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Review #1, by j tying up loose ends

5th May 2013:
i'm a horrible person but i'm just wishing (and this is where the story ends for me) that rose and scorpius slide away from prison and live happily ever after!

Author's Response: hahaa me too
thanks so much!

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Review #2, by Lily Windsor tying up loose ends

16th June 2012:
I just finished reading this story and I loved it. :)
It was really well written and you caught the atmosphere of the setting perfectly. I could almost see the fog and mist surrounding the characters and smell the wafts of perfume - it was so beautifully written. And the end scene was just so perfect.

I loved it. It was also a very interesting and refreshing take on the characters.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by Charlotte tying up loose ends

8th May 2012:
That was ace always liked it when Rose is bad ass and that!

Author's Response: Thanks so much - pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #4, by Phoenix_Flames tying up loose ends

24th August 2011:
A brilliant end to a fantastic story!

Wow, what a great closing chapter. Holy cow! The beginning. PERFECT! I loved it, and I was so surprised. I love mysteries and stories with twists like this. I was NOT expecting that. Naughty Rose. But even as Scorpius was telling how it went and he commented that she was the smartest witch of her age, I couldn't help but think that she really is Hermione's daughter. Hermione could get pretty sly when she needed to, and it's evident that Rose could as well!

Wonderful job. I loved the little epilogue. After finding out that bit of information about Rose, we needed to see what would happen to them, and I'm so glad with your choice.

Beautiful. Such a marvelous story. You're amazing, Kate!

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Review #5, by Phoenix_Flames into the scorpion's den

24th August 2011:
Wow! Another intense chapter.

I knew Rose had some secrets, but I wasn't expecting this! She's been holding so much back from Teddy, and she could be the key to solving everything!

I totally understand Teddy's worry and anger with Rose at the end here. You wrote the scene with her and Scorpius perfectly and to the point where I don't know exactly what is going on behind it, and I can't wait to figure it out. It was a mix of him just wanting her and a mix of a secret relationship. I'm dying to find out more!

This was brilliant. I love it so much!

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Review #6, by Phoenix_Flames a bird on a high wire

24th August 2011:
YAY! So Kate, I had been meaning to come and read this next chapter for quite awhile now, and I finally got the time to do it. This story was just too great for me to not continue reading. I just had to work it into my schedule. :P

And I absolutely loved this chapter. I love your Teddy. He is the ultimate wonderman. Honestly, I think I'm in love with him. :P He's fantastic. Just everything about him screams sexy. I like his professional attitude in just about everything, and just him in general. But wow! That was sure a surprise when Molly came to visit Ted and stripped down. Bet she was disappointed by that.

I also love all of your next gen girls. Molly, Dom, and Rose specifically. Each of their characters just shout independence, and they are all just wonderful. You've done a wonderful job with all of the characters and making them unique and original.

I love your writing. I don't know how you do it. It's wonderful. You have these sets of dialogue that move at a fast pace, and they keep me on the edge of my seat because each statement gets better and better, and then you mix in your wonderful descriptions of the scene around them and all of the emotions. Beautiful. One of the best flows I've ever seen.

You are a genius for coming up with this story. It's such a brilliant, enticing mystery, and I love it!

I will definitely be back for more as soon as I can, Kate love! :)

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Review #7, by DarkLadyofSlytherin a case of interest

25th July 2011:
So I read this forever ago, and I swear I wrote a review for it, but apparently I didn't.

It really does have a film noir feel to it. I even picture it in my head in black and white. I couldn't help but giggle at the idea of Teddy being the lead in this. It seems both fitting and a little odd at the same time. But I love it all the same.

I'm intrigued to find out more of the plot, given that, while this is the beginning of the short story, so much mystery is seeped into each word that I can't help but wonder "what is going to happen next?"

You've done a fabulous job setting up what is sure to be an excellent story (of course it would be anyway, since you are an amazing writing).

I'll hopefull get to the next chapter later tonight or tomorrow after work (if I am feeling better by then).

Author's Response: ack Len, I am so sorry for not answering this sooner. i am terrible!

