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Review #1, by David Don't impress me much

30th April 2011:
it may seem like a minor complaint, but one thing that always annoys me about these 'Hermione makeover' stories is straightening her hair. What's so terrible about bushy hair? Hermione is fine as she is- straight hair is so boring

Author's Response: well sorry, it's just that most people including me are always inspired by the books. Infact, when hermione granger is introduced in the first book they first mention her bushy hair. Yes, and here's a secret i have bushy hair (people say i look and act like her british book worm know it all) and if i could i'd have it this way.

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Review #2, by scorpius_rose Don't impress me much

25th April 2011:
I like it. it has an interesting plot and i like Hermione's confidence :) good job, maybe you could do a sequal-type thing? ICE CREAM PLEASE! :P :D

Author's Response: Thank you and after i finish my fake girlfriend story i will be posting a sequel which will be chapterS long. And i did try to make her as confident as possible. And for being such an awesome reviewer you get a three scoop choclate strawberry and vanilla icecream with a fudge cone with sprinkles
luv all reviewers

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Review #3, by ChubChub Don't impress me much

17th April 2011:
Not very interesting, sorry.

Author's Response: Well that's okay, at least you tried to be nice about it unlike some people, i know it wasn't intresting, was gonna make it longer and better but, decided againest it. If you want a better story of mine read Fake Girlfriend which i hope will be better. And for reviewing you get a bannanh split. Thank you for both reading it and reviewing, sorry to dissapoint you.

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Review #4, by lilylove Don't impress me much

13th April 2011:
i thought it was going to be better...Hermione is not vain and harry isnt smart...cedric died in 4th year...

Author's Response: Well, in my story Cedric didn't die and the dark lord was killed in fourth year. And i never intended for hermione to be vain, and although he isn't the smartest wizard harry is smart. And if you didn't like it well then write your own version and then you'd have to deal with jerks who can't seem to get the point that this website is FANfiction, so we get to change anything we like including personalities. And not to mention the fact that this is my story my version so if you don't like it tough luck! I don't really care if it didn't live up to your expectations. Thank you for reviewing and have a good day. Pleasse respond if you have anycomplaints thank you

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Review #5, by addicted to sirius Don't impress me much

11th April 2011:
I like it. Maybe you could do a follow up story. Now, wheres my ice cream???

Author's Response: Thank you, and you get.a ice cream sundae with sprinkles,nuts the works for being my only nice reviewer

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