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Review #1, by LittleMissAutumn CHAPTER 28

26th January 2016:
Bethan, you are absolutely amazing. I spent the entire day reading your story because I was immediately addicted to it and all I have to say is WOW! I can't even think on where to start but so much has happened with plot and character development, it's been a roller coaster. Rory's behavior was off in the last chapter but I was shipping them so hard, especially when he kept trying to kiss her! Genevieve and Rory are soul mates! I could honestly care less about Albus because Rory/Genevieve is where it's at 100%. I understand their best friend dynamic and that they can be like siblings but they can also be so much MORE than that! They're each other's anchors and my heart practically burst out of my chest when Rory said he needed her once he discovered his mother's death. They're both in dark stages right now and I can see how could both drown in it but it just feels so weird when they're distant or apart.

ALSO I'm not forgetting about what happened in the beginning with the two voices in the library. I have an inkling that Will and Deya are the culprits to everything, despite their friendly faces. For starter's Notts' name was mentioned so he may not be completely onboard but he was an accomplice and then Deya acted all weird when Albus met her for the first time and mentioned Genevieve's name. I wonder if she knew Nate somehow and that would explain why she would have been trying to provoke "justice" onto poor Genevieve.

I know it's been almost three years since you've updated for this and that's understandable with life and everything, but I'm begging you to finish this story! I won't be able to get it off my mind. There's so much happening that I also know why it might be hard to come back because there's a lot of issues that need to be tied up, but I think you can do it. Your writing is superb and I really wish you can come back to this, but if not then..I may have to re-read it again. I do, however, blame you for making my heart hurt because I know I need a Rory in my life. Hopefully he comes with less baggage and everything but he's so snarky yet lovable.

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Review #2, by dot dot dot CHAPTER 18

20th August 2015:
I have decided. I do not like this story. I cannot venture forth any longer. The time has come. The end. i will not mourn the loss.

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Review #3, by Kat CHAPTER 28

1st February 2015:
Please update. I am begging you. Please, please update this wonderful story.

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Review #4, by Kat CHAPTER 26

1st February 2015:
Holy crap. Professor Clegg is Genivieves father isn't he?

You're doing such an amazing job with story, I adore it. Thankyou so much.

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Review #5, by X CHAPTER 19

25th January 2015:
Hi. Just wandering, who is the guy on the chapter image as albus?

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Review #6, by GryffindorsPh0en1x CHAPTER 21

22nd July 2014:
Every time I read this chapter, I laugh at the same sentence "Me? Choose? This was Ginny's party - her piece de resistance of the year. And it could be ruined, all because I'd chosen the wrong box of bloody crackers." I laugh way harder than I should do really.

Anyway, forever loving this story and the previous updated chapters, subtle changes but impact it in a good way. Love it!

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Review #7, by Tessa CHAPTER 28

4th March 2014:
I just love your choice of music!:D i've listened to ALL of them and put them on repeat throughout the chapter:) cant wait to read the rest of the story btw, there is just sooo much thats needs to be figured out... meaning i miss some Al&Nieves action haha though that thing with rory and her was really good.. it felt raw...but also weird:s Anywhooo when does your next chapter come out?:)

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Review #8, by Tessa CHAPTER 1

2nd March 2014:
I dont know about the "old" genevieve cuz this is my first time reading but i really like this character already!! She sounds really smart (in her her head lol) and she doesnt take bullshit. Me like!:) lets go to chapter numero dos!

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Review #9, by sophie CHAPTER 10

19th February 2014:
Hi! Really enjoying this story! There was just a bit in this chapter that confused me - the bit when Rory mentions 'Deya' and something about dumbledore? Might just be the way I'm reading but could you explain her character to me? Thanks :)
But keep up the good work!!

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Review #10, by PotterJAM97 CHAPTER 28