Thank you so much. i am really pleased you are enjoying it and really happy that film noir is translating effectively to the page! teddy is awesome. i love him.

thank you sweetie!!! ILY!!

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Review #8, by Dark Marked a case of interest

7th July 2011:
Hey it's Dark Marked from the forums!

First to get started, I've never seen Film noir so that might impair my ability to review this but here goes! ^_^

What I liked: You're flow is amazing. The piece begins phenomenally with the right amount of confusion and realization before slowly opening up to the reader. Your spelling and grammar? I don't notice any issues.

As to genre this really seems like a good mystery to me. And for characterization, considering it's future generation you pretty much have free reign. One thing I did wonder about: how old is Harry, how much of an impact does he have on the world, do Harry and Teddy not get along, is Harry still an Auror, and how often does Teddy see his "family" (as in the Weasley's. The impression J. K. Rowling leaves you with is that The Weasley/Potters are practically Teddy's family. I also thought it was interesting how you had Rose be the opposite of what most fics plan her out to be. Though there is the issue of Rose being many years younger than Teddy. He's in fact eight years older than she is... not that that means they can't have a relationship, I know someone who's parents are twelve years apart. This causes me to wonder how old is Teddy currently?

Anyway, this seems like the start of a great story, and you seem like a really good writer!


Author's Response: hey and thanks for coming to review this! i really appreciate it.

thank you so much. i am really happy it flows well, as i can get a little carried away sometimes, lol.

harry would be in his early fifties, which makes teddy about 34 and rose about 26. harry and teddy do get along, but teddy is teddy and not so open with his godfather as he probably should be. teddy is kind of the black sheep of his adopted family - he dumped Victoire and took up with Molly while she was married, he works a dodgy job with dodgy clients and isn't exactly a golden boy himself.

i really wanted to write a different rose, to how she is usually written and to how i usually write her. eight years is not much, not when they are adults and at the age i wrote them, although i did not specify it.

thank you, i am really happy you liked it!

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Review #9, by Violet Gryfindor tying up loose ends

20th June 2011:
Nooo! Don't trust her, Teddy! :O What a way of ending this story! It's wonderfully ambiguous. Oddly enough, it reminds me more of "The Big Sleep" than "The Maltese Falcon" because of its ambiguity and because of the way the detective and the femme fatale get together at the end - there's no real trust between them, but at the same time, they share a connection. Rose is definitely a step up from Molly because Rose is so clever - very much like her mother, though in a morally troubling way. :P

If one had to put a finger on the "real" nemesis, I'd put mine on Rose - Scorpius is a good villain-type, but he's not as slippery as he wants himself to seem. Rose is evenly matched with Teddy as an antagonist, which is so awesome to see in a noir because it's very rare. I wasn't sure about her in the earlier chapters - she seemed a fairly straight forward femme fatale, but with this and the previous chapter, she took on a stronger role as the one really calling the shots, and that makes me happy.

I'm babbling, sorry. I really liked this ending to your story because it wasn't at all what I expected - the ring vanishes, the bad guy is actually brought to justice, and the detective and the girl get together... but don't. It's very interesting, and certainly more thought-provoking than if you'd kept to convention. I don't usually call for sequels or continuations in fanfiction, but after finishing this story I WANT MORE. I really, really enjoyed reading this - thank you so much for writing it! ^_^

Author's Response: poor teddy. he has terrible luck with women, lol. picks the wrong ones.

it is a bit more Big Sleep than Maltese Falcon isn't it? that wasn't really intentional but i was influenced. hahahaa yeah, Rose is Hermione without morals.

oh yes, Rose is the real bad guy in this fic. Scorpius plays the game but he's really not as evil as he wants to be. he's not clever enough, but she is. i really wanted to write a strong female noir character. they get such boring roles sometimes. i almost turned the gender roles around and made rose the detective but thought she was better as a villain.

i am so glad you liked the ending! i wasn't sure how to bring it to a close and then i thought, i don't have to make it all neat.

more? i have considered it, simply because these characters are so much fun to play with. maybe a Dom-centered fic would work? i liked her a lot in this.

