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Review #1, by PhoenixPulse Twenty-Four Hours Ago

22nd August 2012:

Hello dearie, it is I, PhoenixPulse, and I thought that I should stop bye and leave a few reviews for some of your stories. It's only fair after you left some lovely reviews for me.

Anywho, cutting to the chase, I absolutely love this one shot. It brings a different side to Petunia that many writers chose to ignore. I'm pretty sure she was devestated at the news of her sister's death, and she was far under the influence of Vernon to feel anything afterward.

Vernon is just a complete jerk! I do not like him at all, and you did an awesome job portraying him and his pigness. Poor Petunia, I wonder how she could survive with him. A brandy for his cholestrol? LOL. Then again, it seems very Vernon-like.

And Lily. She's so sweet with her patience, and I admire her knack of courage to face her sister. (Petunia did a great job as well!) And I love how you brought up their little squabble. It's perfect.

Anywho, this piece was just beautiful. 10/10!

Author's Response: I think that people write Petunia off as being completely cold and uncaring, when I know, as a girl who has lost her sister, that no matter how bad the relationship is, it will always hurt. The influence of her husband definitely played a heavy role on her during this time, and forced her to pretend that she really didn't care, maybe even convincing herself of that as well.
I have ALWAYS disliked Vernon. Of course, he isn't portrayed as a very likeable character in the Potter books, so a Vernon-lover would be rather hard to find. Whenever I write him, I always write him as a rather repugnant man. I could never have managed a man like him, but for some reason Petunia always thought he was the ideal man, and even if he had some characteristics that were rather ugly, she would still defend him strongly.
I also think that Lily had been waiting a long time to approach Petunia, but had finally put a bold face on and went up to her anyways. She had wanted to smooth things over with Petunia very badly, and so swallowed her own temper for as long as she could manage. And of course, the old "freak" insult! How could I not have slipped that in! It devistated Lily when she was younger, and Petunia even described her like that to Harry, many years later.. That word just seemed to stick with Petunia! (I don't see what the big deal is, my sibblings call me a freak all the time! Haha)
Anyways, thank you!! I doubt perfect is the word to use, but I really do appreciate it!! Thanks for another lovely review, which reminds me that I need to review your chapters as well!! I'll see you then!
Happy Writing,

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Review #2, by izzymom Twenty-Four Hours Ago

4th October 2011:
Good story, well written. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! More should be coming up soon :)

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