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Review #1, by Arienne Gifts (part 2)

23rd March 2012:
Hi there! I read this and my only thought was "Wow, this is really amazing". I really hope you update soon! Looking forward to reading this fan-fic!

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Review #2, by SevSnape13 Snow

19th March 2012:
This is really good!!! You are a great writer! I love the plot :)

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Review #3, by ju H Gifts (part 2)

14th February 2012:
That's just the best chapter of a fanfiction EVER. seriously, i'm gonna read it over and over again. Keep doing this great work you do, cuz I, and certainly many other, want more and more of this delicious story. XO

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Review #4, by academica Gifts (part 2)

10th February 2012:
Hey! I was happy to see another update from you :)

Baby Harry is too cute. I really love how he's able to bring out the best in all of your characters, despite the fact that he should represent what is actually missing from the picture. At least Severus seems to be connecting with him a teensy bit.

You did a really good job of impressing the seriousness of the situation onto the readers, and it's a nice tie-in to canon to have Lupin come and help out and thus require Severus to make the wolfsbane potion for him. I also really liked seeing the Sirius-Lily interaction from Severus's perspective; ordinarily, we would just dismiss it as two friends chiding one another, but he puts his own more sinister spin on it, and it's a good way of showing that he's really overprotective of Lily. It adds depth to his character to show the good and the bad.

Whoa, what an ending! Your imagery was super powerful throughout, in both the romantic moment and the bitter argument between Severus and Sirius. It's clear that this is a setback for Severus, but hopefully he can redeem himself with Lily eventually. Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

Wonderful job!


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Review #5, by tlkatch Gifts (part 1)

20th November 2011:
when is the rest of the story coming!? :) it has been a while!

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Review #6, by Holly Jean Gifts (part 1)

12th November 2011:
I love this story and cant wait to see the rest of it!!

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Review #7, by ju H Snow

12th September 2011:
i'm soo in love with this fanfiction *-* it's great, you're a really good writer; and i loved the theme, cause my favorite pair is Snape/Lily, continue the awesome job =) sorry for my english, i'm brazilian.

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Review #8, by kate11168 Gifts (part 1)

4th September 2011:
Wow!! That was really great!! I love Sev/Lily and this chapter was just so cute! ^_^ I really can't wait for the next chapter :) When do you think it will be out?


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

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Review #9, by academica Gifts (part 1)

2nd September 2011:
Hi again!

Okay, not gonna lie, that owl? SO CUTE. I actually squee-d. I loved the other presents given to Harry as well. I'm glad to see his improvised family spoiling him for the holidays.

Lily's gift to Severus was incredibly sweet in its simplicity. I loved the line about how he didn't journal anymore because it wasn't safe to write down the truth where it might be found. I hope he gets some use out of it, anyway. It's so very Lily for her to think of others even as she suffers so much, and it really touched my heart to see her so concerned about whether or not he would like it. Of course, we know Severus would like it if she gave him a piece of garbage for Christmas! As long as it's from her, it doesn't matter :)

The ending was simultaneously depressing and amusing. I was so sad to see Sirius present Lily with an opportunity to get further away from Severus, but I hope she finds other ways to reconnect with her old friend, or at least that she has the desire to do so. The teeny spat between Severus and Sirius was the amusing part; I'm pleased to see Lily and Harry so taken with the adorable kitten. You can bet that little kitty will be loved and spoiled beyond belief :)

Great chapter! I can't wait for part two, though I'm apprehensive to see what will happen, and I'm still in love with your characterization and imagery. The flow is perfect as well! You've got me hopelessly addicted :)


Author's Response: I am so glad you liked the owl. I was slightly worried when I wrote it that it was a little too much. It was harder than I thought it would be to come up with wizzarding world gifts.

The journal however was an idea I had from the very beginning. I thought it would be an equally intimate and yet appropriate gift for Lily to give Severus. I'm planning on featuring the journal later in the story, but that may change.

Yes, poor Sev is unhappy that Lily will depend on him less, at least physically. However, she needs her independence in order to heal emotionally and he needs to learn to deal with that. Both of them have a long way to go individually, let alone as a potential couple. There will be plenty of ups and downs for these two before we are done.

Part two should be up as soon as it gets approved. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Libus Gifts (part 1)

2nd September 2011:
yaye their own little version of an awkward family Christmas...

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing each chapter as you read them. I am honored to be the first story you've read on this fabulous site. The idea for the story actually came to me in a dream. I has been rewarding and challenging to try and get it out on paper.

I actually do not hate any character in the Harry Potter world. I think they are all wonderfully crafted, but flawed human beings. Severus is my favorite, just because he is so deliciously complicated.

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Review #11, by Libus Snow

2nd September 2011:
this is what I picture as the "perfect" Severus.

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Review #12, by Libus Perspective

2nd September 2011:
As painful as this scene was, I SO wish it would have been canon. Lily could have pulled him into the "here and now" and kept him from dwelling on the bad days against James.

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Review #13, by Libus Chapter 1: Pain

2nd September 2011:
this is my first time on this site and this was the first story that I saw when reading the summaries.

Let me just say that I am in love with this story. I despise James Potter and LOVE Severus Snape. This is wonderful and I am giddy with excitement as I try to type this review and wait to click to the next chapter.

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Review #14, by academica Snow

24th August 2011:
Hey there! So happy to see this one updated!! :)

Oh my God, this chapter was painful. I felt such a tangible sense of pity for Severus, trying so hard to comfort poor Lily and finding himself to be hopelessly, completely inadequate. As an avid Snape/Lily shipper, the thought of him calling her "sweetheart" just totally got to me. I really loved his sudden change of personality as well; it was unexpected in a Snape/Lily story, and I found myself to be just as taken aback as Lily was.