thank you so much for reading this and i am so pleased you enjoyed it!! i had a great time writing it.

xx Kate

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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor into the scorpion's den

19th June 2011:
Oh that Rose. I wouldn't trust her an inch, not because of her scene with Malfoy, but because she keeps brown-nosing Teddy to the extreme. She seems very much the "in for herself" type, and I'm curious as to what game she's playing. ;) Her description of all her escapades in maintaining possession of the ring were hilarious in their complexity. It's the reason I find her such an untrustworthy character - she's come into contact with all of those people and there's only her word that she didn't kill Montague, so I wonder...

This was another great chapter, Kate! I liked your Scorpius - he's so slimy and smooth that one could see him oozing off the page. :P Physically, he strangely reminded me of the bad guys from "Die Hard" - slighter in build, but with the same general style. XD He's a wonderful combination of Malfoy and noir-ish villain, which makes him a perfect addition to your cast of characters.

But the ring! That's the really exciting part. Immortality?! Does Malfoy truly believe it? I'm with Teddy and his skepticism because the likelihood of the ring actually having those powers is pretty slim, even in the magical world. I liked the reference to Pythagoras as a "mystic" - referring to famous Muggles as wizards is something I've always found amusing in a "it proves that the wizarding world is real" sort of way. :P

That's way more than I intended to write for this review, as I wanted to get on to the final chapter. I'm excited to see how all of these characters and events will connect together for your grand finale. ^_^

Author's Response: she is slippery isn't she, and insanely fun to write! i want to write her like this always!! i loved writing that explanatory scene with teddy; she's done all this terrible stuff and yet, she still batts the eyelashes and tries to appear innocent.

YAY for oozy scorpius! i am so happy! that was just how he was supposed to appear. swarmy and slimy and smooth and i am ridiculously pleased. he is fun! i want to write him like this always too. omg die hard! loved those movies, and yeah, he's a little like that. i am so glad you like him!

i actually read something somewhere once that referred to Pythagoras as a mystic, so i thought that worked nicely.

yay! thank you so much for all your amazing reviews on this fic Susan. so pleased you like it!

Kate xx

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Review #11, by Phoenix_Flames the sweet smell of a rose

7th June 2011:
YAY, KATE! Another brilliant chapter.

I really enjoyed this. It started off brilliantly. I just love the reference "wand-point." I know it is the same as gun-point, but using it with wand just shows the intense situation even better. And I can't tell you how much I love to read Harry in next gen fics. Seeing his future character always makes me happy and intrigues me, and I believe you did a great job with him. Nice Head Auror he makes. ;)

I can't tell you how brilliantly you have done the dialogue for this. When Harry tells Teddy about Montague, I just feel as if I'm listening in on a police report or something. It is so believable and what I think would be so incredibly accurate.

Super awesome chapter. I'm loving this story! :D


Author's Response: hahahaha i actually wrote 'gun point' at first and then thought, what, no. that doesn't work, lol. glad you liked my wand reference!

i love next-gen!harry, more than i love hogwarts!harry or any other era harry. there is something about him that makes him awesome to write. he would be fabulous as head auror!

hahahaha i watch too much crime TV, lol (well, too much NCIS and The Bill anyways)

thank you darling!!
Kate xx

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Review #12, by Phoenix_Flames a case of interest

7th June 2011:

I'm so very sorry for the ridiculously long wait, but I'm here now. And oh my god! This was a wonderful start to a new story that I know will be AMAZING.

This was fantastic. You introduced all the next gen characters very nicely. I love the Teddy you have created. He seems so sexy and manly, and I think I'm already in love with him. ^__^

As always your writing fascinates me in every way. I have never seen this film, but just the idea that you have adapted its concept into a fanfic is brilliant, and you've done so fantastically. I am so excited to see where this will go.

