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Review #1, by MuggleMaybe our smile

10th September 2015:
Hello dear!

I know you pointed me this way for a bit of fluffy goodness, and I really enjoyed it! However, I didn't find it all that fluffy. (Which is in no way a criticism!) I thought it was actually very moving how relieved and overjoyed Ted and Andromeda were to get married without interference. It really shows how scary the Black family could be, and how brave she was to defy them. I love that!

Although I didn't find it exactly fluffy, it was very sweet, and you did a great job of capturing all the emotions she is feeling at this moment.

Well done!

Author's Response: Hi MuggleMaybe (fun username!), thanks for popping by!

Eep, sorry it wasn't flufferfied, I am actually rubbish on the fluff feels I think. I'm glad you enjoyed this one-shot still! Yes the event had a looming element to it with the Black family's room for destroying everything. I'm happy she married Ted though. I ship them so hard. I'm glad you felt I captured the emotions well, thanks!


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Review #2, by TenthWeasley our smile

26th December 2012:
Hello! I figured that it would be all right to leave you reviews under my actual archive account, instead of anonymously, since I have made the Secret Santa revelation in the thread already. And if for some reason you haven't seen it yet... surprise!

I was so excited to see that you'd written a Ted/Andromeda, and I actually don't think I've read a story centered solely around this particular pairing before. But when I got to thinking about it while reading this, more people should write them -- they're basically star-crossed lovers, which is something the hopeless romantic in me finds endlessly endearing. ♥ Andromeda risked to much to be with him, and was disowned for it; that's no small price to pay, especially for someone raised with Black ideals. I'd love to know how she came to leave them, come to think of it; there's a very interesting story there.

The way you wrote the love between them was great, though, and set a few butterflies going in my stomach. :) Can't help it -- I love reading about love! The way they kept smiling at each other, and were just so excited about getting married, really brings it across that there's genuine feelings within each of them. I think it's sometimes easy to take it for granted that the reader knows a pairing is in love, but you've actually showed it, which is great. And the little wizard giving them their vows made me laugh! What a character, being so dramatic and flamboyant. :P

This was great, Ellie! I'm really enjoying getting to read some of your one-shots, something I should have done long ago. And again, I think it's really neat that you tackled this pairing, and you did it so well! Merry Christmas, and I'm off to hunt down another story of yours!

Author's Response: Hey Jane!

Thanks for the lovely reviews (sorry it's taken me far too long to respond to them--took a hiatus!)

They are one of the best couples. Star-crossed lovers to be sure and there's so much room to write whatever you want between them because there's a lot left unsaid in the books in my opinion. Glad you were able to see their love through my writing, thank you :)

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Review #3, by Akussa our smile

11th August 2011:
NRB, why do you depreciate yourself like this? There is honestly no need for your to criticize your work because, not only is this an excellent fluffy and funny story, it also is a relly sweet and touching piece. Please remove your Author's note at the end; it is not necesary and I don't like to see people talk like that about their talents :D

Like I said, this is a very lovely and I had a smile plastered on my face all through my read. I found the wizard that married them was absolutly delightful. He really made me laugh with his little comments and his absolute adoration of the love in front of him.
Ted and Andromeda's love was so bright and almost palpable throught the words. This was a wonderful little story, I loved it!

Akussa (Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Epp. I feel like I was just severly reprimanded lol. I edited my author's note (waiting for the queue) like you suggested. All better now? *sheepish look* :P

I'm glad you enjoyed the one-shot and thought it was a lovely read :) Palapable love is such a great comment for this piece; I feel like it really sums up the story for Ted/Andromeda. Because their love had to be great to endure the hardships of the world. so, yeah, yay for feeling the love and happiness! Cheers! Thanks for the review :)


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Review #4, by LilyFire our smile

6th July 2011:
Aww, I loved it. It's sooo cute, and even if it isn't as funny as you would like, I think it's a really sweet story. I love this pairing, and I think you've done an amazing job showing the dynamics of their secret relationship.
I'd kinda like to see a sequel, one that shows what happens after between her and her family.

Author's Response: Hey Lily!

I'm glad you loved it and found this to be soo cute haha. Yes, this is really a great pairing -I would love to see more of their story around the site for sure. I was actually planning a series based on this, but for now the idea is on hold until I can finish my other WIPs :P However, and not to shamelessly plug, Andromeda/Ted does make an appearance in my story Inside Death in the next chapter if you're interested in seeing them again ;) Thanks for the reviews hun!


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Review #5, by Chemical_Pixie our smile

25th June 2011:
Hi notreallyblonde44!

This is SweeTart21 from those distant and vague Quizilla days with the hideous HP fanfic (and now Chemical_Pixie on HPFF with hopefully less hideous fanfics). I typed in "Ted Tonks" on the search engine and found this delightful little story!