2nd February 2014:
Hello.I'm not sure if you still read you reviews, and I'm slightly doubting it, but I thought I'd post one anyway. I feel like your writing especially deserved one.
Firstly, the plot here is absolutely incredible. It's one of those stories that is so twisted and complex you can't even begin to fathom the ending, and one that has a dark, twisted, sarcastic humor, perfect for Genevieve. It's perfect because the way she talks and her thoughts line up perfectly, and so well, and the facades she puts on and the jokes she makes are so understandable with the reader. It's really great in that aspect.
On the other hand, it's extremely serious. One of the most serious next generation fan-ficus, and at parts I almost don't even want Albus to be there, as Rory is more of a main character recently than Albus. Your characters are so deep and full of (generally depressing) emotion it's nearly hard to read at times, and is somewhat of a downer, but so captivating you just can't look away.
Critically, the main characters are plenty deep, but your side characters, such as Hermione and Ron, and even Albus and Rose occasionally, are a bit stiff. The speech is stilted, and doesn't quite flow the way a normal dialogue would, at times. This was probably the worst part of the novel. Also, there's a tendency to describe things in a way that's VERY detailed...almost too much so, in a description, versus an observation. As a reader, it can be tedious at times to sort to through all the description to find the important plot. Not that I'm one to criticize, I mean this all intended constructively, and it's still very good.
It was so captivating I could barely stand to put it down, as I HAD to know the ending, but alas, it looks like no further updates are going to come...which is ok, I suppose. I wish you well wherever you are in your life, and thanks for an incredible tale. It was a brilliant plot, with a very interesting main character.
Well done,

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Review #11, by Hedwig_Pie CHAPTER 18

19th December 2013:

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Review #12, by free elf 25 CHAPTER 28

17th August 2013:
Yonks ago in this story, I remember you writing something about how you preferred revealing things in small doses about Nieves, instead of giving everything away at once. When she told Harry everything, and Rory told her (mostly) everything, I thought 'what on earth is going to happen for the next ten chapters?'

The answer? You have killed me. This story, though it is awesome, is making my brain overthink stuff, and I'd appreciate an update ASAP to stop that, as it is the holidays, and I technically shouldn't be thinking at all. However, one question- she says she killed two people. I know one is Nate, but I can't remember who the other is.

I also want to say that I totally love Rory, despite his...issues...and James, because you're showing something that I haven't seen as much as I would have liked in stories on here, which is the struggle a lot of people face with that kind of issue. I think I prefer Albus and Deya being together because after what he did I don't think he really deserves Genevieve, and Deya doesn't deserve any pain either. And hey, what's up with Hugo?

My third question is, does Rory, or anyone of her friends for that matter, die? Does she kill them? And how long until 'Justice' returns? Anyway, sorry for the long note (longest I've written EVER), and keep writing! A definite 10/10! :D

free elf 25 (who had already logged out when she wrote this)

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Review #13, by pookielow CHAPTER 28

12th July 2013:
Ahhh Please write more; I love your story :D

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Review #14, by hpfan CHAPTER 28

18th May 2013:
hey...i see you have updated all your others stories this month,but this one. This is your best story please update!

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Review #15, by Younger Wand CHAPTER 27

14th May 2013:
I am so ridiculously addicted to this. It is so amazing! I won't let myself read the next chapter because I know you won't put out another one out for ages and I don't want to annoy myself with waiting. You are so good, seriously you should get an award or something! I think the emotional depth and complexity to both Rory and Genevieve's characters are just amazing and I'd love to be as good an author as you!

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Review #16, by fizzingwizzbies CHAPTER 28

1st May 2013:
Ahh love this story! Only just found it but its great I just love your characters - Genevieve and Rose exspecially! Can't wait ro read more and see how this pans out! Keep up the good work!

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Review #17, by patronusflight14 CHAPTER 24

23rd April 2013:
i really loved this chapter! & safe & sound is my favorite song too! keep writing, i cant wait to read more

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Review #18, by patronusflight14 CHAPTER 28

23rd April 2013:
i reallly love your work & cant wait to read more, so keep writing!

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Review #19, by miluv CHAPTER 28

21st April 2013:
lol okay well please try atleast to post a new chappie soon. thanks we love you :)
xox miluv

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Review #20, by Genia CHAPTER 27

5th April 2013:
Wow. That's really all I can say. This chapter was so sad and deep and kind of eerie - but so good; you write really well and use a lot of captivating and unusual imagery - for example when you describe the beach and the sea.
I don't understand what's going on with Rory though... it doesn't seem like him at all to hurt her and not notice how he scares her. I know he is upset, and his "gift" or "curse" or whatever you want to call it, is hard to handle... especially when he knew all along how and when his mother would die and now it happened. But still.
I love Rory and Genevieve. I hope they can somehow get out of this deep-black-depressive state they're in right now.
You're a really great writer!

Author's Response: Hi, Genia! Thank you so much for your comments — my apologies for my late response; I'm a horrible person and have been procrastinating on all my responses since... *low whistle* September 2012.