I will try to get to the next chapter as soon as I can! Sorry I couldn't be of my help with this, dear, but you know I can give you little these days. You're brilliant. :)

xo. Drue

Author's Response: DRUE!! thank you sweetie!! i can't even remember asking for a review on this, lol, but thank you for coming over, lol.

sexy and manly is the only way for teddy to be. no place for whimpy teddy's here. glad you likes him ^_-

thank you darling. the film is brilliant btw - love some bogey!

love you!

Kate xx

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Review #13, by liza_potter a case of interest

29th May 2011:
Hello Kate! *hugs* This is Liza from TGS with the review exchange.

So, some things right off the bat: I've never seen this film. I've rarely seen film noir films in general, but they seem interesting. In fact, everything I know about film noir comes from the film noir challenge from Project Runway (yes, a reality show. Don't judge me. xD) But things that come to mind with film noir: black and white, intense drama, cigars, detectives, mystery, affairs and brooding.

And you've given me all of that and more. Even though it's Next Gen, it has that film noir feeling to it - without any of the cool lighting and misty shadows. ;) Teddy is so well-suited to be the detective. It's a nice mix between Auror Tonks and Brooding, Mysterious Remus, I think. And Dom as the secretary! No words can describe how perfect of a fit I think that is. No words. ♥ You've cast all of the Next Gen characters perfectly- Rose as the innocent but is she really damsel, Molly as the girl with an affair but who would probably play the part of mourning wife nicely. I'm just wondering if Victoire will ever come into this. Somehow, I think film noir would suit her.

Anywho, I think you're off to a fantastic start! I have a feeling the mystery lies beyond Archer's death, and I can't wait to find out what it is. Teddy mentioned wanting a case that was juicy, that he could really sink his teeth into. And that's the kind of story you have here, Kate. Really, those juicy, teeth sinking stories are the best (let's ignore the fact that I just made your story sound like an apple or something, yeah?)

Author's Response: thank you darling.

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Review #14, by Violet Gryfindor a bird on a high wire

23rd May 2011:
Whoa! What a chapter! So much happened in this that my head's spinning, but in a good way, a very satisfied "this is even better than the other two chapters" sort of way, and you know how much I like those chapters. ;) I don't know how you can keep track of everything that's going on, but you're crafting a brilliant storyline here. I really like how you've adapted the original story for the Potterverse - all the nuances from both Hammett and JKR's worlds are fantastic to come across. And you've managed to work it so that all the characters are canon in both "universes". I can't imagine doing all of this, but your brilliance has pulled it off with panache. I'm very, very jealous right now.

The character that I like best in this chapter is Dom. I don't think that Teddy fully realises just how important she is to his life - she's not a dame like Molly or a femme fatale like Rose, she's very much his equal, a better partner than Archer ever was. The contrast that you demonstrate between the three main female characters is interesting as, like Teddy says, women like to mother him for some reason. XD He must have one of those faces or something.

I'm curious about how you'll portray Malfoy. You've managed to keep him out of another chapter, yet he's on everyone's lips throughout this chapter. I love the idea of the "star part" in film noir - usually the criminal who everyone knows, everyone wants to find, but who doesn't show up until the very end. Malfoy is that character in this story, and I love the suspense you've built up around him. I have this terrible suspicion that he'll be either really ugly or otherwise horrifyingly monstrous, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. ;)

This is a fantastic read, Kate! It's a refreshing story, so different from most fanfiction, both these days and in the past, that it's making me see the potential that fanfiction has for further development, the great things that it can do in the right hands. ^_^

Author's Response: hello darling! again, thank you so so much!! strangely enough, this was not hard to keep track of, nothing like Morocco anyways, lol. I wrote it all rather quickly so I don't know what happened - it just meshed I guess, Hammett and JKR and it was fun!!

don't be jealous! you can write austen-bronte-esque stuff that i can only dream of!!

Dom is excellent. i wanted her role to be a little more fleshed out than the original receptionist in the Maltese Falcon and yes, you are so right - she is teddy's equal and so different to the others.

scorpius is so wonderful to write in this. i had such fun with him and i really hope you enjoy him! hahahahaa ugly or monstrous!!! but thank you - i'm glad the build up is working because i have deliberately kept him directly out of the fic for that exact reason!

thank you darling, so much!!