Your concept of Ted and Andromeda sharing a smile is adorable. And the wizard who resides over their wedding is a smash hit--especially if we're talking about the late sixties or early seventies (whenever these two tied the knot). 10/10

Author's Response: Hey SweeTart21/Chemical_Pixie!! Long time, no see! I love keeping up with Quizilla-folk :)

Aw, thanks so much for your review. I'm glad you found the vowing wizard to be a hit; I tried to make him funny (seeing as humor isn't my strongest suit...). I figured it was late 60s for this :P Thanks so much for the delightful comment and I'm glad you found this one-shot to be adorable!


P.S. I saw that you were writing/posting again, awesome! I hope to check out Dorcas' story soon ;)

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Review #6, by tydemans our smile

25th May 2011:
Hi nrb!

I was very excited to see I got an Andromeda fic in the exchange. I saw a few minor beta type things and typos, but nothing approaching 'dreadful' so I'll first say: lighten up on yourself a bit. :)

The vowing wizard was a giggle. Liked him and your sweet portrayal of Andromeda and her Ted.

I think the best thing about this piece is that you took what had to be an unbelievably scary time for Andromeda and managed to portray both her fear and excitement in the moment. It was obvious that she and Ted drew strength from each other, but you ended on a strong personal note.

I loved the empowerment you showed for Andromeda through those last few lines. You gave the sense that it wasn't simply Ted who was completing her, but her choice to be herself. That is such a great message.

You definitely give an inkling of the strong woman who would persevere through two wars and the raising two Metamorphmagi. ;-)

Take care!

Author's Response: Hello Ty! So *cough* I've waited FOREVER to reply to this because I didn't want to reply until I had completed your reviews for that I have, here is my reply!

Haha, I'm my worst fan when it comes to my writing. I tend to hate most of what I produce because I produced it. *sigh* c'est la vie! But thank you for saying that I was too harsh on myself :P

I'm all about female empowerment -so I'm glad that you got the message and enjoyed it. Andromeda/Ted seems to be a rare pair on this site, so I'm glad like you felt I did them some justice as well.

Thanks for reading this and I'm glad that you enjoyed the dynamics (both happiness and fear) of the one-shot :)


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Review #7, by Jenna822 our smile

5th May 2011:
I'm not really in the "reviewing zone" because I'm kinda tired, but I couldn't just not you that this was good! Seriously, I read with a goofy grin and stinging eyes the entire time. There just aren't enough Ted/Andromeda fics out there and you did the couple nicely. So adorable! --Jenna

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not in the reviewing zone myself,, no worries ;) Either way, thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed this Ted/Andromeda one-shot! I was very worried about the er-rather wonky writing style in this one, so I'm glad you felt like I did them justice haha. I think they are my favorite now!


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Review #8, by Curiosity is not a sin our smile

12th April 2011:
Hey there! This is curiosity is not a sin from the HPFF forums ^_^

Have to say, this is the first Andromeda/Ted fic I've read, and I'm quite happy to have done so :D So now..let's start on the review :)

Beautiful banner to start off with; it fits perfectly! As for the story summary, it's okay, but to be perfectly honest, it might be ranging a little too much on the cliche'd side. I can see perfectly where you got it from, but considering this story is written from Andromeda's POV, maybe have the summary adapted to fit what she sees, instead of what Ted thinks? (: Just a light suggestion :)

The beginning of your story is beautiful. The words, the flickering between time zones (the past, present, and hope towards the future) add a sense of realism to the fiction, and it brings the emotions to life. Very dramatic, and a very good writing technique in my opinion.

One thing I think you need to be careful with is the tense you write in. Your first paragraph tense is where the majority of your story fits in, but you occasionally switch to present tense such as in your second paragraph such as 'that this day will end that we will be found' which I think would read better as 'that this day would end and we would be found'. It happens a few times, and is very easy to slip at (I do it a lot too, don't worry!), so just be careful there :)

The plot of the story is lovely. I can see where the romance is, I can feel the love between the two characters, and their happiness causing laughter on their wedding day is adorable. I love the mild angst too, and how their success at bond by marriage means so much. Lovely there.

A tip for you, which was given in a critique to me by someone before, but try to bold your disclaimer and Author's Note. Just makes it stand out a bit more ;)

Overall a very cute fic, pleasant to read, and a lovely experience. With a few minor edits, this is one fantastic fiction you have here :D Keep it up! xx

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry, Curiosity_is_not_a_sin I'm horrifically bad at responding in a timely manner. Oh yay first Ted/Andromeda! I suggest reading others, since I think mine is dreadful lol. But thanks :P

I totally 100, 000, 000% agree about the summary! I just have no idea what to change it too haha. *ponders*

Oh thanks for the critique about tenses. Whenever I do first person, tenses go haywire for me and I'm not quite sure why haha. And I'm glad that you liked the jumps in time and thought it was dramatic and a good technique :)

Ooff I think this thing is dreadful, but I'm also fairly unfamiliar with Romance writing and think everything is is cliche haha. That being said, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece and I appreciate your tips and critiques a bunch! I'm glad you found this to be a lovely experience, thanks again :)


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