Wow, thank you! I remember writing the beach scene and just thinking, "I have no idea where this is going, but I LIKE IT." The story's getting... not darker, really, but just sadder, I guess, than I ever really planned it to. At least I think it is. I'm not sure if it's the right direction, or if people like it or not, but it just seems like it's going where it should be. /shrug. We'll see!

Yes, Rory... I've got ch. 28 in the queue, atm, and Genevieve portrays her own confusion about that — it's not right what he did, and there's no real evidence of him being that kind of person, so she's just as utterly confused, and wounded, really. You mention how he knew all along, and I think in response to that I'd say that his visions are really very separate from real-life. They haven't *happened*, so when they do it's just like, "Oh. My God. This is real, this is my life; I saw my mother die and now she's actually dead and I don't know how to handle this or cope and Genevieve just please STOP TALKING and let me just sit in silence and I don't want to TALK about my goddamned FEELINGS." I think it pretty much just built up until *bam*. I mean, it's fantasy, so god knows how someone would react in that kind of situation — I don't think we'd ever know.

Hahaha, me too! It's taxing on the mind, but it's so ~good~. ;D

Thank you a thousand times, Genia, I'm so grateful you've spent the time to comment. Much love. x

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Review #21, by NoixdeMuscade CHAPTER 27

18th March 2013:
Wow... just... wow. I don't have another way of expressing how I feel right now.

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thank you! (apologies for the late response!)

I'm... not sure if that's a good state of inability-to-express-feelings or not, but I'm going to go with that because I like feeling good about myself. ;D

Thank you a billion times for commenting! Take care, x

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Review #22, by Leela CHAPTER 27

28th January 2013:
Wonderfully written. You bring so much feeling into the story with how you choose your words. Yes, this chapter is quite dark and depressing, but it's beautifully done. There's this eerie feeling that I just can't shake.
I just want them to be happy. Rory, Genevieve. You write them so well and complex. Her memories and wishes for her friends, and how that 'going back to childlike freedom of worries' doesn't work out in real life; even though she was never all that carefree in the first place.
It's almost heartbreaking to read about Nate, and about Rory. So much pain in what happened/ is going to happen.

It's hard to write down what I think -the story is so multi-layered and ... Well, anyways. Like I said: You write wonderfully. Are there lighter times to look forward to? At the end of the story?

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Leela. My profuse apologies for such an awfully late response.

God, I want them to be happy, too; it's like dragging myself through black tar, but it's... oddly familiar so I'm not as uncomfortable writing in such a mournful tone as perhaps I should be.

I agree - when I first wrote the beach scene I wasn't really sure why I was writing it. At the time I was suffering from chronic/acute writers' block, so I just thought, "Just write and we'll see where it goes." But after contemplating the scene before I fleshed it out it sort of hit me how even something like going to the beach, where most kids have such fond memories, wasn't like that for her at all. Or it it was fond, it was brief and fleeting and filled with a kind of false promise of future happiness - or maybe an omen/fore-warning. I'm not quite sure. But as you say (and which I love), "'going back to childlike freedom of worries' doesn't work out in real life".

Nate is just *deep breath*. I can't. I want to love him, and then it's like, Oh wait. He's dead. I mean, he would be such an incredible person for her - so light-hearted and funny and kind and compassionate and exactly what she needs. I know Albus is sort of like that, but their relationship has far too many strings attached. I just wonder, sometimes, what she would be like if Nate had lived, and I think she would be such a different character, but then this story would be so different, too. So... Yeah.

Lighter times? Hmm... Well, I have the end scene sort of semi-written (I wrote that, like, two years ago, so it obviously needs some major tweaking now), so I can't give too many hints away. I feel really irritable and uncomfortable in the knowledge that I never planned the story fully before I started writing - I shock myself sometimes when I remember that this story is the first thing I ever wrote. There was a point where I briefly planned it out, like, at around Chapter 16, but now I've reached the moment where I'm at Point A and I need to get to Point C with no idea what Point B is. It's very frustrating, because I keep thinking, "God, what shall I do... I know! I'll do some writing." And then I open up an unfinished chapter or that devil spawn blank white screen, and it's like, "What on earth happens now, then?"

But when I do write the Point B's, they will hopefully have lighter moments in - I need them just as much as you guys, 'cause I'm writing sometimes and just thinking about how goddamned depressing everything sounds.