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Review #15, by Violet Gryfindor the sweet smell of a rose

22nd May 2011:
Oooh! So the ball gets rolling in yet another direction, and now the title object comes into play. :D It was great to come back to this story, as I enjoyed the first chapter a lot, and this chapter only improved upon it!

This is a hugely fun story, Kate! I love your use of period language, complex character relationships, and - the thing that really takes the cake - the characters themselves. They're all so unique and fascinating and dangerous. Rose puts the fatal in femme fatale, and Cepheus interests me quite a bit - he feels more slippery than Scorpius, even if Scorpius is supposedly the real crime boss. Then again, I am a bit of a Peter Lorre fan, and he was a fantastic Joel Cairo, so I was looking forward to seeing how you handled the character here, with a Black no less!

Teddy is an interesting character because he, like Spade, is highly ambiguous - he's willing to take risks and utilize questionable methods to get his man. He's good, but also very human and flawed, and you've captured that aspect of Spade perfectly in Teddy. I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll make of Scorpius. ;)

Author's Response: susan! thank you so much!! I am really pleased you're enjoying this!

i enjoy these characters so much! they are heaps of fun to write and i kind of wish this fic would be longer so i could play with them for a little longer, you know. I have no idea where Cepheus came from - I needed someone in that role and non of the established characters would work so yeah, Cepheus appeared. I wanted him to be slippery because, as you will is relevant.

I am SO happy Teddy is working!! And especially happy he has those Spade-esque characteristics because i was so unsure of how i was managing those elements so thank you so much for all of that!!

*hugs* I am so happy you like this!!

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Review #16, by LovelyMioneWeasley tying up loose ends

16th May 2011:

Aw, its over. So sad :(

I think that you did a very brilliant job on turning the movie into Potterverse. I think that you made really good decisions on who you picked to align with characters.

I think that the twists that you do with the characters especially as we are experincing the entire story from Teddy's POV. I think that you were wonderful to do that for us because it worked so well to reveal all the information slowly and very interesting.

I loved Rose and I love you ended the case; I also know that you wanted this to be a short story, but I would have loved to read about Teddy traveling and trying to struggle through finding Rose. I feel like that would have been interesting to read about. But that may just be me :)

I think that the ending was perfect and really interesting to read about; Scorpius was such a swarmy git but he was so funny to read about. I think that it would have been so much fun to interact with that Scorpius. He was so smitten with Rose and I found the whole thing to be quite hialrious. I loved the nitty and gritty feeling to the whole story.

I loved it, Kate, love and I'm sad to see it end but I am so glad that I was allowed to read. And I can't wait for the last chapter of Morocco!

xox Lindsey

P.S. Thanks so much for the review xox.

Author's Response: hello darling!!

thank you so much. teddy and scorpius cast themselves, but picking who would play Brigid was harder. im not sure why i used rose in the end, but i wanted that scorpius/rose element i think, and to do something different with their relationship.

teddy was the only one to narrate this and have it work i think. it would have fallen down with anyone else as the narrator, so im glad that it worked out.

i did consider an extra chapter on that aspect of the story but i couldn't get it happening.

scorpius was so much fun!! i have never written him like this so i enjoyed him immensely!

thank you so much my love! i am really happy you enjoyed it!!

Kate xx

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Review #17, by SeverusSnape15 tying up loose ends

15th May 2011:
Sev here with your review:

Goodness, this is the most wonderful fic I have ever read. Is this the last chapter then?

It makes me slightly sad to see that Rose was the real criminal. I feel slightly bad for Teddy, but then again, he is sort of a player.

I love how you write Scorpius. It's simply perfect. Not too cruel, not too nice, but just in between. I think his Father would be proud of him, haha.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. I love it, and I love how it's ended(If it's the last chapter) It should win :D Good luck in your challenge, love, and happy writing. I'll be fishing around your other stories too ;)

Author's Response: it is the last chapter :( i had so much fun writing this. it flowed so well and i enjoyed twisting everyone around a bit, lol.

yeah its hard to feel too much sympathy for teddy - he has a bit of a problem with pretty faces :P

hahahah yeah i reckon draco would be proud too, or lucius at least, lol. i really enjoyed writing scorpius in this.

thank you sweetie!! i really appreciate your kind words.

