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Review #1, by kayla Sounds like a plan, Scorp.

20th June 2011:
its good u should make more chapters

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Review #2, by Cirque Du Freak Sounds like a plan, Scorp.

27th April 2011:
Oh, yay and the plot presents itself! :}

How very cute of them to be all lovely and decide to go completely against Hugo's advice and piss of the family even more than usual (:

I find the relationship between them interesting actually - I wouldn't have expected them to be as close as they are and that's a good twist as well! That goes for the small friendship that Lucy seems to have (...or had) with Louis as well (: That's very cute, I think :D

Eek, I can't wait until the next chapter and see what happens when the family finds out what Lucy's up to next :3 I bet she'll really get it from Percy and Audrey, and not to mention Molly! Though reading back from the first chapter... I do wonder why Hermione wouldn't be speaking to Lucy either? :P

Anyway, fabulous chapter - update soon! :D
And, awh, you really, really, didn't need to, but thank you for the mention (: T'was my pleasure to give you your first review and you very well deserved a great one too!


Author's Response: Yes, I have to say in most ways Lucy is COMPLETELY different to me, but one similarity we do share is we don't take any notice of anyone else, and we do whatever we feel like! Lucy says about Hugo that "he didn’t want to try new things, he liked to stick to what he knew, another reason why we got on so well." and she's exactly the same, because she doesn't like moving out of her comfort zone and TRYING to grow up.

I wanted them to be really close just to show how little interaction with people they've both had since leaving Hogwarts. Lucy, though she still speaks to her uncles, Ginny, and Molly senior she doesn't really see them all that much. The two people she sees the most are Albus and Hugo, and their both intelligent guys who are getting on with their lives and leaving her behind :(

You may have to wait a while for the hounding letters of anger from the Weasley clan, but trust me, they'll come! Hermione, although she likes Lucy, is a lot like Percy in the way that she values jobs, intelligence, blah blah blah, and she mostly doesn't talk to her because Ron said he didn't see Percy's problem and she just had to argue. (Have I gone too deep? Oh well :) )

Thankyou for the lovely review, and your welcome, yours was much deserved too!

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Review #3, by LateKate Sounds like a plan, Scorp.

27th April 2011:
My, my, doesn't THIS sound interesting? Can this end well? I don't believe I've ever heard of two people marrying just to piss their parents off. Usually there's some element of Romeo and Juliet in it. But I think I like this.

Author's Response: Yeah, most normal people wouldn't get married just to annoy their family, but then again, these two are DEFINITELY not normal, as you will soon see. I have to admit that in this story there isn#t BUCKETS of romance, you've got to wait it out a bit, but I hope you'll enjoy it. Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #4, by katebabelovesharrypotter Meeting Scorpius Malfoy

26th April 2011:
Very, very, very well written! This is a fantastic beginning! You have some serious talent!

Author's Response: Thank you! That's so lovely to hear, I'm really glad you're enjoying it! The next chapter just validated, so check it out and I can't wait for another lovely review from you!

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Review #5, by Cirque Du Freak Meeting Scorpius Malfoy

7th April 2011:
I loved this!

First thing I want to say really quickly before I forget and get to the fan-girlish part - you've capitalized 'tea' quite a bit and, being the slight, and only very slight, nit-picker that I am, I have to say this is one noun that doesn't need a capital letter because of it not being a 'proper name' (i.e. person's name, organizations, etc.) and is a more general noun (same goes for teabags). There - that's all I had to say (': Though you might want to have a beta (over at the forums) look over it very quickly to comb through anything else because I'm rubbish at grammar and someone else a bit more experienced will improve your writing (even though its absolutely brilliant already!) even more (:

Right fangirl moment:

I absolutely adored how you've characterized Lucy and Scorpius; they really compliment each other in a weird, awkward sort of way (:

I love the fact that they're two such minor characters and really aren't seen much throughout fanfiction (unless its ScoRose *shudders*) much less together! I salute you on your daring-ness-ness ;)

I also loved the fact that you've fixed in so many little things that tells us about Lucy as well, like, the nail polish, the furniture, the tea... everything just screams different and though its a quite a bit to take into account about Lucy I actually love it (:

I also love how Scorpius has actually managed to stay away from the Weasley/Potter clan and still managed to be a lot more different and less influenced by his family. I think that was pretty original and I really enjoyed seeing that! (:

Just the whole concept of this is absolutely beautiful and I honestly can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Update soon, lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you, it's so lovely to have a nice long review and this made me smile so much!
I want to set you straight here and tell you that I know that tea doesn't need to be capitalized, and trust me, I never normally would do so in a sentence, but I really wanted this story to be read in Lucy's voice, and Lucy, being the oddball she is (which you have not experienced to the full extent yet), capitalizes tea, and other things that she loves, when writing. I wanted it to emphasise how much tea she drinks without actually giving you a number. (And I really do appreciate your nit-picking, I'm exactly the same, especially to my friends who get a bit annoyed :) )
Okay, now that I've got that bit over with let me reply to your fangirl moment.
Thanks, I was kind of worried about how they would come across when put together, I wanted them to be awkward, shy people, but also to click with each other.
I have to admit that, out of the Next Generation characters, Lucy intrigues me, there are lots of different ways she could turn out and I really wanted to write about her. Also, I really do feel your minor disgust at ScoRose, it does make me feel a bit, well, sick.
I'm really glad to hear that you liked all the little details about her. I didn't want her to explain all about her qualities and habits in a big paragraph, so I thought it'd be nicer to pop them in here and there in the descriptions.
I love Scorpius, as I've written a lot of him in this story I sort of know him inside-out, and I think the two reasons he didn't befriend the Potter/Weasleys is because 1) He was too cripplingly shy, and 2) Because his dad would've literally murdered him, but he has got a lot more baggage (which you'll discover later) that makes him so different to the rest of the Malfoys.
I'm really glad you're enjoying it and I'll be adding another chapter as soon as the one-shot I've recently uploaded validates.
This was a lovely review, thank you! xxx

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