better bad ones in the competition. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for contributing to the review number! :)

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Review #4, by mybabygoesrawr dental floss.

22nd February 2012:
Wow. That's all I will say. Wow.

And since you asked, my favorite type of pudding happens to be rice pudding. Yum! :]

Author's Response: mybabygoesrawr,

Haha, wow indeed. Glad you read and reviewed!

And rice pudding? I don't think I've ever had it..is it good?

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Review #5, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs dental floss.

8th November 2011:
...that was so weird. And (no offense) kind of stupid. I mean I get that that was the point, but still! Blair is an IDIOT.
Ps, my shirt is green and my favorite type of pudding is chocolate.

Author's Response: We Are Padfoot and Prongs,

Finally! Someone thinks Blair is an idiot. I was waiting. Yeah, it was for a competition and I hope I never get tempted to join another one like this again. Pah.

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Review #6, by nitenel dental floss.

8th August 2011:
I like the character of Blaire... Question: Is she a blonde? Just wondering...

0/10... Just because...

Nah I couldn't do that...


Author's Response: nitenel,

no. she has chocolate-brown locks. i think. O_O

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Review #7, by Padfoot89 dental floss.

7th August 2011:
OHMIGOD this was hilarious! I laughed from beginning to the end, and honestly, this fic isn't bad at all, but downright good and humorous! I especially loved the ending:

"We kissed again, before Serious abruptly pulled apart, frowing slightly.

“Wait -did you just call me Serious Brown?""

Too hilarious indeed when Sirius finally realized he was being called 'Serious Brown' instead. I loved it! :)

Author's Response: Padfoot89,

Ahahaha, no one seems to think it's bad enough, which is both complimenting and insulting. I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #8, by CoLorful DreaM dental floss.

4th August 2011:
Serious Brown? Siriusly? So, he just had a "life-changing epiphany”, huh? You emphasized that cliche in a hilarious way!
Gosh, lately I just can’t help myself but read such stories! Their nothing but amazing! (but you knew that!)
Favorite part? I think the one in which he smiles sexy at her and she asks what kind of floss he uses... Gosh, that was so romantic!


Author's Response: CoLorful Dream,

You have to understand my amusement when people review this--I'm being reminded of the horribleness that I wrote. And I personally thought that was VERY romantic, thank you very much. :D

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Review #9, by Crescent Moon  dental floss.

3rd August 2011:
Very funny!! You're right, I think I did loose a few brain cells but it was worth it. XD

Author's Response: Crescent Moon,

I am sorry, you are not allowed to sue me for your loss of brain cells. x)

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Review #10, by changingfaces dental floss.

4th July 2011:
I enjoyed Serious Brown, and my shirt is black.

Author's Response: changingfaces,

i am so glad you liked him and his pearly whites. my shirt is purple!

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Review #11, by Toujours Padfoot dental floss.

22nd May 2011:


Favorite bits:

I wonder how he gets his teeth that white. It's almost unnatural, that state of perfection. Perhaps I should ask what kind of floss he uses?

So I did, and he informed me that he used MagiFloss every hour, taking out his compact size box and showing it to me.

OF COURSE HE DOES. I MEAN, LOOK AT THOSE PEARLY WHITES. They aren't going to floss themselves!

"Yeah," He said, his eyes going all lighty-upy at the thought. "Her name is Blair and she's got brown hair and sparkly blue eyes, and is best friends with a girl named Lily."

I fingered my chocolate brown locks, trying hard to figure out who this girl was.

Whoever she was, she sure was lucky, having Serious Brown in love with her.

- I must have read this fic at least three times, but that STILL always makes me burst out laughing. I just LOVE the dense OC who does not see that Sirius loves her even though he is like tripping all of himself being obvious about it. So that is just SPOT-ON, my friend. Especially since he says her name. And she still doesn't know.

-still chuckling to myself-

This was really bad/fantastic. Very well done! Thank you for participating in my challenge.


Author's Response: Toujours Padfoot,

Oh, thank you for making the challenge. I adored writing it, even if it did hurt a bit. xD

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Review #12, by DobbysSock dental floss.