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Review #18, by adluvshp tying up loose ends

15th May 2011:
woah. one of the best pieces i ever read! i am actually sad this ended but it was super cool!!

great job!


Author's Response: thank you so much hun! glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #19, by LilyFire a bird on a high wire

14th May 2011:
Hi, Lily here with your review.

Ah, the plot thickens.

I really don't know who to trust or what's really going on with anyone here. You've mastered this story and it is amazing. It keeps my attention the entire time, and now I'm left wondering 'what next'. What's going to happen with Molly and Teddy and Rose and Dom (because for some reason, I feel she has a key in this story. I may be wrong, though).

Anyway, it's really great! Plus, I fill like I should know whats going on, but the only thing I can think of is that Rose stole the ring when it was being moved...

Anyway, feel free to rerequest anytime(:

Author's Response: hi hun

yay! you're not meant to know who to trust, so i am so happy you feel that and that it came through in the writing!

i'm really pleased you're enjoying it!! thanks so much for the lovely review.

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Review #20, by the_edge_of_love tying up loose ends

14th May 2011:
It's amazing! Once again, excellent job done with the plot, the characters, the relationships. Bravo!

Few things I'd like to say:
1) Few people dare to make Rose one of the bad guys in their stories and even less manage to make it look real and not odd. Your Rose was original and realistic from the very beginning: she had a certain air of mystery around her and, when, in this chapter, she finally admitted the truth, it looked like she had a good reason for everything: "I wanted the freedom to choose for myself how I would live," she says and everyone who has bothered to wonder how life would be for someone like Rose Weasley who has the weight of her parents' actions on her shoulders, understands.
2) I'm a big RoseScorpius fan and with all that RoseTeddy romance, I can't but admit that I was a little bit disappointed, when I first read the previous chapter. But the dynamic between Rose and Scorpius was really good- their banter was funny, witty and pationate- and Scorpius in the 5th chapter gets very clear about their relationship. They're not in love- at least they don't look like they are, especially Rose, but they are very fun to read; the ideal thief- couple (if such thing exists).
3) Also, Teddy- another very well built character. I can see how you were inspired by the Maltese Falcon about him but he is so much more interesting than Bogart's character there. He's devoted to justice, loves his job and is a ladies' man who is being gracefully seduced by a thief. I have to admit that the fact that the story is told from his point of view makes Rose so mysterious, Scorpius so funny and interesting and him so likeable. You already know this, but it makes me realize how much the story would lose if Rose was the narrator. Very good narrative skills too, then!
4) If I had to name the best thing about your stories, I'd choose the fact that you never say too much: I don't know if you do it conciously or if it just comes naturally to you but there are no extra details and everything that isn't said is being easily understood. The story has the right amount of suspense, tragedy, romance and adventure- and all these together are what makes this fic so interesting.

I really cannot find even a small thing that I dislike about this. Excellent story!

Author's Response: hey there! wow, thanks for such a lovely review!

thank you!! i wanted to do something different with rose. i considered using another character, like Dom or Vic, but Rose fit in that role for me. i really enjoyed writing her like this.

yay! you understand rose and scorpius and their relationship so well. they aren't in love, but they are quietly fascinated with one another and they have a strange respect for each other. they are the same sort of person, and so they stay together and what they have works for them.

wow really? i am so happy you love teddy so much and that he worked in this role. i wanted to make him a little deeper than Sam Spade. i agree completely - teddy had to be the narrator - no one else would have worked.

thank you so much. i do do that consciously - showing not telling is such a big part of writing and i always make sure i don't overtell anything.

thank you darling!! i am so happy you liked it!

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Review #21, by nabbed_wren tying up loose ends

13th May 2011:
So I read the first four chapters of this before this chapter was put up but when the story status was already set to 'complete' and I was very confused because at the end I didn't know what had happened, but this chapter tied things up nicely. I'm still a little bit confused about why Rose got Teddy involved, but maybe it will help if I reread it.