ANYWAY! Sorry. I ramble far too easily. Thank you so much for you wonderful comments and compliments and points that have really made me think about the story more. It's amazing how helpful reviews can be in terms of understanding your own characters or plot more. So, thank you, Leela, and much love! xxx

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Review #23, by miluv CHAPTER 27

27th January 2013:
what. just. effing. happened.
did he just. ohmygosh. what. OHMYGOSH. wait. so they like had sex with clothes on bc he was upset, but she had a boyfriend.. i dont understand. IM SO CONFUSED. okay can i ask you a bunch of questions? ok so
1. what was the whole rory asking genevive about "he's gonna hrt you" or whatever?
2. he was like ABUSIVE. WHAT. WHY. HOW. OMG. rory is like omg i love him but he was like ABUSIVE. and i get that he was kinda not in the right state of mind at the time bc his mom died, but ABUSIVE?! WHY? im so distraught right now
3. how come al got so mad that genevive asked whether he loved deya? i mean what if it was just for curiousity's sake?
4. do you know how good of a writer you are? like omg this chapter {and like EVERY other chapter of this story} gave me chills. like honest to god CHILLS. that's how awesome you are.
5. this isn't really a question it's more like a statement- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OMG.
that's pretty much it ya know. keep writing and updating please, lovesyouxxx

ps: i read this over and omg there are SO many omg's and like's in here like i can't even. i swear i don't normally talk like this, but i've been up all day and all night studying for midterms nonstop so i read this whole chapter and wrote this review during my allotted 10 minute break, which means i read it like ninja speed. woah. okay bye :D

Author's Response: My gosh I am so sorry for the late response - I'm only just catching up on all of these. I hope you're still able to read this!

Hahahah. I'll try to form a coherent response to this.

1. I can't tell you. I'M SORRY!

2. Yes. I kind of hated him when I wrote it. I deleted it, then tried to re-write it, but then I was like, screw it. This is how it's happening. I do not condone his behaviour, but in Ch. 28 Genevieve questions his behaviour, too. After I'd finished that and as I was writing 28, I wasn't really happy with his actions, and I'm not really sure if I am now, but in a way it just emphasises the extent of his anger and his confusion and loss - the way he showed it wasn't right, though. What can I say, he has issues, and I like to explore emotionally twisted people? Ha ha?

3. I think it's sort of like he's dating Deya and he's doing right by her by not interfering with Genevieve or putting either of their relationships at risk, and he's trying so hard and then Genevieve asks him about how he actually feels about a relationship he's somewhat convinced himself is right - even when part of him knows it isn't. I think he's just angry, and feels like Genevieve has almost ruined this delusion he has wrapped around himself and tried so hard to keep. At least, that's a bit how I see it. Also, part of him genuinely probably thinks, "Why are you asking me this? It's nothing to do with you. You have a boyfriend, and I a girlfriend, and that's pretty much it. Stop interfering." I guess it could be seen a number of ways but I don't really want to look into things too much. I have a vague idea of the meaning behind things when I write them, but sometimes I look too far and I never much like what I find...

4. Hahaha, thank you! I always feel kind of sad when I write this story now. I mean, there's obviously a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, but the story is really just quite sad, and it makes me sadder knowing I'm never quite sure how to make it happier. It's a dangerous profession, I tell you!


ps. omg it's absolutely fine - i have a tendency to slip into faux-text speak, too, but then i'm just like, no. write normally and coherently otherwise no one will know what the hell you're writing about. i ;D i hope your midterms went excellently! much love, x

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Review #24, by J CHAPTER 26

24th January 2013:
This story is so good! Really different to most things I've read but really good. You expect it to be easybut more complications just keep popping up. How long are you going to make this story? Anyway I hope you put up your chapters as quickly as you can! I do hope Al and Genevieve get together though :)

Author's Response: Thank you, J!

I'm glad you like it. Yeah, I'm not one for simplicity, or maybe I'm sort of just like, Let's just throw in another twist to screw with people's minds. Hey, I could be Steven Moffat and *then* where would we be?

Hmm, I'm not entirely sure if I'm honest with you. I have an end pretty firmly in mind, and a few twists and turns here and there along the way, but I haven't planned everything down to the last chapter (*sigh* which I really need to do...), but I'm going to make a rough guess and say, like... 30ish? 30-40? Almost definitely not more than 40 I would say, though.

Aw, I know - I think a lot of people wish they could be, too!

Take care, J, and thank you so much for commenting! x

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Review #25, by J CHAPTER 13 ALBUS. S. P.

24th January 2013:
So when do they find out that Deya's evil?
Plus, I love this story :)

Author's Response: Hahahaha - if only, eh?

Nah, she's not that bad. Just a bit... questionable. Like a lot of the characters, I suppose.

Thank you so much! x

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