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Review #1, by Samantha Its like Forgetting the Words to your Favorite Song...

13th July 2011:
It's very good, and I like the idea. I only don't like the feeling that it's unresolved at the end.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! and given the flow of the story, its how its supposed to be. But don't worry :3

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Review #2, by martina Its like Forgetting the Words to your Favorite Song...

15th April 2011:
Well done, your story was the first i've read on the this and its impressed me no end!

Author's Response: really? what an honour! thanks so much!

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Review #3, by Junie_50az Its like Forgetting the Words to your Favorite Song...

10th April 2011:
I am addicted to "Eet" now!! *insert imaginary heart symbol since it can't let me put the < and 3 together*

This was so touching/melancholy/poignant/sad/awesome!

Your words just paint this really vivid picture in my head and its when shes just sitting on his lap and they're just thinking !

And, even though its so sad that their marriage starts out like this, I just hope it gets better! I think it would get repaired on the honeymoon ;)

Author's Response: lol me either! :D hehe i love it so much. its beautiful *imaginary heart!*

thanks! that's exactly what happened to me, as i wrote it x_x i knew exatcly what i wanted to portray!

anna anna anna *shakes head* ;)

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Review #4, by Badger Its like Forgetting the Words to your Favorite Song...

8th April 2011:
First of all, I don't usually ever read song-fics, but since I am in love with Regina Spektor, I decided to give it a shot. :)

Song-fics, when done tastefully, can be extremely good. And this one was. I loved it! (I kind of wish she hadn't married him. She should have left and "found herself" and blah blah blah. Power to the single woman. Or something.)

It had the perfect amount of detail/thoughts/etc. Basically, the flow was great. The characterisation in a one-shot can be difficult, but you pulled it off! Awesome job!

Author's Response: hi! hehe, I love her. Her songs are so insightfulnand beautiful :D

eeep! you think its tasteful?? thanks so much! (hehe, i know, but my other wedding story is just like that so it wouldnt work :p)

ah! thanks. thanks so so much for leaving such a nice review!

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