26th April 2011:
Haha, this was really good :)
Wait..um, I mean, really bad :)
I love how you ended with Sirius like, wait...what?
I'm glad I clicked on your story and read it, it definitely made me chuckle :)

Author's Response: DobbysSock,

Haha, thanks! I'm really happy to hear that you liked it, and especially happy to hear that you laughed. :D

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Review #13, by catkid25 dental floss.

15th April 2011:
No offense (kinda) but, that was too good to be horrible. I've actually read worse ones that weren't even for that challenge! I've read pretty funny ones for this but my favorite is, Who Needs a Plot When Your OC is This Foxy! I'm not kidding, that's actually its name! I think? I'm going to stop my rambling now, I've had too much sugar! I'm done I swear!

Author's Response: catkid25,

This is like a compliment and an insult in one. I'm going to just take it as a compliment and thank you for saying it's too good to be bad xD But I'm glad you liked it anyway!

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Review #14, by bluecharlotte dental floss.

15th April 2011:
I feel very thick-headed (almost as much as your little Blair Goode there). This is because I didn't realize the Brown-vs.-Black-for-a-last-name joke until... um... the last line. I just thought it was a random name that she had confused with his! Smartness.

I commend you for writing this--really funny! My absolute favorite line: "I snickered evilly and turned another page in my Divination book, silently marveling at its absolute poopage of information." Poopage just made me crack up. The loss of brain cells was surely worth it. XD 10/10!

Author's Response: bluecharlotte,

no one can be as thick-headed as my lovely blair(: but don't worry, i won't judge you xD

i'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by Padfoot_The_Author33 dental floss.

14th April 2011:

Author's Response: Padfoot_The_Author33,

um. i'm going to just go ahead and assume these are laughs of enjoyment and not of 'oh-my-gosh-that-was-the-single-worst-thing-i've-ever-read' laughs. even though it probably WAS the single worst thing you've ever read.

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Review #16, by Puttylil dental floss.

14th April 2011:
Oh my GOD! I love this story! I can't stop laughing! You totally deserve to win the comp! I'm actually crying I'm laughing so much!
Serious Brown! XD
I love how Sirius just has a random epiphany that he loves Blair ;D

“Yeah,” He said, his eyes going all lighty-upy at the thought. “Her name is Blair and she’s got brown hair and sparkly blue eyes, and is best friends with a girl named Lily.”

I fingered my chocolate brown locks, trying hard to figure out who this girl was.

Whoever she was, she sure was lucky, having Serious Brown in love with her.

She's as smart as a bloody wall! XD I bet she gets T's in her work and thinks they mean totally amazing!

P.S. Black t-shirt, “Wait -did you just call me Serious Brown?" favourite part and my favourite pudding is...cookies! or ice cream! or both XD

Author's Response: Puttylil,

heh heh, i'm glad you liked it so much xD
don't insult blair, she's just...a bit unobservant! yeah... and, yeah, that last quote is my personal favorite too(;

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Review #17, by katebabelovesharrypotter dental floss.

14th April 2011:
oh my god soo funny! serious brown...oh god i'm dying here

Author's Response: katebabelovesharrypotter,

Oh, dear, don't die!

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Review #18, by SweetCherry09x dental floss.

9th April 2011:
Hey Bookworm045,

I think your story is very amusing and had me laught quite a bit.
Good work!!!

Author's Response: SweetCherry09x,

Thank you so much, dear!(:

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Review #19, by darkest knight dental floss.

8th April 2011:
AHAhaha it so bad its hilarious i love the whole serious brown thing i wonder what she did when she found out that his name it actually sirius black heheh

Author's Response: darkest knight,

Thanks so much! I'm really glad you didn't enjoy it! (sounds weird)

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Review #20, by That_Nerd dental floss.

8th April 2011:
Its so bad that I love reading the stories for this challange. :P They're just so funny! Good job . . . well, yea, you know what I mean!

Author's Response: That_Nerd,

I totally understand, I die reading the stories for it! Thanks(:

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