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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection Pressed

8th July 2014:
Hi there!!!

This is a wonderful stream of consciousness story, and it was quite enjoyable to read. I felt myself unable to pull my eyes away from the screen, even for a second. I'm honestly surprised that this doesn't have more reviews.

Hmm...if I had to guess, I'd say maybe Scorpius and Rose? Then again, that could be because I'm not typically big into next-gen, and really can't think of any other couples off of the top of my head.

I typically don't like stories that don't have clear cut and defined characters, but you did such a good job with this I might just have to start bending that dislike every now and again, and giving stuff like this more of a shot. I'm really big on characterization, and these undefined pieces really leave me at a loss, because i'm not really sure what to be looking for in that regard.

The prose you use in the story is stunning, and really painted a very clear image in my head. I love how the MC compares their love to the flowers pressed between the pages of a book that is actually meant to represent their love. It seems like it sort of brings things around full circle, and even though the ending is sort of ambiguous, it still seems...resolved, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Great job! I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, and the plot and pacing were excellent.

---House Cup 2014 Review---
Pretense of Perfection, Gryffindor

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Review #2, by Ronsgirl29 Pressed

4th May 2011:
This was really beautifully written. I loved the unique style, I've never seen anything quite like it! And I enjoyed how you used the picture, it was perfect. I had trouble finding the song, but I found a cover of it on youtube and the tone of story matched the song nicely.

As for the ship, well I got a Teddy/Victorie vibe! Though I could also see it be an Albus/Oc for some reason.

Thanks for entering my challenge, I loved reading this, and now I have a new song to add to my ipod too :)


Author's Response: Hi, there. Thanks so much for your review. And I'm really glad that I'm spreading their popularity because they are insanely amazing. And I love 'em.

Its definitely Teddy/Vic. And I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and the song.


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Review #3, by Misty_Rey Pressed

24th March 2011:
Lindsey, I'm officially jealous. I'd give anything to write this type of prose, that beautiful, flowly, poetic prose that you achieved so seamlessly here. It was all so... PRETTY.

It's just incredible to me that you crafted a plot out of one picture and it fits so well with it. It was a tale of love, longing, memories and sentemantality, which is what a box of keepsakes usually signifies.

And amongst all these lovely words that you strung together to create beautiful imagery, I loved that you showed glimpses of the girl's personality through her magpie tendencies of collecting things that hold sentemental value to her. The part where it said they had some jealousy issues was interesting and the way you justified them was quite poignant. There was a definite bohemion vibe to it although you alluded to the boy being a corporate jetsetter. The end seems to hint that she left him but I could be wrong but whatever it is, I love that you shrouded the plot in ambiguity, making the readers think long and hard about what exactly is going on.

Really Linds, this was wonderful to read and you better incorporate that picture into the graphics you request from TDA, it's so beautiful, almost as much as your story. But argh, I tried to youtube the song you mentioned but couldn't find it :(.

Oh oh! I almost forgot about the pairing. If I were to guess, I'd say Teddy/Victoire. Please confirm! xD

(My 400th review!) ^_^


Author's Response: MISTY!!

Aww wow thanks. It is pretty, isn't it? It came out very poetic. And I really blame the picture and the song. They fit together SO well.

Yeah, well, it is definitely told through the male's perspective and it was a rather twisted relationship. He is possessive of her even if he doesn't realize it. And she is enraptured and terrified of him. He wants them to only exist in one little world. And she is pulled a few different directions.

The ambiguity is meant to be there; this moment is a moment where they are caught in a world where there is only the two of them and he finds incredibly romantic; he worships her and wants to keep her to himself. But she is eventually brought back to real reality.

Google the song; I bet you could find it then. You are right about the pairing! Way to go!!

YAY 400th reivew :)


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Review #4, by silver_cloak Pressed

21st March 2011:
What a beautiful story! It's so eloquent and lovely. It matches up well with the feeling of the picture. Well done :)

I'm going to guess that the couple is Teddy and Victoire? Feels like it would be them...

10/10! So beautiful.

Author's Response: It is in fact Teddy/Victorie. Way to go lovely. And I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by Snapdragons Pressed

21st March 2011:
What a beautiful one shot.

You have such an excellent grasp on language and word choice. The imagery here is fantastic. The adjectives are all imaginative and absolutely perfect. I was really blown away :)

I love the running comparison on flowers that goes on throughout the story.

"We are pressed flowers, stuck to each other, stuck to pages of parchment bound together by our love." Such a lovely quote!

I really, really enjoyed this (in case you couldn't tell, haha) and thought it was truly excellent! Great job! :)

(And just as a guess... was the original paring ScoRose, by any chance?)

Author's Response: Sorry for the delayed reply.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and liked the flowers. It truly is a beautiful song and I don't know if it would have come out like this if it hadn't been for that inspiration.

Thanks so much and no, the pairing was actually Teddy/Victorie :) Good guess though!

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