I admit I haven't seen 'The Maltese Falcon,' but I can definitely picture Teddy as Humphrey Bogart.

I really liked your writing style- it definitely had that dark, old film-noir feel to go with the story.

Author's Response: oh sorry about that!! i changed it before the chapter was validated, forgetting that the status would be seen first! my bad! sorry for the confusion!

rose got teddy involved because she was scared, and also because they (she and scorpius) needed to get Montague out of the way. they wanted him arrested so they could continue on with their own little activities.

i love teddy like this!!

thank you so much, as that was just what i was aiming for!!

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Review #22, by NaidatheRavenclaw tying up loose ends

13th May 2011:
I did in fact enjoy this. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I have to say, I was not expecting the ending. But at the same time, I really liked it. My only one complaint about this was that it was a bit anticlimatic towards the end. How everything just worked out in the end, for Teddy at least. I dunno, maybe this is just personal preference, but I would have liked to see a fight scene. That might just be me, though, because I loved every other aspect of it. Your writing was very very good and the plot never failed to entice. Your characters were believable, original, and very different. Good luck with the challenge, but I think you have an excellent entry and a very good chance!

Author's Response: yeah i know what you mean. it was difficult to work out how to end it and i did consider a bit of a fight but its not really scorpius' style to fight - he lets others do his dirty work, and rose would never fight teddy, despite everything she is involved in. they both respect him for what he does.

thank you sweetie! i am really happy you enjoyed it and thank you for all the lovely reviews!

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Review #23, by NaidatheRavenclaw into the scorpion's den

13th May 2011:
Well, that was a VERY interesting chapter! I did suspect something between Rose and Scorpius, I will admit, so that part didn't come as a surprise, but Teddy being there certainly did. I want to keep going, but I really want to read the last chapter, so I'm going to give you an extra long review on that one to make up for it!

Author's Response: i love rose and scorpius in this! they make me laugh, the silly things. and poor teddy. he knew something was up with her but i don't think he ever imagined it was this!

thanks again!

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Review #24, by NaidatheRavenclaw a bird on a high wire

13th May 2011:
And yet another great chapter with new plot twists and suspense and lots and lots of drama!

I'm going to go slightly off topic here. What I would really like is for some day, if you ever feel like it, to have this story expanded. Right now, I feel like Teddy's being given everything he needs to solve the case. That works well if you're trying to fit everything into five chapters, but if you ever felt like it, I think it would be interesting to expand this into a novel. You could add some backstory in with Teddy and these other characters, maybe have some chapters from other persepctives, and have Teddy have to do a little more sleuthing to figure everything out. I would love to read that!

Anyways, feel free to ignore what I said up there, because you have a great story as is. Can't wait to see how it ends!

Author's Response: thank you hun, for another lovely review!

i have considered that actually, or writing a companion piece with a little more backstory. its on the cards!

thanks again darling!!

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Review #25, by NaidatheRavenclaw the sweet smell of a rose

13th May 2011:
Lovely chapter! You keep giving me plot twists! I can't believe how many subplots are going on here, but they work and I love them all. I have a feeling that they're going to come together at the end and create this major climactic and cohesive end. Sorry, getting ahead of myself. Focus on this chapter.

I loved the scene with Rose. I think it added to the detective drama you had going on the side, and it was a nice transition. I love how Rose is mysterious and alluring to Teddy, but she gets scared just like anyone else. I wonder what role she's going to have in this whole thing.

The addition of Malfoy was unusual. I want to know what the Raven's Ring is and I'm so glad that I didn't find this on my own and start reading it before it was completed, because I would have DIED at this cliffie! But I'm also really glad I got to read it now because it's great!

Author's Response: thank you! plot twists are integral in film noir - the audience is meant to be suspicious of everyone and not quite know who is what, if you get what i mean.

rose is fun to write in this! i have never portrayed her like this before, so i am enjoying it!

oh scorpius. he is such a laugh - writing him is highly amusing!!

thank you so much!

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