Speaking of Lily, you did something interesting with her characterization here. Normally I would frown upon such dismissiveness, seeing as Severus did do some pretty horrible and cowardly things, but it seems to work with Lily's personality. I've always viewed her as being impossibly forgiving and insightful, and you really conveyed that well here, to the point where it didn't bother me at all. In fact, it made me squee a little more inside. So in love with this pairing, and also with how you've written them here! :)

Wonderful job. Fabulous work with the imagery and characterization, and no huge errors in grammar and punctuation, either. I did notice one tiny spelling error toward the beginning, if you care -- you meant "berth", not "birth".

Hope to see another update very, very soon!


Author's Response: okay.

First, let me just say THANK YOU for the wonderfully detailed and thought out review you gave me. It is so nice to have someone take the time to do that.

Severus's personality change around Lily is primarily deliberate. This story, at its core, is a character study of who I believe Snape to be. I am challenging myself to write him as close to cannon as possible and then show a gradual change. I want to show that he is different around Lily than he is with anyone else, including when he is alone. The "sweetheart" that slips out of his mouth as well as the comforting and the promising are all evidence of this. Lily is the only thing in the world that Severus truly cares about. Plus, his guilt at having hurt her when they were teenagers and then nearly causing her death as adults is changing him as well. Only unlike the cannon Snape, it is not transforming into bitterness as he mourns his lost love for fifteen years, but changing him in different ways as he changes to try and help Lily, and ultimately himself. It is going to be a long road though. His personality will see-saw quite a bit for a while.

As far as Lily forgiving Snape so easily for his past transgressions, part of that was as you said, she is a rather compassionate person, but part of that came from me and my own rationalizations of events, and part of it came from my own selfish need to move the story along in a specific direction. I would rather focus on Severus's need to forgive himself, than Lily's need to forgive him. I'm glad it worked for you.

I'm also very glad you liked this particular chapter. I myself was rather proud of this one especially. This story is such a challenge to me as a writer, so everytime I do it right is a victory. The next two chapters are actually one long, two-part chapter and they are already written. They were even more difficult to write than this one was and have a slightly different tone to them. (It is Christmas after all). I hope they work for you as well as this one did. You will be able to read it a soon as it makes it through validation.

And thanks for the spelling correction. That's one of the things that spell-check just doesn't catch. :)

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Review #15, by CC Snow

24th August 2011:
I REALLY love this story. I think it has a wodnerful plot. I agree in the way that you are portraying Severus... he would have ANYTHING for Lily.

Continue to upload!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review. It is so nice when someone takes the time to comment.

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Review #16, by kate11168 Perspective

26th July 2011:
O: This is so amazing!!! You NEED to continue this!! If you don't I might, DIE! It's brilliant :) I need to read the rest.. xD


Author's Response: Thank you so much. There is another chapter up for Validation right now.

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Review #17, by academica Perspective

5th July 2011:
Another touching chapter. The interplay between Lily and Sev is heartbreakingly beautiful. I thought the reference to his need for a shave was a creative way to tell the reader that Lily wasn't blind, just like using the Dark Mark to tell us about Voldemort's downfall in the last chapter was creative. Well done (and please continue soon)! This is a delight to read :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your amazing review! I'm very proud of these chapters when I write them, so when someone takes the time to write a detailed review, telling me exactly what they liked (or didn't like if that is the case) really makes me feel good. Thanks again. And I have another chapter waiting for validation.

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Review #18, by academica Chapter 1: Pain

5th July 2011:
I absolutely love this story, more than I have loved a story in a long time. I love the concept -- I would never wish death on James, but I wish Severus had had this chance to reconcile with Lily in canon. The interaction between Lupin and Severus was downright touching, even though Sev clearly didn't think so. I was also touched by Sirius's ability to get along with Snape for the sake of a common enemy, even if the conversation was brief. And thank God Sirius will get some vindication. I'm moving on to chapter two right now!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the concept for this story. It came to me in a dream (no lie!) and I just couldn't get it out of my head. Like you, I would never wish death on James, but the idea of Sev getting the girl for once was so intriguing I just had to try. And I'm glad you liked Sirius being civil for a change, but that wont always be the case. He and Severus are going to have a rather rocky relationship, as I've tried to keep everyone's personality as close to cannon as I can.

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Review #19, by javct Perspective

13th April 2011:
brilliant! I really like your story! Keep it up

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #20, by littlehollyleaf Chapter 1: Pain

11th April 2011:
This is fantastic. Everyone's character comes across really strongly here and their reactions seem fully believable to me should events have played out in this way.

A great premise. I'm really feeling for everyone already (not just Snape, which is a surprise!) and I'm very interested to see what you have planned :D

Author's Response: I am so pleased you are enjoying it. The plot for this story actually came to me in a dream and the idea wouldn't leave me alone until I started writing it. Hopefully I will have a new chapter up soon.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #21, by Secret Stag Chapter 1: Pain

6th April 2011:
Ohhh very interesting! It is a great plot, however, I feel that the description inbetween is a little long, pehaps shorten in to make it more snappy?

Just some constructive critism but I think it is good otherwise!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. You said that you feel the "description in between is a little long." Which description and what is it between? I'd really like to know.

But thank you again for your review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #22, by javct Chapter 1: Pain

5th April 2011:
really really really really really good!!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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